Saturday, January 26

Run run as fast as you can

you need to run to as they have put up some fabby stamps from their newest signing of talented designers :)

I used to love reading the gingerbread man... hence the title... tonight I made Darren take Harvey to bed and he was asked to read "fox in socks" LOL I read it to Harvey the other night and I told him to ask Daddy to read it to him the next time he took him to bed thinking Darren would take one look at it and say no, but good Daddy Darren read it to him!! ha ha stitched up.

Night Night everyone, I am stressing over my SU party next week, SOOOOO much to do and so little time.... ARGH!!! I will probably dream about it tonight.


Friday, January 25

Funky Fairys Papercrafts

Have released some fab stamps :) You know me, a sucker for cute girly images and I hope to get my inky mitts onto these soon.

Some of them are only trainee fairies so their wings are not on all the time :) How cute?!
Go check them out and tell them you saw them here please.

Stampin Up! London Meeting

Look!! Its me with Shelli!! Isnt she stunning?

I went to the Stampin Up! London meeting last night and had a lovely time. Best of all I got to meet Shelli, co founder of Stampin Up! and a wonderful woman. She seems really to care for her business, she demonstrated for us which is great as so often it seems crafty businesses are owned by business people and not crafters and those businesses loose their heart. of course they need an element of business sense to run a business but love for the product and the hobby will always win for me. She was imaculately turned out, as she has always been in all photos I have seen of her and her smile made you smile.

There was a lady called Debbie also from the "Home Office" as they like to call their HQ. She did some great demos. Both Debbie and Shelli did simple demos but we still learnt things and it also showed us some simple cards that we would be able to make in a make and take at a workshop. The meeting were for recruiting but at no time was there a hard sell at all. It was like, "this is what being a demonstrator is all about and if you want to join us just let us know". That's about it really, no pressure, just fun. They took details from us all for door prizes and I nearly fell off my chair when I won a stamp set. Inside I was "whoo hooo yeah!!" but you know us brits and we all just clapped.. LOL I think deep down there were a few of us that want to cheer and shout, I know I and I felt very star struck seeing Shelli, for me it was a big deal, being a Stampin Up! fan for so long and loving their product, finally being able to sign up to become a demonstrator then unfortunately with my Dads passing my crafting and SU wasnt high on my list so I needed something like this to get me excited about it again. So seeing Shelli was great. We had a little chat as she told me off for clearing the table, I said I am a mum I cant help it! LOL I wanted to tell her all about how excited I was ect but feared that I might end up a rambling mad woman!
I met people off the demo blog I belong too, fellow crafters and bloggers and I wont list them here as I will forget someone and I dont want to do that. BIG thanks for my friend Kay for coming with me.
I was buzzing when I got home, couldnt sleep. Harvey was a nightmare when I was gone, apparently going to bed ok but then he woke at 9pm and was most upset that I wasnt there and he was still up at 11pm when I got in! He just wanted to hug his mummy so I couldnt be too cross, Love him so much.

Thursday, January 24

Love Prima? Love Paper? Love Hybrid?

You need to check out this link Prima Yummy papers to download.

Talking of yummy papers I got some cd's from Anice at and she has some amazing papers too, its got me to thinking I almost need my own PC in my crafting palace dont I? LOL go check both those links out, oh yeah there is another fab paper place too, all downloadable, when I find the link I will put it here, its another UK link, its nice to support our own talented designers as well as the USA market too.

Chat later.

Wednesday, January 23

Been busy

I have been AWOL recently as I have been busy. Most morning are spent round Mums either taking things down the dump or charity shops or running about picking up things. Then its lunch, then its picking H up. Tea and then bed.. LOL How our days go hey?

I also have been working on a magazine comission so I have been making stuff, just cant share it right now.

I have my first Stampin Up! party next week in Worthing and I need to get everything planned for that. The Stampers Ten groups have taken up LOADS of time trying to sort out orders and payments ect.

I have decided on my shed and hope to order it soon. I am going for 10 x 8 chalet with georgian windows and door, lined ect... Its a little more than I though I would spend but I thought it would be best to get the best I can currently afford as its not something we will be replacing. It will be lovely to have the light from the door and its a better fitting door with handle and key ect so it will be lovely. Very excited still. Oh and I have picked my carpet, HOT HOT HOT pink!! WOWIE!! Cant wait to show you :)

Caiden is napping and I need to be stamping right now so I had better get off my butt and go.


What sad news..

I love films and I love eye candy and one of my favourite males from the film world, Heath Ledger has passed away :( I love A Knights Tale and ten things I hate about you, both films I have on DVD and like watching and I can watch them with the kids about as there isnt really anything bad in them. Never could decide if I prefered him blonde in Knights Tale or Dark in the other film. I also have Ned Kelly on DVD too, I brought that without seeing it, just knowing Heath was in there was enough for me!! LOL

I feel sad for his family and his little daughter, she hardly had a chance to get to know her Daddy.

RIP Heath and say "Hi" to my Dad.

Sunday, January 20

Spring into Spring with Penny Black

I love Penny Black, dont need to tell ya that do I? Well yesterday was my first classes since having 2 months off what with my Dad and Christmas. So I was at the Glitter Pot, the home of the best selection of Penny Black that I know of and the nicest owners and customers too ;0)

The classes went well, 5 people in the morning and 11 in the afternoon not bad considering there is a major craft/stamp event on this weekend. The ladies all loved what they made and did a great job to boot. It was quiet a relaxed class with them looking at my cards, we made one together and then I just let them play for the second card.

Here are my cards, the photos are terrible. I really should take more time on this.

Friday, January 18

For Sale - Templates

Creative Memories - Storylines template, Pink template - ovals and cirles, Pink template - Baby, Pink template - Garden, Pink template - Fancy Frames, Journalling Genie -, pets, boys, girls, tropical , spring.

Thats 10 templates - I would like £10 for the lot. SOLD

For Sale - Stampin Up! stamps

These are all from the USA, I am assuming that as they are from the USA catalogue and strictly speaking not available for sale in the UK I am OK selling them off? I am sure someone will tell me otherwise if I am wrong.

Paypal greatly preffered

Campout - very very very lightly if use at all £8

Heart and Home - used a little and has slight staining £8 SOLD

Background Basics - £5

Petite Patterns - £5

Itty Bitty Backgrounds - £5 SOLD

Nice and Narrow £8 SOLD

Mini Brushstrokes - cant find a link but its 12 small stamps that use the two step stamping tecnique to build beautiful flowers £5

Toy Box - £8 SOLD

Travel Time - £10

Petite Posies - Again cant find link but these are solid flowers & leaves 14 small stamps £5

Handstamped Sayings - set of 4 stamps - Stamp art from me to you, handstamped, handstamped with love by and handstamped by £5

Postage will be charged at extra and at cost.


Thursday, January 17

No cards today..

But I will have a few to share soon. I have been busy prepping for my classes at the Glitter Pot this Saturday. Once the class has been run I will share what I have made. I have been taking some images to bed with me and have had fun colouring them in. So I thought better than nothing I will show you this :) Now blogger is playing up again and it wont let me carraige return so I cant make any paragraphs... grrr it drives me nuts when that happens. There are three Magnolias and one Penny Black and YES that Edwin has green hair, just fancied trying it..!! Looks like everyone on that plane was very very lucky. Seems a plane going into Heathrow declared a mayday before landing and actually landed short of the runway but no-one was seriously hurt. Thank goodness for that. I am going to say that dreaded word. ...... can you guess? its not housework, its something I have been talking about a wee bit.... SHED, OK well its not a shed, as the actual one I am going for is called a CHALET. I have made my mind up, to go with the people who will insulate for me too. This means that I just have to get hubby to put electrics in it and we are ready to go with my lovely light lime green paint and fill it to bursting! LOL Someone asked if I am having a grand opening? yeah why not! Wanna play? everyone welcome.. I will have space for at least two to place at any time so if you are down this way give me a shout, you bring the donuts!

Tuesday, January 15

Shed pondering again!

OK I have found another place that makes sheds and I was chatting to the bloke about insulating it. Reason I was looking around is ideally I would love to find someone who will make the shed and insulate it too save my hubby a job. Anyway, he was saying they could whiteboard it, basically adding a whiteboard to the inside of the panels. Has anyone heard of this? He seemed to think this would be ok.... I have searched whiteboard and only come up with the things you write on instead of the old chalk boards! They were very good in that he said he would add extra windows and a stable door at no extra cost. I am outside their delivery area so he quoted me a delivery price that wasnt too bad either.

Edited to add the bloke I spoke to wasnt too great, his boss called me back and he sounded much more confindent in knowledge about their products and he has given me a quote to insulate the shed with polysterine and boards which will be fab so I think this is the one. Delivery has increased but he has agreed to let me have double windows instead of single ones and a stable door at no extra cost as well.

Oh what to do!


Feeling yuck. Woke yesterday at 6am and felt like was going to be sick, then I was fine all day. Then I woke at 2 am this morning and the same and then again at 5:30am when I got up. You know that horrible watery mouth feeling thats what its like. I thought if I go back to bed I will disturb Caiden so I just come downstairs.

Weather is horrible too. Has been chucking it down since I got up. Not looking forward to the school run this morning!

Think I will go an make a cuppa and see what happens.

speak later

Monday, January 14

who was it told me about the desk in Argos?

Can you email me as I wanted to ask you a question.


Hands up who loves Edwin?

I do!!
Aint he cute?
Doodlebug Paper from The Glitter Pot. Button from Eternal Maker and of course the stamp from Magnolia.
I distressed the edge with my scissors and pierced it too. I made the flower.
Thanks for looking

Bad News re 26th Jan

There are problems with the hall for that weekend I am going to have to cancel my Stampin Up! Stamp camp for January :(

For those that sent cheques to secure your places I have not banked them so I can return or hold for a later session, Just let me know. I am so sorry!! I am so sad as I was very much looking forward to launching my SU thing on this date and have been brainstorming ideas for what I was going to demo ect.

Looking at my very full calendar I the next date I can do for a stamp camp will be 5th April at the same times 10am - 2pm. I have a few dates in March free but both of them are close families birthdays so I dare not use those. (Hubby and Harvey)

I have a party booked on 29th Jan at Worthing, 6th Feb at Horsham and 12th Feb at Whyteleafe. If you are interested in coming along to these parties I know the hostesses said other stampers are welcome! Or alternatively if you want a party at your home, let me know, I am covering parts of Surrey & Sussex and you only need 8-10 people for it to be a fun a rewarding time. You will all get to have a go at stamping, learn about Stampin Up! products, watch a demonstration and order products.

Sunday, January 13

Re posting card

The Magnolia card I made the other day was soo dark so I dabbled with the photo programme and got it looking a little brighter. A little burred but a little brighter too.
Also, you know this shed business? Well two decisions have been made. 1/ It will be near the house
2/ It will NOT be the potting shed, it will be the 12 x 8 workshop. see it here apparently the 12 x 8 will have more windows so thats good. I think this is a good choice for me.
I coloured a cute Edwin in last night. When I make a card I will post it here.
On a side note I am placing a Stampin Up! UK order very shortly. Contact me if you need anything on
Chat later

Friday, January 11

Ohhh I am so confused

ARGH!! LOL I dont know what to do... I dont even think I know where in the garden I want the shed now... I did think I wanted it down the bottom of the garden, but now its absolutely chucking it down and the grass is sodden and I wouldnt want to go out in this. Would be ok to nip off across the patio and run in and thats what I am thinking now. Also we have a 10 x 8 extension of slabs on our patio, we could use that for the shed and then extend it the other side for the patio. ANyway, Darren said no intially, but I have just been texting him back and forth and he has just said I DONT CARE DO WHAT YOU WANT! LOL 1-0 Caz :) Hee hee nag him enough and I can get anything!! (Love you hunni)

I had to didnt I?

I teased you all with a photo of my new Magnolias so I took some images to bed and I have managed this morning to knock up this simple card. I am also sharing a few images that I also coloured but havent managed to make into cards yet.

Lighting is not great it is so rainy here today. Got soaked taking Harvey to school, wasnt doing to bad as I had a coat and boots on, but then a car splashed me! GRRRRR

My "r" on the keyboard is playing up, so please excuse if there are any missing, that my my usual typos!


Thursday, January 10

Shed chat

Sorry I know I am going to bore you with all this talk! But I am excited so just go with me...

I am at the moment pondering the idea of goign for something thicker and that I wouldnt have to insulate, my friend Julie has a cabin type shed and hers is thick so she didnt need to insulate. She has a heater in on thermostat to kick in when it gets too cold. Failing that a regular shed that I will isulate, paint, carpet, light, electric ect ... Wishing my Dad was about more than ever as he would have helped out so much, he was such a handy man to have about, we didnt pay for any help with plumbing, painting, decorating or anything. He'd give most things a go.

Hmmmm, dont know what to do again!! LOL


Oh on a crafty note, Oh I did a little dance today when the postman came... wanna see what he brought? Hmmmm Well there was the regular postman on foot that brought this...

Yep my prize for winning off the Magnolia blog and they arent even released or pictured anywhere yet!!!

HOW LUCKY AM I? Yes I am shouting!! LOL Great for today as I have been a little tearful today, think coz Mum is so down today it makes me sad :0(

Then the parcel man came and brought me a fantastic parcel from my SS from the Cricut forum. I have been spoilt rotten for a year, so sad it has ended. Now its my turn to find some crafty items to spoil her back!

LOADS of stuff in there, I will take a photo later and transfer off phone, I keep being lazy and taking photos and then texting them but that costs me money I had better get out of that habit! * Its minus sweeties that I gave to my boys and a caramel hot chocolate that Harvey drank as soon ass he got home from school, I got to sniff it and it smelt yummy!

Wednesday, January 9

I think I have decided

I think I am going to go for this potting shed as the windows are fantastic. They dont have 10 x 8 on their price list but they have given me a price for one so thats good :)

What do you think?


What would you do?

I am stuck for a decision and I wondered what you would do.

I am getting some money from my Mum and I am to get my craft shed out of it. I thinking it will be 10 foot x 8 foot. I have a few things I need to decide on, and I know ultimately its my decision but I wondered what the general feelings were among you.

Where would you put your work area? Against the wall or freestanding in the middle?
Shed with a basic shed feel or something that looks more chalet like? I have found a fab place and they have so much choice that I cant decide!!

Storage? I was thinking lots and lots of shelves and boxes on them...

I just wanted everyones feedback for it. Not going to be a for a few months yet but I like to plan.


Sunday, January 6

4Hounds Ribbon Blossom

I had one of the "ooohhhh" moments this morning when I saw this link I have added ribbons to my ribbon, probably taking it only up to three but this lady decided to add lots and her cards are stunning with her blossoms on them. Its like one of those "why didnt I think of that moments" simple idea but the results are lovely.

So I decided to have a go myself, I used 8 pieces and I think it would have been better with maybe 4 more ribbons and oh my lord, I found it quiet simply complicated!! LOL I was getting more than a little frustrated with getting it to look anything like it does now. Its easy really but my little old brain wasnt having any of it.

I used the cute bear from Penny Black (from the glitter pot) Stampin' Up! papers (from me among lots of other UK demos) and the nestabilities (again from glitter pot) Lots of bits of ribbon, a whole lot of frustration but then a whole lot of smiling when I finally got it how I wanted. Not as beautiful as hers, but it will do :)

I will have another go tomorrow boys permitting, or should I say boy as Harveys now firmly in the all day at school club.

A couple of cards

At last I had a little time to make a card with the edwin I coloured last week. Also I had to make a birthday card for my niece who hit teenage years yesterday!

So here is Edwin first. Of course the lovely stamp is a Magnolia one. I used the fabby nestabilities from the glitter pot for the scalloped circle and then used the regular cirles to cut out the inside. I love these sitting Edwin and Tildas they look so cute like this. The Papers are Crate Paper which I got from not too sure if they sell papers any more but check out their site for stamps and other bits and pieces. The star where some punches I brought ages ago from the Craft Barn when it was owned by the founder Maggie Wright, I love these stars. So thats that card explained.

Here is the card I made for my niece, I thought it was a great design for a teenager and its one of the new spring designs. Photo isnt great, but you can roughly see what I have done.

I used the Penny Black, cuttlebug folder and Daisy Bucket paper all from coloured with watercolour pencils, flowers from Prima from USA although I am sure you could find them over here and Bellas Baubles for the centre of the flowers. I was inspired by the pink and blue scheme by the beautiful paper and really went to town with it. I used a thin black pen to add faux piercing to the edge of the stamped panel. Hope you likey?

Saturday, January 5

Punches for sale

I am having a new year clear out and I am selling off 90% of my punches. I want to sell these as a job lot and it will be collection only as its too heavy to post.

Some have my name on them as I used to take them to classes.
They are all different makes and sizes. Including some of the Woodware 3" punches... there arer button punches, lever punches all sorts.
At this price they are less than £2 each... BARGAIN.
Help me shift this lot and grab yourself a bargain at the same time. I dont mind if you sell them on after invidually, I just want a bit of cash now! :)

I am wanting £80 for the whole lot. This is for 41 punches and the punch helper tool.

Stampin Up! events

Did you know Stampin Up! are holding some recruitment events? You can find more about them by visiting their site.

I am hoping to go to the London if you are thinking of going and want to come along with me just let me know. I believe that current demos need to take along a potential recuit to go and I REALLY WANT TO GO!! LOL so email me and we can meet up on the way. I expect that I will be going by train somehow.

Taken from the SU Uk website

Join us at Open Night!
Join us for an evening of creativity and fun! At our Open Nights you’ll enjoy making your own handmade cards while you learn about Stampin’ Up!’s exclusive products for card making, scrapbooking, home d├ęcor, and more. And while you’re there, you’ll discover a fun and flexible way to earn additional income—along with the many other amazing benefits of being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator!

To register for the London Open Night, simply send us an e-mail with your name and phone number. We’re looking forward to meeting you! When:
24 January 2008 7.00 to 9.00 PM
Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum Cromwell Road London SW7 4DN

Friday, January 4

Guess what we had for tea?

Hey my name's Caiden and I am a rebel... yes, I have rebelled from using cutlery much to my Mums disgust, I just like the feel of my food, in my fingers, around my face and in my hair sometimes too... Then for good measure I smear it all over the chair and chuck my bowl on the floor ensuring just enough food is left to splatter everywhere.... Dont ya just love me?

My name is Harvey and I am nearly five. I do use cutlery but I too like a bit on my chin for good measure... Dont let mummy kid you.. she sometimes has to wear a napkin when Spag bol is around!

And dont let her pretend she dont love us... I mean look at our faces... faces of angels, dirty angels!

Heaven.... I'm in heaven

I went to my favourite store today and picked up my favourite stamps from my favourite stamp company. Of course I am talking about The Glitter Pot and the beautiful Penny Black rubber stamps...

I LOVE Magnolias, Bellas, Hannas, Sugar Nellies, Stampendous, Whippersnapper, Inky Antics, ect ect ect but my heart belongs to Penny Black and I owe this whole crazy stamp addiction to them! And probably Penny Black make up most of my collection too. (hugs to Shaida and her team that keep on making these amazing stamps)

The Glitter pot have them in stock NOW!! so check their site out to get yours before they go. And if that wasnt enough I got some scrummy papers from them, Doodlebug and Daisy bucket.... (insert homer simpson drooling sound here)

So I was chatting to Bryan and he tells me that I need to fill up my class, that is in two weeks time. So if you likey the lookey of these stamps and papers you had better come and have a play with me! Coz I can see a whole lotta fun being russled up with these critters. Maybe with some cuttlebugged backgrounds, or maybe with something cut with the nestabilities>?? its going to be fun so dont make me play on me tod!

So now you know why I am in heaven..... I am sure you will agree its fun here!

Thursday, January 3

Inspiration Station

I thought this was a fab idea, I wish I could do it, just dont have the room right now with it all strewn about the house. Bt hopefully, if/when I get a shed I will make a shelf or space for this.


Wednesday, January 2

Watercolour Pencils Tutorial

OK I dont profess to being an expert by any stretch of imagination, and I have seen many others who do beautiful colouring, however I have had a few people ask in the past and its one thing people comment on for my cards so I decided to make a little tutorial for how I colour. I have been working on and off all day on a wordpress blog, but its really doing my head in and just doesnt seem as simple as blogspot, its a shame as I love some aspects of it, but for my I will stay here.
First things first….. tools… my preferred pencils are Albrecht Durer by Faber Castell - the colours are beautiful, the leads rich and thick. I also prefer to use an aqua brush and I use the ones with the valves inside. Watercolour paper of course gives great results but I also like the texture of the linen card from Crafts Central in the Paper cellar pick and mix. For my ink I prefer the black versafine ink.

OK these photos were taken by myself whislt trying to colour in too and they were on my camera phone with poor lighting but I hope these will give you a few ideas. Make sure your pencils are sharp, this will prevent the wood of the pencil getting wet.

Step One : Stamp images onto cardstock

Step Two : I have coloured the edge of his trousers with a dark blue. Place the colour where on the image you want the picture to be darker.

Step Three - Using the waterbrush draw the outside of the colour in to cover the area. You need to make sure that the darker lines remain around the edge and that it has light and dark tones.

Step Four - Again doing the same thing I have coloured Edwins jumper with red pencil.

Step Six - again I have coloured the jumper and the shoes too.

I have added colour to the face and hands by taking the colour off the end of the pencil and colouring directly onto the card.

I have coloured the wings, star and cheeks with the same technique by taking the colour off the pencil and using it like paint.
Then I have taken a dark brown pencil and drawn directly onto the image where shown, around his jumper, parts of his wings, trousers and shoes. I have then used the waterbrush on these brown lines and this gives a great shaded effect. I believe the brown I used for this was called nougat.
Here is the finished Edwin. I will add to a card/creation tomorrow kids permitting.

I hope thi might have helped a few people out.


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