Monday, June 30

Are you busy this Saturday?

I am teaching two classes at the Glitter Pot and I would love you to come along. Penny Black have brought out an ADORABLE set called 12 days of Christmas... now the wording may be Christmassy but the images are perfect for any occasion... very very cute images.. ever seen a dog drumming? or a partridge sitting in nest cross stitching WEARING ROLLERS? a ballerina hedgehog and a French hen complete with baguette, glass of wine and a beret! I will be designing a few quick and easy mini cards and designing a wallet for them to go into too. It will be a fun class!

Thats for the morning and then if you have been admiring my latest Magnolia cards then you will get the chance to make up a card or two using these wonderful designs. Magnolia have designed stamps of main images and accessories to work together. You all know how much I love these stamps and I want to spend the afternoon with you stamping these beauties!

Magnolias + papers + flowers + Colouring = beautiful cards!

See you there!

OMG guess what just came?

Magnoia summer kit!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can only think that Magnolia telling me I made the design team would make me happier BUT THAT AINT GONNA HAPPEN :(((( Not for want of trying! LOL

I will try and stamp up and scan for ya!


Here kitty kitty

awww gotta love those Penny Blacks! dug this one out for a friend who wanted a few images so thougth I would make a card too.
I am not 100% sure but I think this cutie is an older one, not for sale any longer. I'll check that out for you and post in this message once I do.

Sunday, June 29

Help me find

A Happy Hopper stamp.. in the UK. its the rabbits in bee costumes. Please help

Saturday, June 28

Shrink Fun

There are a few things that I dont do often enough and when I do do it I always say I must do it more. Shrink Plastic is one of those things. The Magnolia stamps are ADORABLE shrunk!!

Here are a few cards I made today

SO whilst I made a few cards I also ended up with quiet a few shrunk Magnolias so I made this card... Too cute eh?
I thought the flower and button looked like a lovely yellow sun. And can you see the little tilda in the tree>
All materials are

Friday, June 27

Darren always breathes a sign of relief when I say

know those new stamps... well I dont really want many of them. WHOO HOO! he says... inside his head no doubt.. Yes dear he says outwardly LOL I am always talking stamping with him, I think he is glad I have the blog as at least I cant share with people who love stamps as much as me... anyway as I was saying there are some stamps that arent me, much like there are probably a lot of stamps I use you wouldnt. So when I saw the new Elizabeth Bell and Sarah Kay there were only 3 or 4 saying buy me. I am not saying this to be disrespectful ot mean, just simply stating a fact that MOST of them didnt appeal... just as well when it seems the entire Nellie and luca, Rachelle, Maggies, Magnolias and more. I ADORE the work I am seeing with these new stamps and I admire the artists work but I dont want to buy them and make cards. SO last night I inked up one of the two Elizabeth Bells stamps that did appeal to me BIG TIME... I think she is called Sweet and Sassy and for me the appeal in her was her country charm along with a mangaish touch.

On with the card details I coloured her in last night, I had a thumping head all day yesterday and couldnt finish the card so I threw this together literally in 5 minutes just now and think its turned out cute, I nearly threw the image away as I didnt like my colouring last night. Cuttlebug fantasy flowers were used, basic grey papers, craftwork card words, eternal maker button, scalloped card was brought like this and I think it was Glitter Pot.

I missed out on the one Sarah Kay I wanted as they have sold out at the Glitter Pot but I will get it one day.
Harvey has an assembly today. Its a grandparents one. Mum is going, I hope she enjoys it although she will feel sad too. Harvey was crying last night about it, we both had a cuddle and a cry, when I went up later he was in bed sleeping with Grandads tropies that he is looking after for nanny... aww bless him. His memories will be short but he has good memories of the fun he had with Grandad, I tell him he has to tell Caiden was a great Grandad he was and he promises he will.
I have a class and demo at Crafts U Love tomorrow. Come along and look at how ADORABLE these Magnolias shrink up! I will share the cards after tomorrow.

Grab yourself a bargain

Ebay listing above. All those word stamps from a while back.

I also have for sale the LITTLE COTTON RABBIT STAMP SET - dont think I used it but I have mounted it onto ez mount - you can see it at Its £21.50 full price thats the unmounted price. I woyld like £18 which includes postage and it has been mounted too!

Lucky dip bags - Brand New rubber stamps £10 includes postage - will include 2 woodmounted rubber stamps (likely from Stampendous/Elzybells) and some other bits like beads ect - worth more than the £10 thats for sure!!

Thursday, June 26

You may have noticed

Spiral Whisper... logo over here ------------->

I was so pleased when Kitty asked if I wanted to join her in the Design Team for this new company. There are some ADORABLE stamps coming.... beans on toast for the rest of the year I think!

So here are two of the new pairs of charachters we will soon be getting to know and love... Max and Milly and Harry and Martha... unfortunately for me I love both of these sneak peeks and I am sure I will want them all! There are more designs on their blog so check that out too...

Just sharing the news LOL thats what I do ;0) Cant keep all these lovies to myself can I? ALthough I am sure your other halfs wished that I would.

Aww totally off topic Caiden just hurt his nose so I said to him "Mummy kiss it" so he came over and kissed my nose! Awwww its adorable when they get all mixed up like that!! I said "its it better" and he said yes... awwwwwwwwwwwwww

What you doing Saturday?

Nothing much?..... why not come down to Crafts U Love and take my 1 hour magnolia class? there we will make a cute card using some of the Shabby Chic stamps, some beautiful papers and watercolour pencils. After the class I will be demoing with the stamps and making shrink decorations with shrink plastic, will be a nice day so do come along.

Mum and I went to BINGO last night and it was fun! Even better was Mum got a full house and won £50 and even better that we decided on a 50/50 thign for the winnings! After nearly going into shock at the speed of those quick games they play with teh boards with the flip doors and panicing we couldnt keep up with bingo the bingo started and it was fine. Mum whispered she needed one number and the HOUSE!! LOL We were giggling... you could tell we were newbies all the rest were very serious ;0) We are going to make it a monthly thing.

I have been prepping for my class this weekend so no cards to share right now.... I will hopefully get to making something for fun soon.

Tuesday, June 24

Swap SHop?

Remember swap shop? I always wanted to take part. Basically people offered their old Barbie doll for a etcha sketch or whatever they were after.. so I am going to start this thread as a SWAP SHOP thread....

I have and would like to swap 24 PRISMACOLOR PENCILS

What do you have?? Make me an offer...

We each pay our own postage. I will keep this one going until tomorrow morning.

Dont be shy... i dont want much, do you have any of those bella dots? or pritty flowers???


Paddling fun

Here is Josie and she loves to paddle, her mummy has told her not to get her dress wet so she has pulled it up and so far is doign well. All will not be well if that Harvey does decide to hop off the fence as he is a devil in water and cant do anything but splash! For now she is safe!

The stamps are The Glitter Pot, I have embossed the COREDINATION cardstock also from the Glitter Pot with one of the new embossing folder borders from cuttlebug, hey guess where I got that? Yep, Glitter Pot, I then sanded the top to show the inner core colour, the buttons are Eternal Maker and the flowers were from the States. I stamped the basecard with one of my new Hero backgrounds that I showed you the other day.

I cant wait to make another card... Crafts U Love have some of the lovely Magnolia flowers in stock, these are fab for makign up these scenes so I will use those next along with another adorable stamp or two... Oh the decisions.

Monday, June 23

Rowing Edwin

Edwin has his oar ready and was about to go done to the jetty when he noticed the village fete was on so he stayed there oar in hand to pose for some photos, after all he is the rowing champion of Magnolia village.

All stamps from The Glitter Pot. I adore the bunting, I can see this stamp getting a lot of use.

The papers are Stampin' up! The words are or The Glitter Pot. Button Eternal Maker.
I have my lovely prismacolor pencils but I still grab my watercolours all the time, guess some habits are easy to stick with.

Summer Dreaming

I adore this cute little Edwin stamp, its a new angle for the Tilda and Edwin stamps but its cute! There is a Tilda and Edwin in this pose, looking out to the distance, what for? Well thats for you to decide in how you make your card. For mine Edwin (or I have re named this one Harvey) is sitting out thinking if he dare go and paddle down by the lake, his mummy has told him not to come home muddy and wet! For now his is gazing at the kite that his Daddy and little brother are playing with.

Edwin and summer background are from The Glitter Pot as is teh Craftwork cards circle. The Flowers were also from The Glitter Pot although they dont at present have this one in stock but have other yumshous (New word?) colours in stock I love the Strawberry and the blue ranges... Hmmmm Flowers (said in my best homer "donut" voice) The Kite was from Sirstampalot. The buttons...... Oh the buttons! The delish buttons are from Eternal Maker.. This is just a smattering of mine! I am addicted to these little beautys and in fear of running out I have a large stock!! LOL I even asked for them to dye me some orange and red ones and they did! All the buttons in the photo are from them, give them a call if you dont see them on their website.

Better show you the card then eh? Ta Da!

Sunday, June 22

Mixed Chatter

Lenny Lizard

I just downloaded a few photos off my camera I wanted to share with you, some are cards I made yesterday, one is my car that we got a few weeks ago and the other Hmm cant remember, only just did it!! LOL thats my memory for ya!

awww yeah now I remember this is one of the cute lizards we get in our garden. I love them. so cute their little cold feet! Not sure what type they are, were not known for our lizards in the UK!
Ohh there is my bright red car. Its a very sensible Zafira, it drives beautifully. I was a little worried goign from a peagoet 306 to one bigger but everything about is is so nice to drive. When I got back into my old car the other week I thought something was wrong with it, the clutch pedal was so stiff, as was the steering! Nope I had just got used to the red car. so now whoever needs the red car for the kids has it and the other person has the other car. Darren sold his old one for £100, better than we thought! I have plenty of room for crafting stash!! LOL
The next three pictures are of the spinner cards I made yesterday at Eternal Maker. All stamps are Stampendous.
We are going to Bexhill today, its been a manic weekend, yesterdat I was at Chichester I left before 8am and came back about 6.45pm chinese takeaway in hand! there was no way I was cooking last night.
I soooo want to play with my summer and sea stamps and not be out all day! OMG I love this collection! seems you do too... Byran tells me people were ordering BEFORE they uploaded the photos of the stamps... LOL was that you? come on own up! I know one of you left comment thanking me for the scoup!! LOL Its my pleasure to share the stash news with you all, just make sure I get mine first!! Hee Hee Hmm Talking glitter Pot they have a few of the Quick Pick Hydrangeas in stock, a lovely one called stawberry that has the most scrummiest Red, pink yellow and green and a bright blue one that I couldnt resist either. When I win the millions I am going to get a bath of primas, a bath of zoomz and a bath of daisy buttons!! LOL

Saturday, June 21

Random has chosen

Numbers are 5,8, 20, 22, 27, 28, 30, 45, 58, 61

That means Bunnyb, Lazykay, Kate, Jill, Yvonne, Kitty, Jilly, Annelies, Nicnacske and Pink Sunflower were the lucky winners!! Please email me
Name, Address and special requests to
They all win 10 stamped images in their choicc of stamp design, 10 daisy buttons, 10 zoomz, some ribbon, some punchies and who knows if I can find more!

I am leaving the other unsung crafting tiems drawer open for just a little longer.

Thanks for playing along!


Thursday, June 19

OOOhhh look what came today

A friend in the States got these for me. Lovely eh? These new Hero Design Blocks are delish! And a surprise to handle as they are so light.
I got mine from the USA but I am sure there are UK sellers about for the Hero ones.. try your local stockist. For the cute fairies from the Bella range try and email them to see if they ahve them.

I love the silhouette flowers and when I saw it I had cards like this in mind. I love the bold black flowers teamed up with the coloured design. I could have added so much more but I liked the simplicity of it so I left it. Maybe the next one I will jazz up a little.
On yesterdays teaser re Magnolia I can confirm the Lilac Collection and Summer and Sea collections are at The Glitter Pot there are adorable Tilda and Edwins in Sailors outfits, a lovely one of tilda paddling in the sea and two new ones of Tilda and Edwin sitting with their backs facing us so you can see their cute as can be toes and wings! Thats just a few of my favourites I have mentioned... I like far too many fo them!! LOL
There is also a cute set from Penny Black called the 12 days of Christmas, although the name inplies Christmas the images or what I have seen of them dont so you can team up with christmas words and embellishments or not its up to you.
Chat later I am off for a drive somewhere... guess where?

Magnolia fans

Might want to stalk The Glitter Pots website tonight/tomorrow!

"oh I do like to be beside the seaside, Oh I do like to be beside the sea"

Cant imagine why I started singing that?!


Hanglar buggie person

This is too cute. I love this design. They stamp beautifully. Simple card.

Ohh and I used one of my new buttons. I was speaking to Eternal Maker about the buttons and said "Oh you need orange" So they told me they dyed them and if I wanted orange I could have. So I got orange and red dyed up for me ;0) I am goin to chuck some buttons in these candy packages as well.

Catch ya later!

Oh BTW Dies to Die for have got a new delivery of Bellas, give them an email and they will tell you what they have. I know they have some from the other ranges too.


Tuesday, June 17

Unsung crafting hero's

It occured to me that we are always raving about the next best thing, the WOW item, newest stamps ect ect and we have some of these unsung hero's that we use all the time and never take the time to "big em' up" so I was thinking this today of my BLACK ONYX VERSAFINE (YEAH I mean you baby) I was stamping some images out for a few friends that had asked for some and I thoguht to myself "I flippin love you ink pad" Why? coz your black and hold your blackness, coz your crisp images you produce, coz you hardly ever let me down, coz you wipe off my stamps and hands with ease, coz I can still watercolour when using you... I love ya! --- OK now I can hear hoards of you leaving muttering she has finally flipped!! LOL Those that stay and tell me about YOUR unsung hero will go in a drawer for some of these "Ohsosexyblackversafineisthebest stamped images"

Catch ya later!!

Monday, June 16

Candy Images

I have deciced to give away some blog candy images and as I am very late in the 100000 hits I have decided to give away 100 images but not to one person, I will send a little pack of 10 images and other bits to 10 winners. I will be chucking a few zoomz, buttons, punchies and ribbon too.

You can choose the range you want images from (If you know I have the stamp you can request certain ones and if I can help I will)

Bella 10
Magnolia 10
Hanglar 10
Sugar Nellie 10
Penny Black 10
or a mix 10

To enter please post a link to my blog candy giveway on your blog or forums you visit ;0)

I will close this on Saturday and use a random generator to pick a winner so please just post once to the message.

Can I whine a little?

What now I hear you say... well I have missing stamps and it upsets me when that happens. There are at least three I am missing. Two of my uninked Riley stamps from Hannah Stamps and one of my favourite Magnolia Edwins, Edwin with broom. I KNOW I have these stamps but I cant find them. Edwin should have been hanging on my spinner with all the rest of the Magnolias but he isnt and I have been tearing my hair out since knowing he is missing. The Rileys, well one of them is a HUGE stamp, OK not HUGE but maybe LARGE its the Riley in plane.. where can he be? BOO HOO!! I have looked and looked and looked.

6:30am, Harvey got up and into our bed at not a lot past 5am, so I got up as I couldnt get comfy hanging half off the bed. Of course they are all fast asleep now.

here are my new Hanglar Stamps.. Cute eh?

If you have been sitting on the fence about joining SU as a demonstrator check out my SU blog (Link to right) to see their fab new joining offer. Now has to be the best time to join!

Oh well, better get dressed ect speak later

Sunday, June 15


Thanks for the lovely comments on the recent cards. A few people said "wow that many" on the ones I made at the Glitter Pot yesterday, I didnt think I had done that well, felt that I hadnt made that many!! LOL

TOday I had a cry when the boys, OK I mean Harvey gave Darren his Fathers Day gift. But other than that I had a nice day with my Birthday Boy Caiden. Cant believe he is two. I remember the relief after having my 9lb 13oz baby, I was so uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy. Labour was terrible, he made an entrance thats for sure and has been causing stir ever since... he is the cheeky, stroppy one! I never had a full blown strop from Harvey, he never flung himself on the floor in a trantrum so I dont know who Caiden learnt that off! That said I love him to the moon and back.

I made him a quick card last night... nothing spectacular but cute non the less. I made the card using one of my new stamps! YES I own an original Hanglar Stanlgar stamp all thanks to my friend Wendy! OK I know H&S are coming to the UK and it kinda dampened some of my excitment in getting these adorable stamps but once inked up I fell in love and thought to myself, "Yes, I will be a regular H&S customer at Sugar Nelly, BUT I have these, they are real and they are here now and did I mention they are cute" Be sure to check out for all news on these stamps.
I have a busy week this week prep wise, I hope to get to play soon.
Zzzzz mega tired tonight, gotta go.. nite nite xx

Saturday, June 14

Lovely day at The Glitter Pot

I was at the Glitter Pot today demoing with stamps, papers, flowers, Craftwork cards nestabilities and H20's. Love these demo days, its like a friends get together really with so many faces I recognise. Paula Pascual was there too she was swamped all day as she was showing off the new cuttlebug folders. WOW thats about all I can say about these. The Glitter Pot are the first UK supplier to get these and they were selling a storm. Check out their website and you will see why... the borders are fantastic and I will be showcasing these myself soon as they lept at me as soon as I walked in this morning.

So here are the cards I made today...

Friday, June 13

Hard days and holiday snaps

Yesterday was another milestone since loosing my Dad. Can hardly believe it was 6 months ago I lost him. I think of him and miss his daily, I know Mum does too and infact says its getting harder not easier. I had a dream about him last night, I cant remember what it was about now, but I know it was a happy dream. I am hoping it might come back to me later. Wouldnt it be fab if we could tape our dreams? I would have a real selection of fun one, action packed ones, down right weird ones and maybe one or two of me in a clinche with Brad Pitt!! LOL Fathers Day and Caidens birthday on Sunday, I am hoping the happiness of having my beautiful, naughty, cheeky, fun and dirty boy will outshine the sadness of not having a Dad to say "Happy Fathers Day" and give him something naff like a DVD, socks or something else. We are hoping to take him to the beach, as long as its not freezing and raining we're go with a picnic.

I thought I would share a few of my fav pictures from holiday...

Darren the boys and Mum in the pool. The water looks lovely doesnt it? It was a bit chilly in there!

Me, Darren and the boys. I really like this photo, despite Caiden!! LOL But basically at a few weeks off two this is Caiden to a tee... stroppy!

This is Harvey and me. We were all at a bar-be-cue at John and Ginnys friends house Denis. He has amazing views from his house. Mum was petrified on the drive up there! its long the sides of the mountains.

This one makes me laugh. You ask Caiden a question and he shrugs the biggest shrugs you have seen, He was also sticking his lips out but I missed that on the photo but this photo brings back giggles!

This one is a town we visited. They have a lovely walkway, a beautifully decorated wall and these fun concrete decorated chairs, all different ones. The town is famed for its orange groves and the whole place is surrounded by orange and lemon trees. It was a nice morning out.

I dont think you can see in this size photo but across the top of the furthest mountain here are a row of wind turbines, an amazing sight. I personally would prefer to see these amazing things than huge plyons.

Wednesday, June 11

Prismacolor Pencils

As you know I finally sharpened mine and here are my first two cards. Think I did OK? Any eperts want to cast a critical eye over them will be welcome.

Yummy, funny and Sunny!

Cute Tilda, HUGE flower, Doodlebug Paper and Jewels, scalloped card and a Craftwork Cards word thingie.

I Loved colouring this in. Wall, Tree and Tilda are Magnolia, Flowers, Zoomz and another Craftwork Cards word thing. Little bit of ribbon and we're done!
I wanted to ask, What Ink is best for working with these pencils? I have used Staz on but it seems some of the outline has moved too ;0(
Speak Later

Tuesday, June 10

Has anything ever happen to you..

to really make you question the sanity of some people? We flew to our in laws and when picking up the cases from Malaga I was utterly disgusted as what greeted me on my case. I wont say much more, a complaint has been made to the Airline and were see what they say. I cant even think anyone would guess what had happened. I am still in disbelief when I think about it really, although I admit to not wanting to think about it!

Come here theres more..

This is one of my fav Bellas. Cute eh? I teamed her up with the Magnolia Fence and wording and butterflies from a Hero Arts Set.

This is another card from my Holiday.

Magnolia stamps and I coloured their trousers in combat style, turned out quiet good. The wall is fab isnt it? The wording is Stampin Up! and part of their Escape offer. The punches are SU too and all the cards from my holiday have been coloured with SU crayons.

One more......

I love Magnolia, thats for sure, Tilda and Edwin are the cutest... however I really love Paulines extra designs, seats, trees, fences, ect ect to make some lovely pictures, this Shabby Chic fence is a new fav, it needed "something" in the sky so I added a cute little dragonfly from the Unfrogettable set from SU.
All SU available from me
All Magnolias were purchased from The Glitter Pot
All Bellas from Dies to Die for
Contact me if you need any more info.
DEMO DAY!! --- This Saturday I am at The Glitter Pot where I will be playing with my favoruite things namely, Magnolias, Simon and Lola, H20s and more!! Come along, there are other demonstrators too. Jane Gill, Paula Pascal to name two more. Check out for more info and I hope to see you there!
I finally got (and broke) my Tesco sharpener, I had my 120 box of prismacolor pencils to sharpen, got to about 110 and CRACK it broke ;( Bit bummed about that. I have been having a little play with these pencils and I quiet like what I have done... Not sure if its right, as I havent got a proper card in real life to compair to, so if one of you amazing colouring people out there would like to RAK me a card I will rak you one back and I can see how I am doing with it!
Chat later

Sunday, June 8

Simply Super!

Freecycle that is! I put a plea out for a keyboard and a kind man gave me his wireless keyboard and mouse so now I can Stamp, Sing, Shout or anything else with S!! I cant guarentee it will help my typos, spelling and other stuff but as for typing S's you try and stop me! It was getting really really hard to get a S out and of course most of my log ins begin with S..

Phew I can hear you sigh.... me too!

Zunday Chit Chat

I had a lovely day at The Glitter Pot yezterday. I had the candle clazz again and had a lovely group of ladiez in and we had a good old natter and a laugh.. Oppz and not forgetting the one man that came too, I think he did good putting up with uz lot!

I have a mega buzy day today. I want to pop to zee mum, pick up a keyboard off a freecycler!! YEAH!!! pop to Craft Barn to zee Maggie Wright, I hope zhe iz demoing both dayz. Only going to zee her really az I have no money az I zpent it on Magnoliaz and other bitz at The Glitter Pot... will be nice to take my car out for a run too. Need to go to Ztaplez to getting more packing materialz for my orderz that will be poztal tomorrow, wazhing, zunday dinner ect ect ect

Here are zome more of the cardz off holiday...

Ztampendouz Monkey, Craftwork Cardz wording - All Glitter Pot
Paper and Card - Ztampin Up!
The Button iz Eternal Maker.

The Pirate iz from Ztamping Bella via Diez to Die for. Paper iz Ztampin Up! Very zimple but I added a few bitz and uzed it for a party Harvey went to yezterday.
God I hate blogger zometimez I cant get the wording where I want it. I have uzed a mixture of ztampin Up! for the paper and card, ztampz are Magnolia, Ztampin Up!, Ztampendouz and more.... If there iz anything you want to know azk, I cant get thiz thing to line up!

Thankz to everyone that haz left a mezzage recently. Nice to know I am not talking to myzelf!


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