Monday, November 30

Dont fall over

I made a card! Believe me its not through not wanting to make a card, its been lack of mojo and time that has meant I havent posted much. New job, new course means I have hardly anytime for play and I am tired when I do have the time. However I got some Stampavie stamps in the post Saturday and was inspired to use their beautiful stamps to make a card. I still have a few stamps left to play with. Walking in the freezing cold tonight with beavers (can tell I am not impressed about that eh) so I wont be doing anything tonight other than thawing out.

I used a Martha punch called loops for the corner and SU paper for the background.


Wednesday, November 25

Would love to see you there

My last class at the Glitter Pot on Saturday 5th December. We will be stamping on a candle, making a box and a card. This is a popular re run of a class I did there before so please do come along for my last session. Give them a call to book.


Friday, November 13

When doors open, you have to shut the one behind you

Shaz, Joanne and Me - seems ages ago now!! at convention awards night dinner :)

Thats a fact of life, you cant leave them all open. Sadly today I had to shut a door in order for me to move forward to the next door. I have been job hunting for a while, we just dont seem to have enough coming in to cover what goes out, I am sure many of you can relate to that. Of course my first ports of call for asking were places where I currently freelanced. I am pleased to say I have been offered a Saturday job at Crafts U Love, each Saturday. This meaning I cant demo/teach elsewhere as I always do these on a Saturday too, but it also means regular money as opposed to maybe 2 Saturdays a month.

I am thrilled to be joining Paula, Geoff and the team, they are a lovely bunch, great store and its always a different job each Saturday!

As always I am sure I will see many of you about as I cant resist a craft shop and I will still be visiting elsewhere! you cant keep a crafter out can ya?

Not sure where that will leave me classes wise? Maybe that has had its day? who knows.... its exciting to see what happens next.

I will still very much be Stampin Up! ing all the way..... I love that too much to give that up.

You know, my mojo has gone, since coming back from convention I havent crafted one bit... not sure why.... I hope it comes back soon. I think its coz I have soo much else going in my head.

Speak later


Tuesday, November 10


Hi there
Back from convention and jsut getting into the swing of things. I have lots to tell you, about convention, SU offers and other stuff.

In a very small nutshell there are two offers right now, one is a offer in which when you order you can get a free punch, the leaflet is below. and the other offer is for joining SU at a reduced and FAB rate. Once I have posted the details about convention you will want to come along too! and the only way you can come is if you are a demo ;)

Things are busy at the moment. As well as all the usual I am now taking a "helping in schools" course. From this I will get a nvq2 equivalant certificate. So I have one day doing the course and then one whole morning doing my coursework. Then I do library in year 1 on Wednesdays. In effect I am loosing 3 mornings and have next to no time to make cards right now :( shortly I need to add an additional 2 hours at school each week as part of the school too.

Click on images below to view or visit for more info. Email me or call me

When you join you will get over £240 of products for just £125! some of the kit is customisable
so you can choose your own rubber stamps, ink pads, wheel and more...

Lastly, for now, here is why you should join SU, this is something I wrote myself and reasons I believe you should join.

Book a party NOW many dates available.
Will be back later with pictures of the dozens of cards I swapped at convention and other convention news!!

Monday, November 2

Here come the Cards!

A Penny Black card I made at Saturdays classes at the Glitter Pot

Inside and outside of card - Stampavie Images

Popcorn Bear card, another from The Glitter Pot Classes

Easel card made with Penny Black Designs

Simple card made with Stampin up! goodies

Trendy Trees and Funky Forest from Stampin Up!

If you are lucky enough to hostess at party at level 3 you can get this set FREE

Flight of the Butterfly and Punch.... love this set and punch? email me for offer details
Been busy getting ready for convention THIS THURSDAY!! I cant not wait. Also spending far too much time on facebook! where I have been chatting a lot on there... sorry blog readers, you'll both have to wait until after this week for a more normal blog service.

Sunday, November 1

Sorry been missing for a while OPEN WITH CAUTION

Bit I have gotten bitten by something. Started with small scratch, then it just spread

and I havent really been feeling myself. Then hubby got it and I just havent had time for crafting.

BOO!! sorry, couldnt resist!! So been missing, just been so busy getting ready for convention
and also been a bit mojoless

I hope to be posting real soon xx


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