Thursday, April 30

What's cute, brown, fluffy and has a bunch of woodland friends?

The new Teddy's from Penny Black that's who AND they are available from The Glitter Pot!!

It is a shame there are only 2 wooden stamps with this range and one clear... Or maybe its not!! LOL but I am sure we will see more of this adorable ted again. Those Older Penny Black fans may see a tiny bit of Rambling Ted in this style?

There is a clear set with a tree which ted can sit leaning on. There are also some lovely clear sets with all the best known Penny Black critters.
If you want to see these critters in action then come along Sunday to The Glitter Pot where I will be demoing them. I can't wait!

Beautiful Butterflies

I love the butterfly collection from Magnolia and when I got this stamp from Sir Stampalot I couldn't wait to play, however, since I have a big comission to work on I had to make a deal with myself to make the bulk of the comission first and then play. So with just 2 cards and 4 tags to go I treated myself with a little play. This card is being sent to Sir Stampalot for them to take along to their show. SSA have these in stock so check them out

Please excuse the photo being a bit blurry, I took it on my flip camera as I cant find my camera.

I will be back with an update on some fabby new adorable designs in another post.

Monday, April 27

Anyone seen my eyelashes??

Anyone?? I am sure I went out with some... well I have got some, its just they are shorter than they were!! LOL

Beavers was fantastic. We have a great leader who thinks of fun things for the beavers and also has a fab house and garden. OMG I would die to have a garden the size of his! Much of it is woodland down the bottom and thats where we took the beavers to in pairs with one adult per pair to make their own camp fires. They made a fire and then went up to the chickens to bring back an egg. We then Keeo and I (Rusty) fried the eggs on a large pan on a large fire. Well my eyes were streaming, my legs felt alite, so Jayne did most of the cooking and I stood there with bread for the fried eggs. Then the kids had marshmellows on sticks and dampers on sticks. For anyone like me who didnt know its a bready type dough that is wound around the stick and cooked over the fire, I had the jam to spread onto their dampers when done. I am sure the kids enjoyed themselves no end. We all came back stinking of bonfires! And as I said firstly my eyelashes are somewhat shorter!!

Prep for class has been done. Just need to get more cards done for the magazine projects.

Here is the card I made for Harveys friend. Ian stamp is from The candle is actually an old hero shadow stamp and I stamped the main candle. Then I cleaned the stamp and drew on the flame shape onto the rubber and stamped that out. Decorated with some of the little patterns that came with the Exclusive Daisy and friends set that The Glitter Pot have.

Speak Later


Blog Candy update

I need to find a few more prizes as I know we have hopped close to 100 now!! I will update later if I can find some more candy ;0)

I am really busy at the moment. I have beavers tonight and also to prep for a class which I have no product for which is tomorrow! GULP. Also I have a large comission I am working on for magazine with deadline looming I need to get a wiggle on with this... so I might not be stamping much for fun this week for sure. Also need to make some cards for Sir Stampalot with the new Butterfly Magnolias for a show in Port Sunlight they are going to.. of course its all the same deadline!! We have no food in the house and no time to shop so I think for once I might actually do a online shop and let them deliver.

I wanted to say "Happy Anniversary" to my wonderful hubby Darren. We have been married for 9 years. We got married on our 11th year anniversary of going out, so thats 20 years we have been together!! We married in St Lucia in 2000. it was a lovely way to do it. What a wonderful way (Not) to spend our anniversary evening with 20 odd little boys and fires in the beaver leaders garden! trying to make sure no-one sets themselves alite! OH and I mean 20 odd.... not odd boys! LOL

I'll be back later with a card I made for one of Harveys friends. I made so lovely cards last night but they are all for the mag so I can't share.. Still you'll have a few months to wait and you can see all 20 cards and 8 tags!

Saturday, April 25

Daisy & Dandylion

I had two classes at The Glitter Pot today using the very adorable stamps called Daisy and Dandylion, Candyfloss and Marshmellow.

Here are my cards

We had a lovely day. Do you like the flower we made on one of the classes? here is a closer look.

The Glitter Pot have an EXCLUSIVE set from this range. Its very cute and best thing is you dont need to choose if you like the elephant, bear, dog or rabbit as they have one of each on the set as well as lots of lovely words and accessories.
Today my Mum got my a bigshot for my birthday after me breaking me cuttlebug ;) Thanks Mum xxxx I had given her some stamps towards the payment so we were both happy.
Had a major shocker of an electric bill in.. GULP... it has been estimated for a while and the monthly charge has gone up 4 times the normal payment!!!! :( Boo Hoo How we are supposed to pay that I have NO clue! I will be calling them Monday.
I am at Crafts U Love Tuesday morning for a class. We will be making paper flowers with punches. They still have places so do call them if you want to come along and I will try and invent as many flowers as I can!! LOL ;0)
Hope you have had a lovely Saturday

Friday, April 24

May your day be special

I love these words.. not much more you can wish a person than a special day is there?

Here is a real mixed card... Stamp from Stampavie - Rachelle Ann Miller

Papers are Stampin' Up!, baubles are from, flower from The Glitter pot. Promarkers from Silly Monkey.... a real mixed than when tumbled up together make for a really cute card if I dont say so myself!

This piggy image was my fav from the start with this range. I got this one and the two monkeys, both of which the pigs and monkies reminded me of two people not too far from me now!

SO now I have made you run to Sir Stampalot for the new Magnolia, Crafts U Love for the Rachelle Stamp, Stampin' Up! for the papers I need to tell you to run to The Glitter Pot for an exclusive stamp set.... I wont tell you what... just go and look.


Flitter and Flutter to.... as they have the new Magnolias in stock!!!

Prep for classes done so I will have some cards to share tomorrow and hopefully one for today too as I have been colouring the adorable Rachelle piggys... tooo cute! Back later K?!

Thursday, April 23

Spam Update

Dont panic everyone its NOT my blog that has been hacked into, it was my old AOL email address which incidentally aol can NOT delete this email address?!?! The reason the spam turned up on my blog was that as a blog owner there is an email address taht I can post to and it will post onto my blog. So for example if I was somewhere where I couldnt get onto my blog to post a message I could log into my mail and type a message, post and it would appear on my blog. I have done this in the past from my AOL account and therefore the address was in my contacts list... so when this hack thing got into AOL it sent it to the blog too.

Last night was a nightmare, not only did I have this pain to try and see if I could sort, but I literally BLEW UP! my cuttlebug... trying to guess the plates for embossing nesties, put too much in and tried to squeeze it through and BANG! the end of the cuttlebug flew off and now despite Darren putting it back together its not working... Booo Hooo! My little bug has served me well. I am going to miss my lil green guy. Lucky for me Clare came to the rescue with letting me borrow hers and I can finish my prep work. And Saturday I hope I will be coming home with a spanking new pink and black sizzix machine to replace my bug as I have new XL dies I need to use.

Both boys at school today, caiden just for a few hours. I just hope I can shake off this sick feeling, I am feeling very blurgh today. And before anyone asks NO I AM NOT!! LOL

No cards to share today I dont think, I need to prep first and then maybe I will get to show off something.


Wednesday, April 22

Weird happenings

OK I have a problem, someone has hacked into my aol account and sent spam to everyone. I am truely very sorry for this. I dont use aol and havent for over a year!! I will call aol tomorrow and get them to physically delete this email address forever.

I have scanned this PC and we dont have a virus. This is a very new PC with new virus protection on it.

Grrr I could really do without this, I have been trying to prep for a class and now I am stressed to the max!


Tuesday, April 21

SU Sets for sale

I have some second hand stampin' Up! sets for sale. These are all non UK ones, apart from one which I think is an old hostess set. Please email me on to see the list. Paypal preferred please.


Monday, April 20

Do I have any German readers?

I just found this site in particular this post about the cats and dogs.... can you tell me what it says?? How can I get these adorable stamps?? I have heard of Lelo designs, we have clear stamps in the UK with some Lelo designs but I wasnt sure if these will all end up as clear stamps and come to the UK or not?


NEW Anya alert!!

The first UK store to get these lovely designs tell them Caz sent ya!


Sunday, April 19

Almost there...

School tomorrow, so after two weeks it will be back to school runs ect... looking forward to a bit more quiet time, but not to getting up and out in the morning.

Today we rounded off the school holiday in a lovely way and we took the boys and Mum to the circus. We had never been to the circus with the boys, well we'd never been together either, I did as a kid with Mum and Dad but it was soooo long ago I cant really remember! It was a small circus with most if not all of the performers doubling up as candy floss sellers, face painters ect when the breaks were on. There was a great mixer of performers and comedy and we all thouroughly enjoyed it. The are going to Copthorne next and you can see their list of places on their website above.

Kids were thrilled as nanny won the raffle prize at the Circus and we got another Milo! all stuffed dogs in our house are Milo and it gets confusing! Harvey has gone to bed with him tonight and I have told him Caiden can take it tomorrow.
There is a new Magnolia Challenge Blog called and I am entering this card for their sketch challenge...
Yesterday I went to Chicken Shack club which meets once a month. There I hold a make and take and demo and this was my demo card, made with all SU materials. Cute eh?

Right, must go, lost is on now.

Friday, April 17

Candy at Toodles and Binks

Toodles and Binks have some new releases coming soon... to win some candy
visit take a guess at what the new releases are all about!

You Gotta be in it to win it

Thursday, April 16

Christy Croll - last day

Hop on over to Christys blog today and leave a comment on her Custom Stamp competition.. PLEASE tell her I sent ya!

This is an AMAZING prize, Christy draws the adorable Huggabugg Collection from among others. I love these designs soooo much.


Forever Young, Forever Bella

Another card in a "Twilight" theme and this one is for the Blog hop happening at Club Anya. Now I am not expecting win anything but I wanted to join in! I hope I have got the scheduling right as you have to pre-register to be part of the hop and you have to post between 7pm and 10pm CST which basically means bedtime for me!
I have used the dress up set and stamped an extra image to get Edwards wayward hair! I have coloured his skin in a very light colour and pinked up a little around his eyes. I found this amazing photo of the trees at twilight on the web by googling "twilight trees".
I am still only on book three!
Here is the link to take you to the blog hop! If you have a few hours you might want to check these AMAZING creations out.


Wednesday, April 15

Bloggabella Bellerific Challenge

I always want to join in with challenges but rarely do, by the time I really think about it its usually past the deadline. However for some reason unbeknown to man I managed a challenge!!

I instantly knew I wanted to use lots of the beautiful flowers I have horded down in my shed, but I also knew that I wanted to have something that I would be able to see and appreciate so I made this.....

this is going to take pride of place in my crafty palace (my craft chalet) The centre is just held on with white tac so I can change the image, but I thought this crafty huggabugg was perfect!
I made a cute card last night, another chasing butterflies card BUT I cant share as its for the magazine! Boo Hoo! LOL

Tuesday, April 14

Eagerly Awaiting the Chasing Butterflies collection??

I know I am! Chasing Butterflies is the latest collection from Magnolia and I know Sir Stampalot are waiting for theirs to come really soon! So to get us in all in a waiting for Magnolia frenzy I thought I would make a couple of cards. I was lucky enough to get the Spring Kit, some of of Chasing Butterflies collection are in the spring kit. I will post on my blog when SSA get theirs. The are around 6 that I still "need" from this collection myself, so I will be stalking their website daily!

This one is made with Tilda holding bee, the lovely flower from a past collection and the small bees. The paper and cardstock is SU.

This one is made with Tilda holding Ladybird and standing between the butterfly grasses. I added clear gloss to the bugs, gives they a great 3d feel. Papers are SU.
Blog Candy ; Just a couple more for another addition to the stash! Kay from Toodles and Binks has kindly offered some Toodles and Binks stash for me to add... so come on ladies, post about my candy on your blogs and the candy will grow!
Twilight ; I am on the fourth book now, I am soooo desperate for a happy ending. My happy will be Bella and Edward together forever... but I have a feeling its just not going to end like that! :( DONT TELL ME THOUGH!! LOL
Easter Weekend ; typical have a few days off and we are all bunged with cold, however thats OK we can live with that, so Darren has to get a fluey type thing that makes him bed ridden Easter Sunday and zombie like on Monday so we didnt do anything ;(
AWOL ; I will try not to, but it might be inevitable that I will have to go AWOL from posting cards for a while. I have a BIG comission for Cardmaking and Papercraft and I need to get it done, hence all my cardmaking time will be for work and not fun.

Sunday, April 12

Stamp with us challenge card 2

I thought I would enter this card for the second challenge, it being "birthday". I feel this card would be suitable for this occasion or many others! I know I only posted it the other week but I was really pleased with how it turned out and this set has fast become and favourite from the mini catallogue. I have used Petal Pizzaz stamp set with the wording from Occassional Greeting, chocolate chip ribbon, jewelled brads and Sweet Always Paper

The link for Stamp with us is on the right ----->

Todays proper card is the Easter/Spring card I made my Mum, not the normal Eatster card but I really had the urge to get a House Mouse stamp out and tulips are out everywhere right now so the image was fitting for the season.

Paper, Cardstock, Punched Flowers and ribbon are all Stampin'Up!
Image is House Mouse, coloured with Pro Markers

I hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday.


Friday, April 10

Beary Cute

These bears are very cute, another sample card. This is a Penny Black stamp. The flower was a flower from a small vase which unfortunately smashed so I pulled the flower heads off and I use them for cards. The message is a black and white message from Craftworkcards.

I coloured this in with watercolour pencils. Beary Cute!!

Have had a very uneventful day today. I have been sorting out some of my storage boxes. A friend owns a shop and she has been giving me her Haribo and other sweet boxes, they are fantastic and stack and just the right size, so I have been labelling them Huggabuggs, Kettos, Leanne Ellis, Cuttlebug folders, Tulle, Anya and more. Its hard to do anything that requires "thinking" with the kids about! so this was the ideal time for this type of job.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter, I am sure I will be back before then, I am planning to try and make a card tonight, but we're see... I am not sure what to use.. Hmm I think maybe an Anya card as I need to use my on the farm set and also another "twilight" idea.


Charmed Crafts Blog Candy have some amazing candy. Check their blog out, it ends today.


Thursday, April 9

Missmatch Ketto

Here is Missmatch Ketto and SU goodies.
Ketto stamp is from
So Saffron Ribbon and cardstock - Stampin' Up!
Chocolate Chip cardstock - Stampin' Up!
Oval Punches and Oval All stamps - Stampin' Up!
Card Candy - Craftwork Cards
I love these stamps, heck I love too many stamps!! But it makes me happy LOL
Nite Nite, Eclipse waiting.

Putting a few of you out of suspense

OK a few of you tried to guess and a couple of you were right. I got a lovely package of Bella stamps... well they were actually Ketto stamps... there are so many lovely Ketto's to choose from, I really didnt know what to get. So I got 4 Kettos, 2 animals, 2 patterns and 1 Huggabug.

In the words of Bella, "I lovey them all"... here is a picture to drool over! and a little one that I started today.


Balancing Act

Life is often a balencing act, trying to keep all the balls up in the air, not getting very far with any of them. Looks like this little hedgehog has his balance well though.

This is another sample card made for a fourth coming show so you might see it out on the road one day!!
Stamp ; Penny Black Paper : Stampin' Up Words : Craftwork Cards Punch : Stampin' Up!

Tuesday, April 7

What a nice day

Lovely day today, quiet unexpected as I thought the rain was coming... however it was a little chilly but dry and sunny. This morning I went to Tilgate Park with kids and Mum. We walked around the whole of the lake there. Lots of climbing trees and scaring my half to death as Caiden and Harvey had to try almost every fishing jetty out!! LOL

Today is Kiera my nieces 12th Birthday and this is the card I made for her. I used Wild Rose Designs for the main image.

Not sure what it happening tomorrow, think the rain may well come in, I think I will go for drive and see what happens.

I got a lovely package today from Canada... who can guess what?!

Monday, April 6

Bookmark Twilight Style

I needed a bookmark for my Twilight books so I thought I would make one! I used the digital Ian baseball from and coloured him in "Cullen" colours. Those that have read the book will have recognised the fonts as fonts of the handwriting of Bella, Edward and Jacob as well as the title for the book!! which I found online today. I made two, one for me, one for a friend.

Bit cheesed off as I had ordered the DVD but it hasnt come today and I should have just got it from the shops. Oh well maybe tomorrow!


Marker Share

Marker Share has been added to my website check it out for more info!

Sunday, April 5


Hi there

Sunday lay in? Not for me, got a bit of a cold and just felt horrible staying in bed so I got up, means I can have a bit of time at the pc and tv on my own ;0)

So this candy... why dont you want it? I NEED more comments or its not goign to get bigger and I plan to chuck in many more items!! SO I have changed the rules slightly... if you havent got a blog you can still comment... if you have a blog I would love for you to share it on the blog as then it will grow into a bigger and bigger prize! and of course any orders placed with me from now to 12th May will mean you can leave 2 more comments.

Here are a couple of cards. Very simple but cute eh? Both of course are Penny Black. I got the stamps from the Glitter Pot. These sample cards are for a show and will be travelling around with Sir Stampalot, since work is very sparce class wise I have the time to make some cards for them. And Sir Stampalot always help me with my Magnolia addiction so I owe them!! I try not to add to many other things onto the cards as these are to help promote the stamps and not the other bits and pieces. they also prove too that you dont need hundreds of papers, dozens of embellishments to make cards. Of course I love it all like the rest of you, but for some people its all too daunting when you need so much for one card. Keep it simple! (if you want) or jazz it up, you decide.

I also have this cute picture of Milo to share. Taken the other day in the sun, you can see my Dad's rose in leaf buds so its lovely to see it growing back again. My knomes a old family airloom!! LOL no seriously when my Mum and Dad were sorting out gardens and stuff to move they looked at me with these knomes in their hands and I said "NO WAY!" you cant chuck these they are like 20+ years old, like 25 years or something.. they have always been there so I saved them from the tip.

Twilight... have you read it? OMG I loved it... I am in love with Edward Cullen, or is that James? or both? or maybe Jacob LOL I am about 5 pages away from the end of the second book. Book 3 is waiting for me and I have yet to buy the 4th. These books have gripped me and I should be getting the DVD next week. We have a new PC, well Darren got it... he doesnt mind I have a Twilight background wallpaper.. least I went for the one with Bella in as well.. I was hovvering between Edward and James and couldn't decide anyway. SAD eh?? lol

Friday, April 3

Nesties Book?

Would you like to come along to a class where you can make your own nesties book? Its something I am pondering at the moment. THis would take place in surrey/redhill area.

For supplys you would choose a Simply Scrappin Kit for me to pre order for you. I will supply all other items such as magnetic tape and the binding machine and wires for you to use.

Interested? email

Thursday, April 2

Bits to share

Here is a card I made with the adorable Wild Rose Girls ----> link to right
I have some more of these to play with so more to come another day.

here are a few pages from a project I was making for myself and that was a storage book for
my nesties. I used magnetic tape under the paper. All papers and decorations are Stampin' Up!


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