Tuesday, July 31

Cutest cuddlebugger in town

Opps, look at that title!! LOL

Harvey at the grand old age of 4 years is an expect cuttlebugger. Caiden however is just learning the joys of this machine. I can not wait to get my boys the cuttlekids. :)

Don't look too close at the rug, it needed a hoover!

"Cuttlebug - over the edge" tutorial

A few people have asked how I did it, I know its hard to explain in words sometimes so here are some visuals for you.

Step one - Take image, remember when you trim it you need to leave a gap to be able to emboss. Pop in into the cuttlebug folder so most of the image is sticking out.

Step Two - Place embossing folder into the sandwich as shown. Note the long side of the embossing folder is going with the short side of the blocks.

Step Three - Run though cuttlebug machine

Step Four - Voila! here is your cuttlebugged "over the edge" design. Embellish as required. You could ink the edge, colour with inks or pencils, whatever you wanted.

I'll finish this card off tonight and show you what I have done with it.

Monday, July 30

Fantastic Mail Day!

I got some wonderful mail tonight. I say tonight as I only just picked it up from the box. We have an alleyway and I have a box in which the postman leaves packets. Usually they will leave a note through the letterbox so I know that there are packets there, anyway he didnt and it was only coz I was taking the recycling in the alley that I saw the box was full.

I got a fab packet from my SS Sherilyn, WOW this packet was full to bursting... I will take a photo tomorrow... I also got set three of the clear stamps from Sue Scrapspirit (cricut forum) WOW what a fantastic lady, she sent me these as a RAK.. she is a sweetie and as soon as I am able I will return the favour with something that I think she might like. I did manage to photograph these. She put them in these fab pockets, I might need to get more of these for the first two sets :)

How many rubber stamps? POLL CLOSED

I am so pleased that I am not the only one with a room full of stamps. This was the most populat answer. I will tell my husband this straight away :)

Another Tag but this is new

I have received the Bumper Tag award... Hmm not sure if that is what its called. Anyway the rules for this one are different from normal so I will link the rules here .. Basically in a nutshell I have to tag five other bloggers. And send just one card to someone, anyone, not the bloggers I have tagged but some random person (friend or family) that I want to brighten their day.
I am also aware that other people have recently Tagged me, this is just the normal one where you have to tag others and share random facts about yourself. I havent had time to address this, but I have already done this so I wont do it again. :) I am sure you all understand.
So who am I going to get back with this Global Bumper Card Tag?? Hmmmmm
Stamp Owl

Ohhh another card!

After tea tonight I left Darren and the boys in the garden and just went to made a card. It felt good after a long day with the boys and the neighbours girl it was a welcome break. I stamped the image yesterday and coloured this in last night in bed. I thought about my dirty knees from earlier in the day when I was weeding so I decided to add some dirty spots to bellas outfit! I love the colours of this one. I put the image through the cuttlebug after I coloured it. Instead of putting the folder through in the normal way I put it through long side first to make the image fit through, most of the image is hanging out of the folder. I thought this was pritty neat. I used three of my beloved primas on here and finished the centres of the flowers with doodlebug gems. [click picture to make it bigger]

Of all the pritty things, stamps, flowers, ribbons and papers I have two most precious and beautiful things.... I know you have all seen a lot of them... of course I am talking about my precious boys. Having the school holiday is tough. Of course I love both of them to death but as any mother will know its hard work. I am sure there will be a lot of counting to ten over these coming five weeks. I will look back on my blog and find these photos taken today. My happy, smiling, beautiful boys! I love you both SOOOOO much, just dont like what you do sometimes!

Awww you can see the love here can you? Harvey is the bestest big brother (apart from mine) ever. He loves his little brother and is very protective.

Two peas in a pod! Apart from the eyes that is.

Todays cards.. & some of lifes great mysteries!

More cards from the Demo. I have enjoyed having this cards to share over a few days. I do love to post daily and I prefer them to be craft related rather than my mindless chatter!

The first card here is a simple card made using the Changito Monkeys from Stampendous For those wanting these and in th UK you can find these cheeky little chimps at The Glitter Pot and dont forget to mention I sent ya! I used some lovely doodlebug paper, I really wish I had brought some of this and the lovelylishous ribbon in the burnt orange colour. A simple card, missing a sentiment as I do not usually use those at the store as I never know which ones they have in stock and want to use one they have rather than tease people with something that can not buy. I coloured these in with H20's.

The cute little guy is one of the NEW 2007 Christmas Designs from Penny Black these were a sneak peek at the new designs which are due in over the next week or so. Keep looking on the GP website to see their arrival.

Again Doodlebug Paper and some more scrumptolicous dotted ribbon, this time in red with white dots. Simple!

Yesterday Harvey and I made a sponge cake, its the hot type that you eat with custard and after we cleaned the bowl out with fingers I thought to myself what is it that makes all the ingrediants of this cake mix taste so flippin yummy? I mean its sugar, egg, margarine and flour... YUCK in itself, but mixed into cake mixture its just like one of the nicest things to eat and I would much rather eat it like that than cooked!! I know its not really the done thing, with it including raw eggs, but I always by the Lion marked eggs which mean that the chickens have been vacinated against salmonella. I remember back from being pregnant with both boys, if someone had said what did I miss the most being pregnant it would be have been the cake mix!

Hmmmm something to ponder..... and one to add to the wonder of WHERE DO ALL THOSE SOCKS GO?????

Today is sunny, I expect another day of playing in the garden. I expect most of our holiday will be like that, we havent got much spare money (cough cough ok ANY) and we cant expect days out, so if it stays dry most days I can look forward to walks to the shops, the park and fun in the garden.

Friday 17th August - Oh how I wish my Mum didnt work full time. Julie my good friend has invited me for a fun day crafting, but my parents both work. Darren doesnt have much holiday left and so I will probably have to sit this one out.... Oh how I will be sad all day, knowing all my friends are so near but so far and having a fab time. Oh well... such is life... Darren might surprise me, you never know..... maybe taking a day off will be worth it, rather than have a sulking wife! tee hee

Enough waffle for now.... Caiden is napping, he usual nap time.... Harvey however is sitting next to me and nodded off at 11am! Hmmm perhaps him getting up at 5:45am this morning had something to do with that?!

Sunday, July 29

My clever Harvey.... like mother like son

Harvey loves to play in my craft room. When I said I was finding a card for Grandma and Grumps he said he would make one. I stamped the image and he did the rest. All I did was stick the DS tape on the hedgehog so he could position the ribbon in the right place for it to be a bow tie. He is so funny, he is 4 years old, but he wont colour without using an aquabrush. He takes the colour from the end of the pencil just like mummy :) I am very proud of him. He has actually placed the flower colour just on the flowers (and around) but before he has just scribbled one colour over the hole thing so I am impressed that the flowers, hedgehog and grass are all different colours. I punched the flowers for him and he stuck them where he wanted. I am sure Grandma and Grumps will be very proud of their creation! {click on picture to see it bigger}

Our next door neighbours gave us an old bouncy castle, just a little one you would have in your back garden. All the the sides are off and we are left with just four turrets one of which is punctured. This has not stopped us having great fun on it. Friday I jumped on, and just like on TV Caiden was cattapulted off!! he was fine.. LOL Today Myself, Caiden, Harvey and Eyna (neighbours little girl) were all on, Darren came over and bounced on it, I ended up on the floor in fits of laughter, I wonder what the neighbours thought!! Here are some pictures of the fun this afternoon. I am taking the shots, its not a pritty site me stuck on the inflatable!

A few more cards and a project in the making

This morning whilst Caiden napped I decided that my Fellas needed their own box. Cant have them in with the bellas can I? So the decision was shall I used a tin like I did for the bellas or a c-thru can for them.... Hmmm I decided that I will always have more bellas than fellas so the can would be big enough. I will share when I have finished, alas, Caidens nap was short lived and I am cooking our sunday roast also so needed to be back in the kitchen.

Here to the left is another one of the cards I made yesterday. I was going to make it a tent topper. I havent really looked into the sizes on these and since the card base was 6 x 6 I thought if I made it a tent topper people would ask "what envelope will this fit in" as they so often do, so I didnt bother. I do need to look into this though and see if the cards a scaled down to make the tent toppers fit in the envelopes.

This card was made using a very cute Penny Black kitty cat. Available to those in the UK from The Glitter Pot
I dont recall what this fold is called but its pritty neat. Kim sent me a card using this fold. I have also seen it on Beates site. I can not credit for who "invented" it.

Saturday, July 28

Fun at the Glitter Pot

I had a fun Glitter Pot demo and made quiet a few cards. I will upload my favourite two tonight, and some more tomorrow. I figured this will give me a few days worth of posting. As said yesterday I was demoing the new Christmas Penny Black, Everyday Penny Black designs and some monkeys from Stampendous.

This one was a card I made using the Penny Black Sunshine Hedgehog. This has to be one of my all time favourite Penny Black stamps. I love to colour it in different colour schemes and ones that have worked well in the past as well as this yellow/orange scheme are lilac and aqua and reds and pinks.

The background paper is from Doodlebug, I LOVE this also. And I also totally and I dont really know why, but I totally fell in love with this orange spotty ribbon. I MUST have a roll :) Bryan let me take a length of this colour to play with at home. He must laugh at all us mad women in his shop stroking and loving pieces of ribbon and papers and drooling over stamps!

Here is my second card for this one I used one of the new Penny Black Christmas design, these are red hot and not even in the country yet. We were just teasing and tempting people as these should be in the store in a couple of weeks. This was the card that produced the most comments, everyone loved these snowmen and even though the card was very simple people just seemed to love it. I wish I had grabbed some blue ribbon and had some wording stamps to finish this off better.
So thats "show and tell" for today. I will post some more tomorrow.
Nite nite

Friday, July 27

Glitter Pot tomorrow

UPDATE : I know what I am demoing and I am in for a treat and so are you if my mojo is about. I will be playing with my favourite stamps by my favourite manufacturers. I will be demoing Penny Black, Stampendous Monkeys and [trumpets please] showcasing the NEW CHRISTMAS PENNY BLACK. Currently as far as I know NOT available in the UK but TGP will be receiving their order shortly and you can PRE -ORDER your stamps to be amongst the first to have these fab new designs!!

Come along and see some new designs, learn how to use H20's and say Hello.

Magnolia Fun

If you have ever looked on my fav blog list you will know I love these stamps. Kim was kind enough to stamp me some images and here is another card I have made using these. I can not wait until I can order some of own of these.

Circle was cut with Cricut at 3", the small scallops were scallop scissors and the large purple circle is using some wave scissors. I also used some ribbon brads, these are from Crafts U Love

I think I will add some wording to this, but I assembled this card downstairs whilst both my boys snore away :) BLISS both boys napping is great!! I know Harvey is 4, but he still does get tired and as its not school for 6 weeks he is bound to go to bed late. So for now this card will stay as it is. I may just leave the words until I know who and for what I am using this card for.

Thursday, July 26

Sistahs! here are H20's

I know some of you from the Bellaholics group wanted to know what the H20's were. Here are a couple of pictures.

So here is my box with my H20's and a few of my bella cards that I have coloured with them.

Here is a close up of them. Oohhhh lovely shimmer :)

Wednesday, July 25

The Glitter Pot this Saturday

Come and see a free demonstration at the Glitter Pot on Saturday. I will be there demonstrating rubber stamping and colouring from 10am -4pm using H20's and some fantastic stamps. Not sure what stamps just yet as Bryan and Carolyn have been away. Will update this message as soon as I know.

Two big steps for Harvey and Caiden

Today Harvey left hedgehog class for the last time. When he goes back to school in September he will be a squirrel. He has loved his time as a hedgehog, he loved his teacher, Mrs Cooper and has enjoyed his friends. There are a few that will not be joining him in Squirrels. Places are limited to 30 and there was almost 60 kids in the AM and PM nursery places.

Also today I have thrown away the last of the baby milk as I have managed to wean Caiden off that and onto full fat cows milk. No more mixing and cooling water ect. Its a great step. He does not actually have a lot now, just two bottles. I just wish he would sleep better he is so unsettled and I am shattered most of the time.

Orange and pink and 3 circles??? are you sure?!

Kim, bless her [said through gritted teeth] threw me a challenge. Orange and Pink colour scheme and including three circles. So here it is. I used one of the Magnolia images that she sent me, I coloured with prismacolour and Sansodor and I used two ribbon brads as one of my circles and the wording as the other. Oh how I had fun colouring these images yesterday, I have two more coloured but not made into cards yet. I cant wait to do them.
So Kim, I did it! Do you likey? I LOVE LOVE those images :) Cant wait to get some of those stamps. They are perfect for me as I just LOVE to colour and these are beautiful to colour.

I got the ribbon brads from Crafts U Love at their birthday weekend. I was demonstrating them and of course I had to buy one of each. There are 2 different colour ways, Bright and Pastel and three different shapes, Stars, circles and flowers. They have a special offer on for them at the moment. If you order them then tell them I sent ya :)

Tuesday, July 24

Bella, Brad and Buttons!

Kim challenged me to make a card with bella, Brad and Buttons. I managed to add a cream/browny button and the tarnished button looking thing is a beautiful brad that my secret sis Sherilin brought me :) I also used some lush ribbon and of course the beautiful gardening bella is veggiebella from StampingBella After yesterday mornings struggle with a card I was really pleased with this one. Mind you with beautiful supplies like these it would be hard to make it look bad!!
So Kim, what do ya think? and are you up for another challenge? Maybe we should do something with the Magnolia images you are sending me?

Ha ha Just re read (like I do) my post and I thought the title sounded like a dodgy film!! LOL

Monday, July 23

Mojo.... is that you?

I think I found it. I obviously just wasnt in the mood for a card. I had to make a pressie for Mrs Cooper, Harveys nursery teacher. So I decorated this tin for her and enclosed some smellie candles and a pritty candle holder. I was pondering the image for the front, but of course it HAD to be a hedgehog as she is Hedgehogs teacher. Looks prittier in real life.

Anyone seen my mojo?

I have lost it.... I have been trying for an hour to make a card and torn it apart twice. Everything I make today is pants! I have elements ready to make a card, maybe I am trying too hard. I am trying to use some of the "box" (see below post) so I can pack it away and have space for more [GRIN] but its just not happening.... I have a fella stamped and coloured, I have words stamped and mounted and I cant even manage anything with that. I am frustrated to say the least....

So if anyone sees my mojo wandering around, tell it to come back home, I miss it.

Sunday, July 22

Do you ever just buy buy buy?

I am sure I am not the only one to "collect" stamps and craft stuff. Well today I decided that I was going to challenge myself to actually USE something. OK the plan is, I brought a new box today for my H20's and that meant my other box was empty... so I have put my new stamps into this box and I can not put them away into the craft room until I have made at least one card. This goes for anything crafty, so along with my H20s box which has a top compartment I have put all my little bits of new stash and I must use a bit of each of these before I put them away. Also I can not buy anything else UNLESS is will fit in the box... So in order to buy new stuff I have to have used and emptied or at least made room for the new stuff. Hmmm you reacon it will work???? I already have my doubts!! LOL Good idea though? I'll take a picture later so you can see what I am talking about.

Oh yeah, and sorry I keep posting single posts! I only think about all these things after I have posted the last thing.... perhaps I should save in draft and just have one big post... Hmm

Who loves bella?

I joined a fab image swap on the bella yahoo group, but since receiving my images I actually got a big delivery of bellas and there are lots of images that I now own the stamps for... So thought, what should I do with these? and I decided I would give them away, to you, my loyal blog readers.... I have three piles of approx 16 images of mixed bellas and a few fellas thrown in. The first three people to reply to this post AND LINK THEIR FAVOURITE BELLA CARD... It doesnt have to be made by you, just one of your favs.

So help me re home these bella images and show me some stunning bella cards :)

This was the winners blog candy

Here is a picture of the blog candy that Samm won for my 10000 hits giveaway.

I see from her blog she has already made a card with the bella. As well as the Bella there were several metres of gingham ribbon, 2 packs of tag maker rims and a bottle of glitter glue and liquid pearls.

Questions re the New Stampendous Owls

I have had a few comments on the owls and asking where these can be brought. THese are RED HOT new items from Stampendous. I expect they are being launched this weekend at CHA... so they will be hitting stores anytime now! I know the UK distributor has stocks and has started shipping. I should imagine most Stampendous stockists should have these stamps over the coming week or two. I think Stampendous will be updating their website this week with the new ones as it usually happens quickly.

Oh, and I have a magazine comission for these little owls, so check out a future issue of Card Making and Papercraft for more card ideas :)

Thanks for asking!

Saturday, July 21

Now I can share the whole card

I felt such a tease, but here is the rest of the pirate card and how it has come in handy today for Harvey has a party and I am giving this to the little boy.
This stamp is just tooooo cute! I love it.... another winner from Stampendous.

Friday, July 20

Same Stash Challenge has started

Kim, Kat, Samm and Shell have been sent their goodies and Samm has finished her entry already. Well Done Samm, I love the colours and the lovely felt flowers you have used.

Since you have done yours I thought I would post mine.

I sent all the ladies in the challenge, 2 x stamped images, a piece of black and white spotted ribbon and the black swirly cuttlebugged piece of card.

Cant wait to see the others. Here is a link to Samms Card

I'm a Rockin Girl Blogger are you?

This seems to be the NEW tag thing going around and Samm sent me this Pink (yep it clashes) award. Thanks Samm. Ok the idea is that you wear your badge with pride some prominent on your blog. So mines there, top right!

Then you have to nominate 5 others.... OK these are mine

and last but not least Kitty

I visit all of these talented ladies sites daily, amongst others.

So ladies, you have been nominated for this award, wear it with pride on your blog and pass the award on to 5 more worthy bloggers.

Thursday, July 19


Who'd have them! Not much more I can say.... enjoy the laugh...

I didnt want you thinking Harvey was an angel!!


Caiden napping so I managed to put this card together. I never used to like "images" I like the whole process of stamping, colouring, cardmaking as one. But I think its the way to go for me right now. I took my H20's, bella images and waterbrush to bed the other night and coloured a few. So today when Caiden was napping I ran upstairs and put this one together in just a few minutes. As Em would say I hope you likey?

Also wanted to show you some "stash" I got yesterday. As you know shopping ban is on, but I got some money sent to me on paypal so I just had to spend it. I fell in love with this cuttlebug die when I saw someone do something fabby with it and a fella. I will find out who did what with it and show you. Since then I have been longing for it, but not being able to find it in any of the local stockists.

LOL I just re-read the above post and I thought how funny it read about doing something fab with the die and a fella!! LOL for those that dont know, stamping bella has released some great images of men and called them fellas! So its not something I am going to do with Darren :) One of my fella stamps is what I meant!

Challenge Ladies

Images have been posted to Kim, Kat, Samm and Shell. Samm I also posted your blog candy goodies :)

I will go through the challenge as it was sooo long since I set it :

I have sent you the following

2 images (same image) 1 for the challenge, 1 for you, or if you mess up the first you'll need that! or if you wanted to 3d anything.

1 length of ribbon

1 piece of embossed card (cuttlebugged)

You need to use all three but not the entire piece, so for the ribbon, I think I sent about 10 inches, so if you want to use the 10 you can, if you want to use 1 inch you can. the same with the embossed card, you can use all or just a piece. You can also ADD anything you want. So anything else you want to use for this is fine. As long as some part of everything I sent you is also used.

Can you believe I have already made my card for this challenge, yep, dont fall over with shock! LOL I will post mine tomorrow, when I expect you to receive your materials by.

Once we have made the cards please post to your blog, website, image hosting place and I can link them all together. Then when we have done, one of you will start the same, so you will need to send some bits to all of us :)

Cant wait!!

Wednesday, July 18

I am quiet pleased - challenge accepted and complete

I often look at other peoples blogs to see that they have completed loads of sketch challenges and other things and feel a little down, I struggle to make one card at a time! Samm you know I am talking about you amongst others :) Well when Kim got her bellas (see simply fairies blog) I challenged her to make a card using a bella with no pink or lilac and to include 2 ribbons. She challenged me back and mine was to make a bella card using no background paper to make my own. So here is what I did for my challenge card. I had a really stressful day yesterday, I desperately wanted to stamp but couldn't. Caiden refused to nap although he was so tired he cried non stop for 2 hours in the afternoon, he couldnt walk he was so tired but he just would not give in. I was also very tired and just not coping well.... anyway today is another day, today they are BOTH sleeping right now!! BLISS so I managed to complete my challenge.

So Kim, do you want to do another one???

Materials Used : Stamping Bella winobella, Penny Black Flowers, Cuttlebug flower die, felt, light blue ink, H20's to colour, ribbons, small seed beads for centre of felt flower.

Not blog candy.... eye candy

One of my bestest friends Julie is getting set to enter the world of blogging. I am actually helping her set it up and when its ready you will all have to go on over and have a look. I am sure a lot of people will know her, not through meeting her, although you might have, but from her fabulous best selling craft books. I am talking of the one and only Julie Hickey! Julie has an amazing eye for colours, layout and just getting cards so right :) Julie has a hectic schedule full of shows, classes, demos, magazine work and I really dont know where she will find the time to blog but I can assure you that when she does we will be in for a treat :) I will anounce when she is up and ready for visitors, she is wanting to "pritty it up" with a fancy header so we'll wait for the "eye candy" then. Big hugs Jules xxxx I will be stalking your blog as well as you mine LOL

Tuesday, July 17

Calling the following people

Samm - OK
Shell - OK
Katrina - OK
Kim - OK
and Est

Remember ages and ages ago I set a blog challenge?? Its like just before the dinosuars were extinct! LOL Well I have finally got the stuff ready and wanted to check you wanted to still play?

Kim, I know you wanted to so you dont need to contact me. the others, I need you to email me on stampingcaz@aol.com with your address.

Thanks so much and sorry for making you waiting.


Tuesday You Tube Video

We were watching a "top 100 TV chases of all time" on the Tv the other night and they had the "belly" which I believe was a rebok advert. Harvey heard us singing "bellys gonna get ya" and since then sings it often which makes us laugh as he chases a giggling Caiden whislt holding his top up exposing his belly. Made even funnier as Harvey has a pot belly, but there is no fat at on it at all! Hmmm Caiden has a cute squashy belly!

So I thought I would start a new thing on my blog and share funny videos that we either just like or just make us laugh!


SO watch out! Bellies gonna get ya!

Sharing some older cards

I received some cards back from Origin publishing so I thought I would share a few cards each day. I have so little time for stamping just for fun so I struggle to share cards and creations on here as most of the stuff I do is prep for classes or magazine work and I always feel bad that people have signed onto my blog to see cards and creations and all I can do is talk about it!! LOL

The First one is made using one of the wonderful cute Francoise Read cats from one of her clear sets. You can purchase this set from www.theglitterpot.co.uk if you are here in the UK and please tell them you was inspired by Caz!

Prima flowers were used to decorate card. Image was coloured with watercolour pencil. I made the matching tag using the Tag Maker. A cute but simple card and tag :)

This Wedding card was made using the triangle cards from Woodware (also at Glitter Pot) and the fantastic Elzybells wooden stamp. Elzybells can be viewed at www.elzybells.co.uk I decorated the edge with white liquid pearls (also Glitter Pot) and a silver "congratulations" peel off.

This card was made for Harveys third birthday, WOW that seems sooooo long ago now.

I used the woodware clear set, again from Francoise Read (GP) and some peel offs for the lettering. I was really pleased with this card when I made it.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at these cards :) As much as I enjoyed making them many months ago!

Monday, July 16

Saved from the landfill and hours of fun!

We had a nice time on Saturday afternoon. We are lucky in that we are in a cul de sac and we have a car park outside. Its very quiet as its only the neighbours (4 houses) that drive down. OK, dont think we are bad people, but Darren went to work Friday and one of his friends found this yellow tractor in the skip. They looked it over and there is nothing wrong with it! So he brought it home for our boys. Just needed a little scrub and the boys are so happy! Not that they didnt have enough cars already. You all know I am a avid user of freecycle, this is a prime example of how freecycle should be used. This tractor was destined to end up in a landfill. Why? when there is still life in it and plenty of years of fun to be had. Anyway we have it, Harvey is chuffed to bits as will Caiden when he is bigger. So we had fun pushing the boys around. It was Caidens first time out on the car and he loved it. You can see this from his smile. I found it hard to get a nice photo of Harvey, he was zooming about so quickly!


Nope we havent been to see the latest pirates of the carribean film, although I would LOVE to go. I got some scrummy new stamps today from Stampendous and this is the first stamp I played with. They have an adorable collection of owls and this stamp was my favourite from the beginning. Cute as can be... especially when you have boys like me :)

I havent seen these stamps online yet, so I cant really share. I have a feeling that they will be out on Friday for CHA and I think the UK shops will be hearing about these this week. I really really want to show you, but I dont want to get into trouble!! LOL These are like a pre order for me as I have a magazine comission with them. OK so how about I show you a little peek!

That was 2 little peeks :) I hope you think it looks cute!
Fran the owner of Stampendous is an amazing artist. She has a huge collection of stamps and styles. I love her cute and fun animals including the FLUFFLES THE CAT range, The owls and how can we forget Changito that cheeky little monkey and those georgous bees.

Friday, July 13

Oppps how did that happen?

I've been getting a friend to add a few bellas onto her orders for me for some time and then decided to call them in when she said she had a few there for me. (cough cough) yes there are a few aren't there? She also got me these cute crabs! Oh, how I was tempted to title this post "I've got crabs" LOL that would have made ya look :0)

Its surprising how a bella here and a fella there and I had quiet a pile. I just thought it would save shipping if she held them there for me until I had a "few". Ohh rubbah (sorry too much time of ems blog) heaven!
I cant wait to play. After colouring in the Sistahoodabellas I totally fell for this stamp so I am so pleased to own it :) This was all paid for BEFORE my shopping ban so I escaped this one :)
Oh yeah, hubby update ** my suspicions about the motives of my husbands willingness to help me today was all correct!! hes down the pub! men eh? read 'em like a book.

Phew I am hot!

Just been moving stuff around in my craft room. Darren just swapped the curtains in there for a blind and the curtain pole is in our bedroom and the blind in the craft room and it looks much better! So then I was pottering around in there and I said to Darren "one day, will you put my stamp shelf on the wall" and he did it straight away! I wonder what he is after? Hmmm Friday night... maybe he is wanting to go to the pub, even though he is off work today... We'll see... anyway he has been so good doing these two things for me that I will let him (wink - as if he needs permission but hey its good for him to do these things). Anyway, its looking really good in there, still a lot to sort out and I have given up counting the stamps for now, its just too much to do! LOL Got a meeting shortly at the school to discuss the new class that Harvey will be going to in September. It was going to be that we all went but they would rather the kids not come so I might suggest to Darren that he stay here and I go on my own.

Oh, BTW talking of the curtains above, I popped them on freecycle. If you havent checked it our yet you really should. Today I have sorted out a pair or curtains, big bag of baby clothes and a nappy wrapper bin. All on freecycle and all will help out someone. Google freecycle and find out your local website. It saves the landfills being filled with stuff that you dont want and what will do someone else a turn. WE have had some great finds on there ourselves. A dishwasher, swing frame, turtle sandpit all of which have been VERY gratefully received!

I have a picture to share later, its some stash I received yesterday DROOL.

Thursday, July 12

Farewell Mrs Webber

Mrs Webber is Harveys nursery school teacher assistant, she is a lovely smily lady that greets the kids through the door and does so much to help the kids in their class. She has been there for some years, of course we have only known her for the first school year that Harvey has been there, but we will still miss her. She is off to start a new job and leaves tomorrow.

I made this for her, its just a little something and enclosed are 4 small scented tealights and a pritty metal and crystal tea light holder.
Flowers are sizzix, cuttlebugged the top and swiped with ink.
Add liquid pearls and ribbon to decorate. Quiet simple but I hope she likes it.

Wednesday, July 11

Fun five minutes...

Yes I said "fun" and not funny :) Caiden has been napping and I just had a little play with my Bellas from the image swap and an inky antics cute bug person that I hadnt used before. I am on a mission to ink up some un-inked stamps.

Here is what I have done, all coloured with H20's. Need more naps so I can mount them up, but boy they are all soooooo cute!
On a totally different story, update on Caidens bump. We took dressing off on Friday. All looked fine. Caiden last night discovered his steristripes and kept picking them! Today I got him up and they were gone... [note to self - check back in mirror encase they are stuck on me] YUCK! :0)

Tuesday, July 10

Can you spot whats missing from this photo?

I took this photo at about 6am this morning and I wondered if anyone can guess what is missing from this photo?

Hmm, maybe its the covers on Caiden or lack of, he hates sleeping under anything. Maybe its Harvey, he also isnt under the cover.... so what is it???

Maybe is ME! its MY BED!! No wonder I get back ache.... Harvey being there isnt a usual thing, he work at 5:30 and plonked himself there and fell asleep. Caiden usually joins me mid morning, 3am or something, you can just see his cot, he wakes and I plop him next to me :) Darren my Hubby, where is he? Well hes got wise to all these bed hopping antics and he actually sleeps in Harveys room. Its a little weird, yes.. but it works for us.

Whats with babies sleeping horizontal when they get in your bed? I am always twisting him round but his feet or head always ends up next to me :)

Just had to share with you!

Monday, July 9

Trying so hard

I have to tell someone, just typing things down helps doesnt it? trying so hard not to get really fed up about something, I know there are alots of people worse off than we are but we have hit a bit of a stumble and cant see a way of getting up. I throw myself into the mundane things like housework and think of the work I have to do for classes ect but it keeps popping into my head and I get sad. I really am enjoying this blogging, it makes me happy and I feel it keeps me crafting for me as I am always wanting to share things with you all and I cant share the magazine work so it kinda forces me to do something just for me (and you). Thanks for being there, reading all my ramblings. Ramblings of a mad woman sometimes!

I'm off the sweep the sandwich off the floor, the crisps out of the sofa and the sticky stuff of Caidens face :) I'm keeping myself composed on the outside and will probably fill the bath later with a few tears.

As my friend Judi says and it always makes me smile "love ya". And as Em says on Stampingbella MWAH! MWAH! ..... see I am smiling xx

Watch out.... monsters about

I made this card for my Nephew Kieran who is 9 today. I actually have no clue if this is too babyish for him, I dont know what 9 year old boys like! Anyway, its a cute scary monster from Whippersnapper. I coloured it with H20's and added the lettering with my cuttlebug font "you're not the boss of me". A very quick card, as as usual I have left it til the very last minute! I was actually making christmas cards all day Saturday (not through choice I might add, for a magazine) and yesterday I was playing about with a picture hanger made using coasters, but I cant show you right now as I need more photos to add to it and I need to send off for some.

**oopps Bad Auntie alert! He's 9 and not 8... Phew lucky for me I just checked with my mum before posting the card!! I got the 8 off and replaced with a 9. Funny, I had my doubts when making it and I actually cut a number 9 already.. PHEW!

Sunday, July 8

And the winner is..... entry no 8..

Samm! Well done Samm, your number was picked out. I know its not 10am yet but I an planning on heading out at 10 and I thought it looked like this was it for the blog candy this time so I drew it early.

Samm I have your address I am sure so I will sort this stuff out and send to you. I am waiting on one vital ingrediant for the prize, once that comes I will package up for you.

Thanks to everyone for playing and pop back again for more chances to win.

Saturday, July 7

Just a reminder re the blog candy

Its just one entry per person, Sorry Laura! I have deleted your others and just kept one. If I had said as many as you wanted that would be fine as everyone could have done lots but I think somewhere in my chatter I did mention just one per person. LOVED all your cards though :) I had to keep a Bella one (Wink)

Good Luck ladies and thanks for playing , you all have really good odds. Sorry for not posting a picture of what you can win, we have had one sunny day today, all day, NO rain, its been raining daily for a month, so we took advantage and walked to the park with the boys.

Anyway, it will be a nice surprise for ya!

Come on ladies!

Just 4 entries for my blog candy. Its simple, add a card using stamps, ribbon and prima flowers. Post a message to the thread below called something like 40 more hits.... then I choose a winner tomorrow morning!

So far I have confirmed a Bella stamp and a few other bits. Perhaps thats the lack of interest? not being able to see the stash?? OK I will get it done when I can, Caiden is at my lap crying, I think he needs a nap. I will sort it soon. Promise..... now get your cards coming in!

Friday, July 6

UK stampers looking for a bargain

I need to shift these stamps - these are stock from my old Chicken Shack days - these are SILLY prices.. http://entertainment.webshots.com/album/559772236AylMll check them out. Bank Transfer/Paypal or cheques welcome.... Please help me get these out of my house!!

Postage will be actual cost. Email me on stampingcaz@aol.com

Hey, anyone one to book a SU party?? LOL starting end of the year?! :)

Thursday, July 5


OK not only is this post number 100!

Not only has my counter hit over 10000

BUT and this is the coolest news ever!!! I have loved Stampin up! stamps for years, back in the day when it was all country and cutesy (yes I do love cute but this was tooooo cute) anyway, I have admired from afar, brought on the black market... TODAY I got confirmation from Head Office that they are COMING TO ENGLAND BY THE END OF THIS YEAR!!!! YES I AM SHOUTING AND YES I AM MEGA MEGA EXCITED!! I will be a demo, without a doubt I will be there ready and waiting for day one and I am so excited, I actually feel like I could dance around the room and sing!! LOL not a great sight, coz I'd be tripping over the toy cars and howling in pain as I tread on them!! My husband thinks I am nuts!! He is probably right, but I am a happy nuts...... how on earth will I sleep until then??

40 views to go.... 10000 hits! Blog Candy time

I have told you a few bits of blog candy and were almost there with the target of 10000 hits. I am thinking that it will be sometime today/tomorrow that we reach it. I will have a look later tonight for more stuff to add to the candy, in the meantime I want to tell you how you can win it.

You need to make/share a card using three of my favorite things : Stamps, Ribbons and Primas

I dont mind if its one you have previously made as long as it includes the three items above. You need to add a comment to this post and link either to your blog or picture gallery so we can see your creation. ONE POST EACH PLEASE.

I will close this on SUNDAY. 10am english time - I will use a random generator to pick the post. Good Luck everyone!

I will update blog later with a list of what you can win!

Heres Randis Card - she couldnt get it uploaded so I said I would do it. I have entered a message in the messages part and that is her entry.

This one is for Kathy - she didnt have a chance to upload this weekend but emailed it to me. I will post a message for her


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