Thursday, January 19


I am suffering a bad case of NEHITD and also TMOTD at the moment.  I am sure a lot of you can relate.  "Not Enough Hours in the Day" and "Too Many other things to do"often come together hand in hand and often cause tiredness, Loss of Mojo and sad faces.  I am hoping that a dose of SO (Sunday off) and MO (Monday off) might help with my mojo but I wouldn't bet on it as most likely it will be shopping and washing :)

Apologies for the selling posts, but I know some of you would like to know what I am selling.  I have decided though to simply update the side bar ------------>   when I add new things to ebay.

Till later!

Monday, January 16

A little bit of creating

Not alot!  Its been a hectic start to the year with work being sooooo very busy (which is fab) I have been working lots of days extra for extra pennies.  A small bit of creating but with just the Sunday off this weekend I just wanted to chill out with the kids and hubby and catch up on washing ect

I have made these things recently though

I made this Penny Black card the other day, just because, not made for anyone.
Using one of the new Mimi stamps from Crafts U Love

This very quick (read  rubbishy) card for one of Caidens friends
I wasnt in the mood that evening, sadly it was the evening before the
party so it had to do.

I also made this Lego Batman Bunting for the
friends gift.  Afraid in January the gift has to be hand made
as we are soooooo broke.

Penny Black for sale

Hi there
I have some Penny Black stamp sets for sale.  These are £5 each which includes first class postage to the UK.

Drop me an email if you want to ask any questions or indeed buy any of these bargain sets!


Friday, January 13

Karen Foster Snap Stamps

I am selling Karen Foster Snap stamps - I know these were very very popular and impossible to find.  Here is a link to mine

Thursday, January 5

Two Birthdays

It is my niece Danni's birthday today, she is 17 and my friend Traceys daughter Chloes 16th Birthday today as well so I made 2 buntings.  The one for Chloe I made as per Tracey's requirements and the one for Danni was made for a bit of fun as she loves One Direction so I made her a special One Direction bunting ;)

Chloe's bunting, all flowery and Pastel.  Happy Birthday Chloe!!

Danni's One Direction Bunting :)

A very quick card for Danni using a Stamping Bella image.

I need to make more bunting for a birthday party this weekend and a little boys card
too.  Nice to be creating again.

Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year

I hope 2012 is the best yet for all of us!  Cant believe another year has past us by and my boys will be 9 and 6 this year! GULP  Last year was OK, wasn't fabulous, wasn't bad.  December always a bad month anyway due to all the dates we remember with my Dad.  This December was really sad for my brothers family as they lost their beloved Kasha furrbaby, she was only 3 :(

What I am hoping for this year?

  • Hmm Happy, Healthy and maybe a bit more comfortable in the ol' money stakes so we wont be struggling so much each month. 
  •  I would like my bunting to carry on and I need to spend some time designing new things for that, expand the line a bit.  
  • I would like to keep on crafting and do more than I did last year as my blog posts have really gone down over these past few years.  
  • Really loving my job so I hope for another good year there.  I work at Crafts U Love, dream job eh?
  • I really hope we get to visit Darren 's parents this year, we didn't manage it last year and its a year and a half since we saw Darren's Dad!  That's a LONG TIME!  We saw his Mum in end of 2010 but that's still a year and far to long, especially for the boys.
  • I want to learn to knit!! LOL  I would be pleased with a basic hat and scarf, but if I could do better that would be great :)
I really hope you all have a great 2012, please do keep popping back and pls comment, I love to hear from you.



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