Friday, November 30

Unfrogettable? Have I frogotten you?

Nope, havent forgotten you my lovlies. Just been so busy with magazine work, prepping for classes and getting the house ready for Robert our lodger, he came Thursday night, his room is still full of craft stuff but he is just happy to get his bag out of his car and be able to put his stuff out somewhere. I feel good about it. Sad of course for my loss of my special room, it took me double the time to prep and design for magazine with all the choas of the kids, tv ect working downstairs, very stressful in fact, but I feel good I have helped him out.

So why the "frog" jokes? Well I made these cuties the other day as gifts for some people so I thought I would share.

These were made using the very adorable "unfrogettable" set from Stampin' Up!. This set can be ordered from myself or your local or preferred demonstrator. I have added a strip of the most lovely "cutie Pie" paper also from Stampin' Up!

On the bags I used the Scalloped Circle punch, a non SU Circle punch and the round tab punch.

I am at Crafts U Love today demonstrating the fantastic Cuttlekids dies and cuttlebug dies. Maybe see you there?

Wednesday, November 28

Yeah at last it came!

Nothing craft related but the Nintendo Wii that I ordered in JUNE!! came yesterday. We had great fun with it. even Caiden was just running about the family room arms flying about, he wasnt having a go but copying us. We had a go at bowling and then this mad Mario one where you do all these mad things, sawing wood, swatting flies, picking noses! I am glad we ordered one, Darren wanted a Xbox 360, but I talked him into this, he has his normal xbox to play shoot them ups, this is a fun thing for all of us to do.

Mananged over the last two days to make cards for Beautiful Cards, boy it was stressful though, roll on my shed, I cant work like this.

Nothing to show you I am affraid. Maybe later today I will make something for fun?

Speak later

Monday, November 26

Hi there I am still here

MIA and what action its been. LOL I have been moving, tidying and throwing to fit my BIL into my ex craft room. Had a busy day teaching at the Glitter Pot and generally been really busy and not feeling like chatting much on here. But I am back with lots to show and tell.

Going through a mojo crisis right now. Not enough time, too much stuff and just not happening, however I did manage to make this very simple (painfully simple - told you I had mojo problems) card using my new NESTABILITIES from The Glitter Pot. WOW when I saw they had these I HAD to get them. I will slowly find them all a home :) LOL but for now I have the circle and scallops to go. I love these not only as you can cut and stack these up for fanstatic mats but you can emboss the edges too. Now the Glitter Pot didnt have the mats in, but I tried it using some funky foam, it worked BUT it also cut the foam into a circle! LOL I guess for now thats fine :) I have a a4 sheet of the stuff so it doesnt matter it cuts and Harvey will have all the circles so he wont mind.

I used one of the cute new Stampendous Stamp for this one too and some paper from Karen Foster.

Also to show you, been in rubber heaven recently. The fantastic Bellas and Nellies are from you can read more about the Nellies at

I got the georgous Magnolias from who had their long awaited Magnolis delivery in last week :)

Stampin' Up! has been well received. I have three parties booked and lots of interest in my Stampers Ten club. Your way to slowly build up your Stampin' Up! supplies without breaking the bank so email me if you want more info :)

Saturday, November 24

Just a quicky for sale

I have these Hero sets for sale - most hardly used

£5 each set - postage extra at cost plus 30p for packing



Thursday, November 22

Me again....

Sorry been quieter than usual. Been really busy and feeling it too. Harassed I think the word is. I am prepping for my classes Saturday, well would be if the card had turned up, now I got to go out and buy some. Also trying to type letters and forms for SU and arrange things with that. Clear out the craft room to make it a bedroom for Robert. Oh and the usually keeping to boys amused and I popped upstairs earlier, this is what I have to contend with when I come down! YES He is sitting on my desk! He doesnt stop climbing!! ARGH!

On a Stampin' Up! note I will be placing an order next week, if anyone wants anything just shout. Also taking names for Stampers Ten still so let me know if you want more info on that.

Wednesday, November 21

My kit came!

Yeah! my kit came today and wow there is a LOT of stuff! I got 4 wonderful stamp sets (see picture) I actually changed all but one to my own choices. I changed my ink pad choices to ones I thought I would use more. I actually like bold brights so I kept the card in that range and went for Pink Passion, Tempting Turquoise, Green Galore and Chocolate Chip, yummy, they all go well together in a bright a funky way!

One of the sets I chose isnt "me" I am hoping it will appeal to others. I have made a quick card with it, not really happy. Not sure if its just coz the set isnt my style or if its really just a pants card?! Thing is you got to appeal to everyones tastes. And I thought I would get a "grown up" set a you all know how cutesy I get :)

I think also not having some accents like buttons, brads ect from Stampin' Up! means I cant add these things.

Happy Spring

Yes you did read that right! LOL I made a cute springy card with my Stampendous stamps. First time I have distressed and pierced the card but I think it looks good. The Happy Spring and bug are two different stamps but I thought they went well together. Paper is doodlebug

All items from The Glitter Pot. They will be ordering these stamps soon so why not give them a ring to reserve yours.

I am hoping my Stampin' Up! kit comes today.... watch this space :)

Tuesday, November 20

I failed the challenge

I said I would make a Stampin' Up! card and sorry Mr Stampin' Up Support man if you are looking!! I didnt get one made. I got a package today from the postman that I had to sort out first.

So here is the card I made and a picture of the stamps I got too. These are by Stampendous and will be available shortly at The Glitter Pot, amongst other places too. Give them a call to add your interest to these fab new releases to the stampendous range. Still feel a little stuck in a mojo free rut. Reason I didnt use SU is that its all upstairs and its gutting to go up and see my wrecked room, I'll get over it soon... Better had, I have two classes to prep for this week :0)

I will make a card today

I have been feeling a bit weird what with my room and havent made a card for a few days. I will make one today to get back into the swing. In fact I am challenging myself to get out a Stampin' up! set and make a card with that.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Well its sort of a bittersweet lining. My parents are selling their house. Mum said when they sell it they will give me the money for a shed. Of course I would rather live with all my stuff around my house forever than them move. But they have been given and accepted an offer on their house and are looking for a bungalow this weekend in Norfolk, about 3+ hours away :( currently they are 10 minutes down the road.

Any one interested in buying a few Stampin' Up! supplies every month? Email me for more information on the STAMPERS TEN club. Club will start in January 2008 and run for ten months.

Monday, November 19

I knew the day would come... not so soon though :(

I have lost my craft room. After getting it almost there I have to give it up :( very sad but such is life. Darrens brother is coming to live with us for 6 months to a year to longer. He is finding it really hard to rent on his own. He is wanting to take time out from all that to save for a deposit. Of course we had to help him. He is family and currently homeless just staying with friends. We couldnt have that. It will help us out with bills too as he can pay us something. Its win win there for both of us. But for me and my crafting it means its all in total disarray. I will have a fair chunk of my craft room down in our family room. There will be a couple of large bookcases that will have to stay in "his" room and the stamps will be in our bedroom. This will hopefully give the quest for a shed more speed, although I have to find the money for that so its easier said than done.

Boo Hoo!! Off to offload more stuff.

Sunday, November 18

Taking booking for Stampin Up! parties

If you live in the Surrey/Sussex area, contact me if you are interested in hosting a Stampin up! party. These can be hosted in your home or in a hall or setting of your choice. I will come along instroduce you and you friends to the catalogue and products, demo and we can have a whole lot of fun. All your friends can get a hands on chance to try the wonderful products that Stampin up! have to bring and take home their project. Parties will last approx 1 1/2 - 2 hours

Your chance to earn hostess sets and instant credit to buy things from the catalogue. You will receive a free catalogue for booking and hosting the party, a fun and complete hostess package to guide to you sucessful hostessing. There will be a chance for your guests to win a door prize and a fun game to get things started.

If this sounds like fun then contact me now to make your party booking!


Cute and Cuddly

I had my cute and cuddly classes at Eternal Maker in Chichester yesterday. I was a little worried about the drive there a I havent driven that far before but I did really well, getting there in 1 1/2 and not the antisipated 2 hours. The journey back wasnt as good, well not bad, but it was dark, I was tired, I went a different way home and kept thinking I was lost and the catseyes in the roads were dazzling me and flashing all over really doing me head in!

The classes went well, 6 in the morning, 5 in the afternoon. Everyone did really well and made some lovely cards. I decided on 1 simple stamped card and one with a bit more involved, so we did a basic card, a joy fold and a criss cross. You can see the cards above.
I made them all using the adorable stamps from Stampendous, papers were from Blonde Moments and Basic Grey, ribbon from woodware and lots of glitter glue.

Saturday, November 17

Wont be around today

Got my classes in Chichester which is 2 hours away! It will be fun and I will take photos later.

I have my demo number, dont call me Caz, call my agent 5000046 :)

Speak later

Thursday, November 15

Today is the day!

I will be signed up as a Stampin Up! demonstrator today :) Whoo Hoo!!!!

Caiden decided to not sleep, I have been up since 4;30am... great I thought, time to check out the Stampin Up! catalogue but alas, its not working. Caiden of course fast asleep on sofa now, typical eh? I am going to feel rough all down now due to lack of sleep. I have prep to do later if I can muster the energy.

But I will be positive, today is the start of the next chapter, I am very excited!!

Living in Surrey/Sussex? Want a Stampin Up! Party? Email me :) Free catalogue for booking a party and you can earn free stamps and spending money too.

Wednesday, November 14

A new look blog

Just been playing about with the colours heading on my blog. I did love my last scheme but decided a cold wintery one was in order. I like change. Ask Darren, he never knows where the furnitures going to be when he comes home!

Every bunny loves some bunny

and I love Snowbunnybella :) Here she is, I had to get her but then it took me a week to ink her up. I have just been so into my magnolias this past week or two. Doesnt mean I love her any less. Oh BTW Em has posted a new Bella today so go on over to her site to see it. Its a lovely stamp but released with a sad story, check her blog out.

My card, well I used Basic Grey paper, lots of glitter glue, a fab sentiment (Sorry cant remember who by) snowflake punchies (from Glitter Pot), bella (Creative Living) Cuttlebug folder (Glitter Pot or Crafts U Love), some lovely ribbon and pencils.

Hope you like?



Crafts U Love have their cuttlekids dies in stock now! Check them out, there are alphabets for £12.99!! and so cute dies which you can use on your cuttlebug.... see you there!

Tuesday, November 13


Snore... sorry to bore again, LOL here are MORE magnolia cards :) All the main images are Magnolias, the Hello Good Friend was a wonderful RAK stamp frm a lady off the cricut forum :) It arrived today :)
All the papers were purchased and printed from (Think thats correct if not google sweet shope) and you'll find it.
Hope you likey?
On SU front, I spoke to Paula today, she has my form. Apparently all forms are being sent to Germany via fax for input on Thursday :) YIPEEEE
Not much else to say, I am dog tired (oh I love that film.... The Green Mile)

Monday, November 12

Hmmm whats this then?

Do you do that? Stand there with post in hand looking at the writing, looking at postmark and trying to work out what is inside? I always do it when something that I am not expecting turns up. Dont know why, why dont I just open it... LOL Nope, gotta have a little squeeze and a nose before.

So do you want to know what I am talking about? Little pack from Sweden with some images and a beautiful card from a lady called Erika. I am sorting out an exchange with Erika :) Thanks Erike the images are perfect and your card stunning!!

I just whizzed upstairs to make 2 quick cards, both Magnolias, havent taken the ohoto yet. Will do later. Oh BTW I think customs wanted some Magnolia images as they opened the packet and put a little note in saying they opened it to check for illegal items that can be sent letter post !! LOL

Looking forward to I'm a celebrity starting tonight, yes I am a sad case!! LOL

Busy day yesterday

I was busy but not stamping. Next best thing, eating at TGI's for lunch and organising craft room :) I got two bookcases off freecycle and filled them up yesterday. I also added the lettering to my two baskets for my Magnolias and Clear sets. As much as I love looking at boxes and boxes of primas I unloaded some (not the glass jar ones) but a my plastic pillow box ones into the Stampendous clear pails and hung them off my shelf, which you cant see but its just above the bookcases. They look cute hanging off the shelf and have cleared my shelf a little ;)

I have asked hubby for my room to be painted for a present some time, I did say mothers day, but valentines is closer so I think I will get it done for that. Its currently decorated as a kids bedroom but I would like it white to make it look nicer.

Upon organising some bits I decided I wanted to clear somethings and one of which are my stamp drawers. These are solid, quiet heavy and definately collection only. I was thinking £25 which was half what I paid. These are plain wood, they were brought plain and you are supposed to paint or decorate. They hold stamps beautifully, I kept some of my wording stamps in them. You can fit stamps 2 high in them. They are in good condition, a few cup rings on the top but if you manage to finish them off (Like I didnt) this wouldnt be seen.

email me if you are interested in these :)

If you love the Stampendous Bees & Monkeys

I know I have a few USA readers that might be interested in this deal. Us UK'ers will have to wait a little longer but I am sure it will be worth the wait. I just had to share as I was soooo excited by these cute designs.

RUN RUN!! Offer ends today!!

Stampendous Coterie Do you love the Stampendous Bee Happy and Changito stamps? If you do, you may want to hurry over to Eclectic Paperie and get your order in quick for this awesome deal!! ***Ends November 12, 2007 (11:59 PST)***
The Details Purchase all six(6) new stamps for $43.94(plus shipping). Bee Happy: Three(3) new bee stamps Changito: Three (3) new monkey stamps Packaged in this re-usable acrylic pail
Additional FUN Details: EP has reached the goal of 50 bundles, so everyone who purchased/purchases the Stampendous Bundle will receive a free co-ordinating word stamp, 'Secret Admirer' ($5.19 value), absolutely free! If EP reaches 100 bundles sold, everyone will get the 'Crazy About You' stamp in addition ($5.79 value). Let's spread the news, so we can reach that goal!! Another free stamp sounds great to me. ;)

Sunday, November 11

Oh and I made this.....

ANOTHER Magnolia card... I assume from the silence last time I said I hope your not bored of them it means yes!! LOL But sorry, I'm not! Se here is another one.. and another of my fav one the girlie in the wind, I wonder if she has long johns on today?

Magnolia stamp, Stampin up! swirls, Prima flowers, Doodlebug paper, ribbon from Little Silver Hat November kit, Lace from Kim

brrr bit chilly

Bit chilly today, wind is whistling the wind around up ya trouser legs, think if I had any long johns I would be wearing them! Not that I do own any! and not that I am going to go out much today. I need to pop into the garden to clean the "wonderpets" out. One lady made me laugh when chatting about the gineau pigs somewhere online, she said her husband called them "poop machines" LOL This is sooooo true! Mind you Ming Ming has started a one rabbit crusade to keep up the poop with the two pigs.

So yesterday I was at Creative Living playing with the wonderful Cricut and Expressions machine. I made a few little things with it. It was nice to get to know the bugs again as I dont get as much time as I want using these fab machines.
I made this pritty (but un finished) Hydrangea from Walk in my garden cartridge, this cut is what WOWed me into buying this cartridge. The butterfly is from the cartridge too.

This cute little pup is from my favourite cartridge of them all, Paper Pups, roll on the day Provocraft WAKE UP and bring us the cardboard cats we have been long shouting for. Too cute.

This card, yes it is a card and opens up. Was made using the Mirror feature on the Tag, Bags and boxes cartridge. It was cut at 5.5 inches and would fit in a 6 x 6 envelope. The writing is from Alphalicious, I forgot how much I loved that font...

Two scrummy packs of hydrangeas... how did that happen?? they followed me home!!

All materials used for todays projects are from their shopping website isnt up right now so give them a ring. And tell them Caz sent ya!

Friday, November 9

Friday's Ramblings

Hi there. Well today is the day that you can send your SU UK form off to sign up to be a demonstrator. I am holding on until a little later today so I can see if the catalogue comes online. If it doesnt I will order the starter kit as it is with a few changes to the inks to colours I like more than the suggested ones.

Caiden is sleeping today, we have friends coming round after school so I have been busy tidying. I really wanted to make a card but I have two from yesterday to share so I will share those and if I still have a moment maybe just colour something in.

This is one of my new Magnolia stamps. I love her.... this could be her in my garden today, the windy is whistling about and leaves flying everywhere. I think she looks nicer in real life than the photo and I was really pleased with my colouring on this one. I think she is out trying to collect berries and nuts to take home and make a tasty snack.

Magnolia stamp, Prima leaves, Magenta Paper, Watercolour pencils, linen card from Crafts Central pick and mix, Glitter Glue, ribbon from my ribbon angel Candice in USA!

Here she is again, in all her autumnal glory. These lovely primas were from Creative Living, they have a great assortment of prima flowers in, I am there demoing tomorrow and feel another pack coming home with me :) The zoomz are the Onyx ones from stamp Galaxy. The ribbon is from woodware I had distressed it with a brown ink pad, the paper is a piece I have had for a while so I cant remember where I got it. I coloured her in a soft yellow and added glitter glue.

I have had a few "homer moments" this week. By that I mean a few sneaky little purchases that I made this week that made me make that noise homer makes when he thinks about donuts and pork chops! LOL We are big simpsons fans here in our house. I am hoping Darren hasnt been bothered to read this far down so here is what I got.... 2 magnolias (one of which shown here), Ribbon kit from little silver hat (YUMM), 1 pack of beautiful primas, 1 bella, 1 non bella stamping bella stamp (LOL) So in my best homer voice "hmmm ribbon, primas, bellas, magnolia... arghhhhhhhh"

Thursday, November 8

Caiden knows...

I really really really wanted to make a card today so he hasnt napped :(

Just heard from Mum that Dads heart has gone out of rythme again :(

I just realised tomorrow is the date we (SU UK demos) can send off our application forms!! :) but I dont know what to do as I wanted to change some bits off the kit, but I want to sign up yesterday! LOL

So a bit of good and bad from me....

Wednesday, November 7

New venue for me

I have just been to talk to Crafts Central in the garden Centre in Godstone and I am pleased to announce that I will be demoing/teaching there very soon. In fact SUNDAY 2nd DECEMBER I will be there from 11am - 3pm demonstrating the VERY FAB bind it all - showing you how to make cute boxes from coasters, fun little books and more. If you are looking for something for your Christmas list come down and have a look :) These are great. Please show your support in my new venue, demonstrations are free to watch. Also another date for Decemeber is SUNDAY 16th DECEMBER 11-3 and then I will be playing with the cricut machine and playing with eyelets and brads too.

See you there!

Tuesday, November 6

WHoo Hoo!! Booked a party

I have booked my first Stampin up! party! I am both excited and scared at the same time. I mean I have NEVER of course, been to a SU party, so how on earth do they work? I can stamp, I can demo, but how does it all work?!

That said I am simply SOOOO excited about it! I cant wait to get the catalogues, to get all the information packs sorted ect. Going to be so much fun!

EDITED TO ADD ; ARE YOU signing up to be a demo? I have just opened up a demo blog for us all to chat about things. If you want to join email me and I will invite you. This is in addition to my own demo group for my Days[ies] downline group and not instead of. Don't worry Days[ies] I wont leave you hanging!


Sometimes things work, sometimes they dont and this didnt!! I found this sparkly stuff on my desk, I couldnt remember buying it but its from a local store so I must have!! LOL Anyway, I used some on Hannas skirt thinking it might look funky... Hmmm definately NOT funky, mucky, yucky yes, funky no.... Oh well., the perils of naptime stamping, you have to chuck it all together quickly whilst the little people sleep. I like some of the card, just not her BLUR skirt!

Oh well, I share all here, warts and all... We all have off cards I hope! ;0) I certainly do.

Monday, November 5

My Super card

I was looking at my new Hanna earlier thinking what could I do what had not been done, as I am overseas it takes longer for these to reach me, therefore almost everything that can be done with these beautiful stamps has (in the conventional way)... anyway, I was looking at her, in her stretched out pose and it hit me... this is my Super card!

Materials Used : Hanna Stamp, Cuttlebug embossing folder, red card, spotty paper, computer generated phrase, star from Prima bottle, watercolour pencils and glitter glue.

Rabbit Help!!

MingMing doesnt appear to be pregnant, however she is eating the hutch, literally eating the wood away, I am worried soon the mesh will be loose and she will be eaten by the foxes that roam here. Any suggestions??


Used to be

That to get 13 stamps pushed through your letterbox would sound like a brick landing on your doormat, now days its a light as a feather and thin as a pancake. How times have changed. I still love my wood mounted stamps, but I like the others too! LOL for me a stamp is a stamp ;o) I know a lot of people have vowed not to buy wood anymore, going for the clear or unmounted stamps. for me if I love the images I will buy them, simple as. Here are my newest arrivals, bad photo, but I am sure you can recognise them and I have had a FABO idea with her!

Another Magnolia I am afraid!

I do hope you are not bored of them, but this little guy needed inking up, he was getting a complex ass (whoops) I have had him some weeks and not used him. **** apologies for people on subscription as I typed Ass!! LOL gave me a giggle though!!**

At my demo at CUL there was this rather fun looking card, I have seen these before and perhaps someone can tell me the official name for this card? I have been calling it a "oingy boingy card" LOL So I measured it, and folded it and here it is.

Magnolia stamp, Dovecraft Paper, Prima Flowers, Zoomz from Stamp Galaxy, Cinnamon star and heart, pencils, glitter glue and a whole lotta fun!

Sunday, November 4

Honest Guv, I am a happy bee!

I played just now (I mean tested cough cough) Harveys pressie of his cuttlekids dies. I have got him the machine, but I used the dies with my cuttlebug, they worked like a charm! I am determined to give it to him for Christmas but I am terrible at keeping secrets and surprises and am dying to give it to him now :)

So I made this little bee, he was a cheerful little bug UNTIL I put eyebrows on him, and now he looks all mean... LOL How could he not bee happy sat on this scrummy paper, brown lace (thanks Kim Hmmmmmm drool) and beautiful flower.

I also made a little pig but I didnt make a card with it yet.... watch this space for my cute little piggy. *** edited - made one :0)

I got the cuttlekids and dies from they have some stock but more coming in a week or two so keep checking their website, the alphabets are fab for these are so affordable!! They may have been made with kids in mind but I love them :)

Edited to say available from Crafts U Love!!! Not Craftwork cards!!

Stampin up! stamp camp

I am trying to work out when to hold my first Stampin Up! Stamp Camp.... would anyone be interested in attending one BEFORE christmas? or hosting a party before Christmas? If it not will be end of January, which seems FOREVER away!! LOL

You will get a free catalogue for hosting a party in your home. If this is of interest to you let me know on I am looking at taking party dates from middle of November onwards. I am booked for classes ect on most Saturdays but other times will be available. Evenings are usual for these types of parties. Remember you earn comission on your sales from your party with free stamps and money to spend when your party orders total just £150 +, we all know how easy it is to spend this much!! ;0)
Be one of the first to book a party and earn the benefits!


Had a nice day yesterday at Crafts U Loves sale. Was a bit quieter than we all wanted but we still had fun. I was colouring the Paper Nation stamps, they have a fantastic range of these in stock so check them out They have great christmas and everyday ones in their range. I forgot my camera so I couldnt take any picures :( I got "Harvey" a christmas pressie, the new CUTTLEKIDS and two dies.... now I said to Darren its kinda for Harvey, but he has to share with Mummy. These are a fantastic price, £24.99 from Crafts U Love and your child can have their very own die cutter. Crafts U love are getting more dies in, they have a selection right now, but there are lots more fab ones to come! I got a piggy and bee die. I might open these and check they work.. (cough cough) cuttlekids dies will work in the cuttlebug, but not vice versa.

A nice evening at home with a zillion fireworks going off. Next doors boy was 14 and having a little party, we brought some fireworks too, I cooked some sausages and jacket potatos and we all congregated outside the front of the houses and had the fireworks on the green. Harvey LOVED it, Caiden wasnt so sure, he felt safer watching them from inside.

I hope to come back later with a card or two. I had a headache all day yesterday and have woken up with it still so it makes it hard to concentrate on things.

Speak later, Cazx

Friday, November 2

Mixed up magnolia

I have had fun making this "junky" card using bits and pieces from the beautiful prima bottle that Kym kindly brought me :) I think I need to find another one of these as its now getting painful to use more with the bits disappearing from the bottle LOL I dont mind using these flowers and things all the while I have a few left, but when its looking like I have used more than I have coveted I get the craft stash jitters. I am sure I am not the only one that feels like this :)

So here is what I used :

Magnolia rubber stamp, champange encore ink, green card (craftwork cards), cricut to cut the frame, cuttlebug folder, leaves, flower and star from bottle of primas (craftwork cards) the cinnemon (spl) heart was something I got many moons ago from the craft barn - RIP, snowflake stamp is from Hero Arts and lastly the ribbon is woodware.

Thursday, November 1

Thursdays ramblings

I have a card to share, inspired by Kims wonderful RAK, but it hasnt come through yet on my email. I shouldnt have emailed it through my phone but the batteries from the camera are missing so I have done it for today (this isnt in my free minutes and texts) LOL. When it comes I will add it to my message here.

I cut the frame with my cricut expression and the accent essentials cartridge, this is almost exactly the same size as the diecut one from Craftwork cards. I do love the chipboard look and you could get the same effect from either multiple cuts of card or the expression does take thin chipboard. The main image is Magnolia, the wording is Elzybells, the papers are doodlebug and the frame has been embossed with the cuttlebug devine swirls folder.

I was invited to a meal tonight, little sad that I wont be going but there are various personal reasons why I have decided not to go. I hope all the ladies going have a wonderful time!! and I hope to see you soon.

Not much else to say really, Harvey thought he was in heaven with people opening their doors with bowls of sweets. I must say the few over here that "do" halloween get a fab selection of sweeties. We went to neighbours and then a few a little further out that were displaying pumpkins. We even had a few people standing at their doors asking us if we were coming to them! LOL we werent going to, but if they were offering :)

Caiden is much better today and even slept quiet well, meaning I got a few hours as well. Lovely sunny day here, we will be going to Redhill after school to get some nibbles for going to lunch round Harveys friends tomorrow. So that will be fun having a natter and a laugh.

If you are at a loose end this weekend Crafts U Love are hosting a special event at a local chuch hall in Horley. Check out for more info. I will be there playing with the fab Paper Nation stamps so lots of colouring for me :)

Catch ya later, mash potata! (Hmmm am I spending too much time with a certain 4 year old?)


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