Monday, December 31

Happy New Year

I thought I would wish you all a happy and healthy new year for 2008.

I just finished decorating this canvas frame with a picture of my Dad. This is a great photo, you can see he is sitting on something.... well it was a canon and he is smirking as he is holding a lighter in his hand as if to light it and blow it up! This is how my Dad was, a fun person to be with. :) 2007 has to be the saddest of my life for loosing my Dad and for seeing my Mum just so sad, its heartbreaking. With that said I know Dad would hate to see us all like this, so I am going to try with the new year, try to look ahead, enjoy what I have, what memories I have of my Dad and try and make the most of everything and everyday.

I used some embossing powder on chipboard letters for this. I havent done this technique for SO LONG but I really enjoyed it and I will be buying myself some ultra thick in the new year so it wont take me so long to build up the layers. Quiet simple but I like it, just thought it would be nice to do something different than just stick a photo in a frame. Mum likes it, I said I would make her something simular too.

So boys are in bed, we are eating tuna vol au vents, sausage rolls and other nibbles. This is our welcome to the new year.

Lots of love everyone

Sunday, December 30

Wii fun

We have had fun today showing my friend Tamsin the delights of the Wii.. I am really glad we got one and I thought this video would make you laugh!

We love Rayman and the ravin Rabits, Caiden was doing his "thing" and Harvey had to ham it up too!! I cant wait until we unlock all the dances :) Opps sorry you will need to turn your head!


Friday, December 28

"Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers-7."

This is the group I belong to and the group 7 is now closed. That means there are 20 of us in the group. :)

So a little about myself for the other 19 to see. I am Caz, living in Surrey in England with my husband Darren and sons Harvey who is nearly 5 and Caiden who is 18 months. I have 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and one rabbit. I love stamping, I love stamps and have been a stamper for at least 14 years, probably more. I love cute stamps, Penny Black, Hero, Stampin Up!, Bellas, Magnolias and more... I LOVE LOVE LOVE to colour. Pencils, H20's and chalks. I demo at 5 stores here in the UK teaching card making. I also do a little bit of work for 3 UK magazines. I love it! Usually my blog is full of fun nattering and cards but I lost my Dad on 12th December so things are a bit weird here right now. That said I hope to get back into it all real soon. :) here is the link if anyone wants to check things out and join in, I am sure there will be a group 8 starting soon

Thursday, December 27

Stampers ten group and Sisterhood of Stamping bloggers

I have a couple of things I wanted to tell you.

I had someone ask about the stampers groups and YES they will be going ahead. Dates might be slightly later but it will still happen. Main reason for delay, apart from my Dads passing was that I couldnt afford to order the catalogues as I placed a almost £400 order with SU for customers and had to pay for it from our money! GULP Orders placed with SU have to be paid for at the time of me ordering and I couldnt spare any more money for the catalogues needed for the group AND afford to eat! Lesson learnt and I will have to ask for the payment for these monthly orders upfront I am afraid.

secondly, I have joined a sisterhood of blogging stampers or something like that, I have to post a piece about me and link you to the other sisters in "my" group. I will do this when H is back at school, simply havent got the time when he is at home.

Thats it,
Thanks for reading

Christmas gone

and the boys had a blast. They got lots of lovely pressies and really enjoyed the fuss.

Christmas Day was ruined by a "off" chicken so we didnt have our main meat to go with the roast. Thankfully my Mum had some pork at home so Darren took her back home to get that so they had that.

My illness has come out to a stinking cold. Thnakfully I was rid of the shivers by Mid Christmas Day. Harvey I thought was out of the woods as his was going but it came back with a vengance yesterday, his poor little eyes looked so heavy and he looked wrecked! He managed to last all day and then went to bed. He came into my room at 5am and he is burning up again with a raging temp. I gave him some calpol and he is still in bed now.

Mum and I had a cry over the washing up Christmas Day. Then when I took her home that evening a well, then again yesterday! Mum and Dad brought us a great pressie which Mum said Dad knew about and wasnt sure if we would like them. But I LOVE it! It is a digital photo frame. So now I have pictures of all of us rotating on a slideshow. How fab is that? oF course I have the precious photos of Dad on there. :)

So all in all a good Christmas for the boys, going through the motions and feeling sorry for ourselves for the rest of us. I am sure all Christmasses will be hard, this being the hardest though.

I hope you all have had great ones!

I was thinking of going to the Glitter Pot today but I am still feeling rough and I havent got any money! LOL so no point really. WOuld just be like torture. I will wait until my new Spring Penny Black come into them and then I will go. Which I am hoping wont be long at all. Keep checking their website to see when they are coming. There are some fab new Clear sets, these were so popular at Christmas so you will need to be quick with these!!


Tuesday, December 25

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

Been up since 5;12am!! not with Harvey but with Caiden.... now he is asleep!! typical eh?
everyone else still in bed.

Have a good day all.


Monday, December 24

A simple Maggie Tag

I had to make a simple tag for our neighbours little girls present so I knocked this up in a few minutes.

I used the fabo Maggie from and the Spellbinder templates from

Sunday, December 23

Crackers and my first Maggie

I coloured my first Maggie in today. ( I think he came out cute. I didnt know what to choose as I got all but one of them. He stamped out lovely.

I also made, well hardly made, but decorated some cheap crackers with some Sugar Nellie designs. One each for my niece and nephew. I left it too late to get an itune voucher for them, well I could have but it was more than I wanted to spend, so I stuffed some money inside these simple crackers. Just made a change from sticking it inside a card.

You should have seen me just now. Socks, 2 pairs trousers, t shirt, cardigan, dressing gown, hat and glove and now I am burning up! and yes I have taken it all (well most) off. I left it too long between tablets really and now I am suffering. Good news is Harvey seems to be OK at the moment, we have both had temps of over 101 today.


Saturday, December 22


Yesterday went really well and although Dad would have been embarressed about the fuss he would have been so pleased to see so many people there for him. He was a fantastic man so its no wonder. He had virtually everyone from both sides of the family, old work mates from his Days at London Transport and his mates from Jewsons, as well as other friends and neighbours.

The service was lovely. Mainly consisting of some great words that my Mum wrote. She told everyone about Dads life and added plenty of times for laughs, she did a fantastic job. She didnt read it out, would have been too hard but the lady taking the service did a good job. She also read a couple of poems, one little rhyme was written by me and went as follows

My Dad used to write short poems and so,
I thought I ought to have a go,
So I’ll tell you all about the man you called John
But to tell you it all would take too long
So with a smile on your face, Brush away those tears
We have wonderful memories of wonderful years
To see all his friends here makes my heart glad
You too loved the man that I called Dad

Dad was brought into the chapel to "Time to say goodbye" and then we left to a favourite rugby song of his "Swing low sweet Chariots". Lots of emotion as well as laughter as the piece my mum had written gave us a few laughs. Oddly enough I didnt cry, all cried out maybe? or not wanting to loose it and be strong for Mum. I stayed with Mum Friday night and she stayed with my brother Saturday night so we are looking after her.
Today, Sunday, myself, Harvey and Darren are all fluey, hot, cold, shivering!! I am feeling a tad sorry for myelf and had a bit of a cry in the car earlier as I felt so rotten and just wondered what else was going to go wrong this year. I am ok now.
Harvey is beyond excited, if he was just feeling ill I would think it was excitement, it took my mum a few years to work out I made my self so ill with excitment, I thought Harvey was the same, but as we all feel like it I think we all have a bug.
Speak later

Friday, December 21


I have taken a few images to bed these past two nights and wanted to share these with you. I was really pleased how they coloured in. One is Luca, which I own, the other is a Nellie which was an image someone stamped for me. I think this one might have now got added to my shopping list!

I used my trusty old watercolour pencils for these. There is much raving about Prismacolour and how fab they look. I agree, but I also think more or the less same result can be achieved with watercolours too.

Excuse picture, taken on camera phone.

Of course, this is not to say I would LOVE the entire collection on Primsmacolour pencils, but for now I will stick with my watercolour pencils. Caiden is still very much at the sucking everything stage, I am worried he would grab one of my mineral spirit stumps and.. well, I just dont want that.

To see these beauties go to

Wednesday, December 19

I've been trying

To make a card for a few days. I finally coloured in some Sugar Nellie images ( but not done much more than that. I must say they stamp and colour beautifully. Cant wait to play more and also with my Maggies that should be here in the new year. Oh and lets not forget the new Penny Black that should be hitting shelves soon too. All these stamps and so little mojo.

I'll try and finish it tomorrow.

THanks for bearing with me

Monday, December 17

Christmas Cards

I am not going to use my Dads passing for lack of sending cards, it certainly hasnt helped matters. I am terrible at Christmas cards at the best of time but I will always make and send a few. This year, I havent bothered with any other than Harveys class and they were store brought, so I thought I would cheat and send a Christmas message to all my friends on my blog.

So Happy Christmas and here is to a happy, healthy, safe and properous New Year to you all.

Mine can only get better, cant get much worse really!

Caz & Family

Sunday, December 16

WOW thanks everyone

Can you believe over a 100 messages of love and support and they have really lifted me. Thank you. My Mum wants me to make a book of condolences with the cards that we have received and also wants me to print out all of the messages you have left.

Funeral is 21st December, it sounds like Dad is going to have a lot of people there to send him off. Nothing grand, my Dad thought that a waste of money, only one flower display from Mum, my brother and Me, he thought flowers a dreadful waste and instead we are collecting for Alzheimers. His Mum died of this, its a terrible disease. I have been in charge of the order of service design and I also set up a website in memory of and which is linked to the Alzheimers Charity so people can make direct credit card donations on behalf of Dad. I also have written a very short poem to read out, nothing great but a little ditty, just like my Dad used to write for us. I will share it with you all after 21st.

I am sure much of you are aware with greaving and how one day is an up day, one day is a down day. Things remind you of them all the time and I still cant really believe its really happening!

I need to get to picking up a stamp, Dad wouldnt have wanted me to stop stamping and I dont, but its early days yet. I said I would stamp my card for the flowers, didnt feel right to use a shop one and now I am panicing about what I can do!!

I have a stack of Magnolias I have received recently, like over 12 of them! I also have some adorable Sugar Nellies on route (the new maggie ones) and a few nellies already here including the fab rock star one from my Sugar Shaker reward! Thanks Karen!! :) Some fab Stampin Up! stuff too.... so I have my hands full of beautiful stuff, just no mojo right now.

Penny Black fans are in for a treat with the new spring/valentines/easter designs. WOW!! I have some of these on order and I hope they might come just before or after christmas. There are three new clear sets and yummy wood ones too. Keep checking to get yours.

Wednesday, December 12

To the most wonderful Dad in the world

I love you so much, you will be missed by all of us. The boys will miss their Grandad, they loved coming to see you. Such a strong man, it seems so unfair.

RIP John Childs 29/08/44 - 12/12/07

Monday, December 10

Sweet Tooth? Check these out!

If you have a rubbery sweet tooth these are for you.... These are the adorable Sugar Nellie designs from and they have just restocked their store with these and many more... Once things calm down this end I will be having fun with these beauties. I love them.
Order now, there is a sugar rush on!

Monday Morning

Excitement in the house as Harvey is having a "test run" with packed lunch today, he is staying there until 3;30pm!! OMG whats mummy to do sitting here at home fo 6 1/2 hours without him. He was soooo excited and when we got to school all the kids were showing off their new lunch bags/boxes and what they have for lunch. Also he has the first showing of thei nativity play today. I will be going to see it tomorrow, cant wait. He will be full time after Christmas all the time, for now its just the one day.

No change with Dad, he is still not waking. I am gutted that I cant get to the hospital today. Its hard to get there with the kids. Also my brothers FIL is in the same hospital, the floor below having a triple bypass and valve replacement so he has to be there fo his wife and family. Talk about a crappy Christmas run up! Mum and everyone says I am not expected to be there every day but I WANT TO BE THERE! but realistically I know I cant. Mum is hoping either today or tomorrow to speak to a consultant to find out what the plans are.

STAMPIN' Up! Yes I know I am going through a rough time BUT I am still taking orders and wanting to take orders and book parties fo you. Please dont think you are bothering me if you want to order or ask something. I want this to be a success and I know my Dad does too so please dont rule me out coz of what is happening.

Saturday, December 8

A week today

How oblivious we were to what was round the corner. I had had a fun demo at Crafts U Love and was planning to pop in and see mum as she had been saying she was bored being stuck in with Dad so ill upstairs. Life was normal and all I had to worry about was my parents plans to move 3 hours away to retire in Norfolk. Now how I wish they moved to timbuktoo, anywhere as long as they were well.

Havent called Mum yet, they had a ward round about 8:30 so I think she was waiting to see what they said and then call. We will be going up at 1pm, Darren is taking us up and he will take boys to a retail park nearby, there is a wacky warehouse thing there so the boys can enjoy themselves and Darren wont get too bored. Darren saw Dad Saturday and it really upset him. I said to Mum it was the worst time for him to have seen him as his breathing was very distressed.

Cant believe it been a week since I stamped! I will have to force my mojo for some magazine cards this weekend.

If I hear anything else about Dad will edit this post. At present its the same but with Dad having a serious chest infection.

Thursday, December 6

Friday Update

Cant believe its Friday, things are blurring into each day. Dad is not any better. Infact he has had to go back onto the ventilator as his chest is bad (see that those 20+ a day fags ARE doing you harm Dad) He was going to have a tracki yesterday but now he is back on the ventilator properly.

Were going a much as we can to visit, today we are leaving much later. Least gives me a chance to spend with my boys. Its hard to leave them, but I feel I need to be there for my Dad and my Mum.

If there is one thing to make me smile this week is to see the new offerings from OMG these are TOOOO cute.. I love the new designs :) I believe these are out this weekend and Karen has kindly promised to keep some by for me encase I am at the hospital when they are released.

Tuesday, December 4

Been round mums all morning

She called at 7 this morning, no change. No improvement. I am just catching a bite to eat and Hello to my family here and then I am goign to mums to go to hospital. Darren has been fantastic, however his boss called today to ask if he is going back to work tomorrow. ARGH! I suppose one day things will go back to normal but for now its all so much in the air I cant bear not to be with my Dad and hear what is happening. Trouble is Darren is very much the engine in the place he works, they can be pushing much through without him, hence the call. But then again I need him too.

Thanks all for your wishes, prayers and love.

Update on Dad

He is still critical and in intensive care at St Georges Atkinson Morley. He has had a brain hemorage at the back of the brain (worst place). He was taken off all sedation Sunday 7am and should of woken up but he hasnt. He has been making small movements with legs but these were weaker yesterday than Sunday. He wasnt responding to the pain stimulation they were giving him like he was Sunday either. Yesterday they said they were giving him another 24 hours before speaking to my Mum again. He is looking better, partly as they gave him a shave. they are wonderful people there, If anyone can do anything they can.

This all came right out of the blue. He has been unwell with chest infection and they thought he had vertigo, he was in bed all week as he couldnt walk. What may or what certainly has made it worse is that he was on warferin as his heart had gone into AF again and he was waiting for his cardioversion, the warferin made his blood thin and it didnt clot like most of ours would have.

All his family and friends are rallying round. The waiting room was full of Dads visitors last night, we were playing tag with the visits. Mum is calling them at 8;30 this morning to see if there is any change. Were be going up to the hospital again today at 2 til 7

Thank you for the wishes, prayers and love. I will try and keep you updated.

Sunday, December 2

Things arent good

My Dad is critical in hospital I am in pieces. I'll come back and say more another day.

Cherish life, tell people you love them everyday, live life for today.

Saturday, December 1


Julie Hickey told me about this event which is too good to miss!!

And more so check out their site enjoy!


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