Monday, March 31

A little rub and its all better

Oh if only everything in life would get better with a little rub. While other things might be going pearshaped for me at the moment, I have a few little things that are making me go "hmmmmmmmm" and pout a little but after 2 days of trying to take some photos of my 2 newest cards all it needed was a little rub to make it better. Turns out the "supernatural glow" my cards had been having were not anything to worried about, a rub on the lense made it all make sense. The drool and fingerprints of Caiden rubbed off and now I have brighter photos!

So here they are..... using my favourite stamps from the Newest Penny Black release. This is My Bengal... he is too cute is he not? You know me and Orange have a "thing" going on. SO I dug out my brightest Orange H20's, my Pumkpin pie card and papers and made these two bright and zingy cards.

This little lovely was as I said, coloured with H20's, the white frame was a delish frame I got from the Glitterpot and its by Craftwork Cards. They look just as scrummy white and teamed up with bright colours as they do inked and chalked. The Flower is a prima, the button from Eternal Maker and the Butterfly another cutie stamp from Penny Black.

I went into my Palace last night for about a hour or more... just for fun, just for me and it was great! So here is the second card I made using this stamp.

A sunny card for a gloomy day (weather wise) The paper is the Pumkpin Pie Designer prints paper from Stampin Up!, the cardstock too... Friend word circle is a Hero Arts stamp and again the flower is a Prima from The Glitter Pot (sold out but coming in again - hey get in the queue I wanna more of these babies) The ribbon is Certain Celery from SU.

Phew..... all posted.. two cards just for fun, that made me very happy last night! I got a cold butt making these... why? Coz I was in my jammies and didnt turn the heater up, only realised it was cold when I got back into the house that was warm. Mad eh?

Sunday, March 30

Hi there

Boy do I feel like I got out the wrong side of the bed! Might be something to do with loosing an hours sleep. But I feel really grumpy :( I am sure after a cuppa and some breakfast I might feel better but Harvey waffling on sure isnt making me any happier! I am not usually like this, its like my morning personality has been swapped with hubbys! Is this how Darren feels every morning... poor him.. I dont like it.

I had a nice day yesterday. Could have been better but a parcel I was hoping was waiting for me wasnt so I was a little sad. Had a lovely bunch of ladies in my class so it made for a nice day. We made 4 cards using the Penny Black newest designs. I took photos of 3 of them but forgot the other one :(

Thursday, March 27

I got some lovely post today

Riley is cute... I know we dont get meeces over here but he was too cute to resist. I loved the tea time one in the chair, the plane one is great for messages and names and the gardening one is too cute. Also with these I got 3 Hanna sets.

You can get all these cute stamps from I love that the sets have loads of cute accessory stamps to go with the main images. These Hannas are perfect for paper piecing the clothes.

Oh for the time to sit and play with them.. I hope it comes soon.

Opp's its another run as fast as you can warning!

They have the new Penny Black in stock now! so you better go and have a look.

Speak later

OK I said I wouldnt..... but I am bending..

Copics... tell me where I can get the best deal? where can I see all the colours they do?


It's raining its pouring...

Everything is going wrong! My oil filled heater in my Palace has leaked. My Mums gas boiler ect has been condemned, my car exhuast has fallen off, Mums new cooker wont work, but with no gas that doesnt really matter does it?

Good news is I got my new heater today so I wont have to go down to my shed wrapped in PJ's fluffy dressing gown and my boots! What a sight I can tell ya! More good news is that I have spent a few hours this week in my Palace (in the cold) prepping for my class this weekend, so come Saturday I will have 4 new Penny Black cards to show you.

** EDITED TO ADD - My new heater isnt working properly. They are picking it up and bringing another tomorrow. Its £6o so I cant keep it if it isnt working and the thermostat isnt working right, the light isnt coming on so therefore I cant "click" down the dial until the light goes out as its not on! --- this is my number 3 problem so I hope this is it!

OK back to the bad news, Caiden has done a smelly for me so gotta run....


***** Stampin Up! party next week in Caterham... still room for more people so let me know if you want to come :) xx

Scrapping retreat in Cornwall

This sounds lovely, a shame I am too far away.

For places booked before the end of March, there will be a 15% discount!
For more information you can contact me, Debbie, at or Linda at

Monday, March 24

Easter Monday

The boys are up, Darren an BIL are still in bed, oh to be a man eh? I was up at 6 with Caiden. Harvey didnt get up until 8:15am so that was nice for him and me! LOL I decided to tackle the laundry pile that is washed ect just needs to be sorted and taken upstairs, I was trying to see if it would get to the ceiling before it fell down but I thought better of it. So now it has been divided and I am waiting for Darren to get up so I can take it upstairs.

It was lovely and sunny when I got up. Now there are a few snowflakes flying about. It snowed quiet a bit yesterday, settled a little and then melted as the sleet came. The clever easter bunny hid all the boys treats in my shed, wasnt that a good thinking bunny? meant Harvey wasnt trapsing about the garden in the soggy lawn and snowy wind.

Darren asked me when exactly I was going to USE my shed! LOL I said I know, at the moment it seems weird to up and leave the family to go play. I am hoping Caiden will nap later at a time I can go and create. Yesterday was out as Mum was here, Saturday was out as I was working all ay, Friday.. Hmm I was going to say not sure, but we were at Ikea for most of the day, so since my shed has been completed I havent spent any time in it!

Fingers crossed for me I get time today. I need to prep for my class this Saturday so I had better get a move on.

Sunday, March 23

Easter Bunny is late!

He hasnt visited the garden yet... Harvey will be upset, but I assure him he will come, he's just got so many poeple to visit! [hmmm mummy doesnt want Harvey to constantly whine to eat sweets from 7am onwards so has a plan!] I am sure once Mummy and Harvey go out to pick Nanny up the bunny will have been by our return! [wink] also our bunny doesnt want things getting wet, coz our bunny brings a book for the boys too. Funny how the bunny brings different things for different families isnt it? Last year Stamper, our rabbit told us the bunny had been, Harvey said I had to ask the Gineau (spl) pigs Linny & Tuck if he has been.

Anyway, bunnystuff aside, I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful easter. Whatever you do, what ever your belief. We are not church goers as a family, I respect what other people want to do, I used to go to Sunday School as a kid with a friend, just not something I was brought up with at home.

Today will be a another hard day for us, Easter Sunday was a day we always went to my parents for dinner, had a nice family meal. There is always an empty seat and a hole in our hearts too. I miss my Dad so much, nothing is the same now. Things are changing, we will adapt. Things that used to happen wont, and we will make our own new things to do with Mum, new family traditions, not forgetting the old of course.

Not wanting to leave on a down note, I got some of the NEW not even out yet Penny Black yesterday so I can prep for my Penny Black class next week! Arent I lucky? I cant keep them, but I am hoping that mine will be coming next week. :0) from the Glitter Pot of course. So keep your eyes peeled for some fabo designs.

Saturday, March 22

Marvelous Magnolias

Stamps : Magnolia Girl and Penny Black Words

Stamps : Sugar Nellie - Maggie in Heart jumper

Stamps : Magnolia girl with hearts, Wording Penny Black

Stamps : Magnolia Girl, Flowers made with Woodware Scallop and 1 1/2 circle Punch

Stamps : Magnolia

Stamps : Sugar Nellie - Hamist with Tractor

Stamps ; Magnolia

I had a wonderful day today at the Glitter Pot where I was playing with the Magnolia and Sugar Nellie stamps. I took all my stamps with me.. Lets just say a few more came home with me. Shhhh! Dont tell though.

These cards are cute if I dont say so myself, with stamps like these they cant be anything but eh? All papers, stamps ect available from the Glitter Pot. Ohh it feels so good to FINALLY share some cards with you. I hope to do at least one card tomorrow but dont hold your breath, you know what I am like. Mum is coming for Easter Dinner tomorrow, not much different from a normal sunday roast apart from having a few yummy puddings :)

Friday, March 21

I got my desk, rails ect

Here is the finished gap!! Its looking good isnt it?
EDITED to add YES my Cuttlebug is there with its snazzy cover!!

My bottom is still mis-shaped!

Wedged inbetween the kids car seats! LOL I got my table, trays, two rails for punches ect, a paper waste bin, clock and a few other bits. Not too bad only spent £34 ($70) so not bad for a trip to Ikea eh?

Harvey LOVED his time in the play part so that was good, meant me and mum wandered and Darren chased Caiden. (well he did say we didnt need a trolley with kid seat)

Saw my Grandad so that was nice. Havent seen him since my Dads funeral. Caiden was really tired by then so we didnt stay long, but it was lovely to see him, although he is my Dads family (sort of, my Nans second husband) he said to my Mum she was very much a part of the family and he still wanted her (and us) to go and see him. He gave the kids an easter egg, said to mum "Poor Grandads got to go and buy two more now!" as we were unexpected guests. He need not of course but the kids appreciated it and Caiden soon turned into the famous CHOCOLATE MONSTER.

Darren has popped down to the local DIY shop to get some "bits" and also a new electric screwdriver, guess he will test it on my desk and stuff which I want him to do today. I am working tomorrow. Its going to be really tough, I mean 10-4 I am being FORCED to stamp Magnolia stamps and Sugar Nellies and I think they might even pay me a well.. Poor me eh? LOL

I will hopefully take some photos of my new shed bits later. I need to go down there later to grab my bits for tomorrows demo so speak later!

Old Olive or Pumpkin Pie?

For me its both with a sprinkle of Rose Red too. These have to be my favourite Stampin' up! colours and how lucky am I that three of my favourite colours are the chosen colours (among others) for the Designer prints paper. I placed a little order just for me the other day, 2 packs of paper and the cutter kit. WOW WOW WOW on all counts. Of course I knew I loved the paper as I have the red already. And I had tried the cutter kit, but now I have my own and its brilliant! Even my mum who is not a card maker thought it would just be "handy" to have. Not sure why on that part but I think its really clever and all in one on a chain, I am ALWAYS loosing my bone folder, it slips down into the tiniest of gaps and its lost, well not forever, but whenever I need it is seems to be hiding! even with a bunch of ribbons on mine it hides... I hope this might be easier to find. Anyway it works! It cuts, scores and perforates and then has the 7 edged distresser. A new best friend I feel :)

Today we are going to Ikea. The table and trays should be in stock. I might be seeing if Harvey wants to play downstairs whilst we walk about. Hmmm we'll see. Might also pop in to see my Grandad as he lives very close. We will be taking Mum too so it will be a tight squeeze in the car!

Thursday, March 20

A prize draw not to be missed!

I had to spread the word about a fabulous free prize draw that Craftwork Cards are holding on the website,

You simply need to register with them and you will automatically be entered into a prize draw for your chance to win £750 worth of crafting goodies, which includes a Cricut Expression die cutting machine worth £369! Prize draw runs until 31st March 2008 with the winner drawn on 1st April 2008.

All Card Club Members and free members will be automatically entered into the prize draw and dont need to register again.

WOW what a prize eh?

Good Luck

Have you spent £50 on a single order with my with SU?

If you answer yes please contact me. This is £50 on a single order for SU stuff. Email me and I will add you to the 50/50 list.

Whats this I hear you ask? OK, I have a grid, 50 squares and on it I will write down the name and telephone number of each person, everytime they place a single order for £5o. Once this is filled I will put all names into a hat and drawer a persons name out to win a fantabulous prize! Whats that I hear you asking again? Well, £50 to spend in the catalogue! What else would be fitting for the 50/50 club?

This offer is a personal offer, available from Me, Caz and is my thank you to my customers who are placing their orders with me ;0) each time you place another £50 order you will get a place on the grid. If you order £150 you will get three places!

So what are you waiting for? Email me and I will start to put names on. Apologies that I can not add names automatically for orders placed before now, simply been so busy lately.

Hopefully post a chatty and maybe crafty post later. Got lots to do today. Had a SU party last night, need to go to the bank so I can get this order placed. Thanks ladies to all those that came last night. I hope you had fun!


Wednesday, March 19

Run run as fast as you can!

Magnolia stamps are at the Glitter Pot. Here is a link for you Click here and make your bank manager tremble! These designs are so lovely, and much sort after as Magnolia seen unfortunately take SOOOOO long to ship them to the shops. Anyway, they are in stock and ready to make a home in your stamp drawers and hearts too!

I am at the Glitter Pot Saturday demoing both the Magnolia designs and Sugar Nellie stamps. A fun day for me thats for sure :0)

On the right you can see a labels list, click on the Magnolia one and you will find a few cards to inspire (I hope)

I think they have all but the edwin with star in stock on the above photo... YES It FINALLY let me add one.

Tuesday, March 18


Here are my new shelves. I havetrying for 2 days to upload its not working grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr have shelves to show, card, book marks and tiny gift box too. I have used Photobucket to show these off.

Monday, March 17

One more photo

Darren is a good un' he put my shelves up so I had to show you the photo. So this is where I will be putting my desk below for extra storage, seating ect. Looks good eh?

ARGH blasted blogger I cant post a picture. Couldnt last night either!! Sorry!

Bee in my bonnet

My Mum used to say this about me... Once I get a bee in my bonnet about something I wont let go and I get really annoyed when I can't make it happen ! LOL Usuallys its something silly like the other week I wanted one or two of those things that stand up on your desk to put cardstock in. I wanted my SU card to hand... so I nipped down to Staples and got two. :0) or sometimes it will be wanting to move a whole room around, so I just do it!

Now this time I wanted these fab things from ikea and they dont have them in stock at my local one and its really annoying me! LOL They are like trays that attach to legs and I was going to put them on the new legs I was also going to buy, I dont want to make a half hour plus trip for just two table legs and also my shed just wont feel complete now without them! LOL what am I like eh? Hmmmm spoiled brat comes to mind, but I like bee in my bonnet better... makes me laugh saying that, Harvey said "I'm not a boiled rat" when I said it to him the other day... tee hee. kids eh?

To do for my shed - otherwise know as note for Darren :0)

Buy a clock
Put the 3 shelve's up
Put stamp shelf on the wall
paving slab down outside
Find a home for my SU sets
Get a punch rail up (where I have NO idea)
Worktop up
Buy legs and those "other things" that go onto the legs
Take another chair down.

Chat later, I am off to Mum's havent seen her much this busy weekend.


Sunday, March 16

A few photos

** edited to add : it looks nicer in real life, you know how photos can be and you can never get into the right position for the photos. you're have to take my word for it, or come and see for yourself :0)

This is my desk. I have all my stuff to hand, flowers, buttons, brads ect so I can sit there and try and get inspired. As you can see on the right hand wall I have hung c-thru pails full of Hydrangea flowers. Got to make the most of the space!

This unit holds stamps and baskets containing various things like inkpads, bellas, clear sets, magnolia stamps. To the left of this is the space, or part of, where I will be having the shelves and additional seating. Its an approx 4ft gap so well big enough for someone to sit, addional worktop and will have shelves above it too.

Again, making the most of all the space I have hung these lunch tins up on the ceiling.

This is the opposite side of the shed, these are my stamp drawers. They are by the windows but there will be next to no direct sunlight, the way the sun goes it will be hard for it to get into these windows as we have thick trees/bushes and flats and houses around us. If I feel it a problem I will lower them. The green baskets on top are full of ribbons, having one each colour red, green, blue, multi ect ect These are for my cut ribbon and big spools too.

This mad looking cabinet is holding my paper trays among other bits. Its a bit mad looking colourwise as it was in our loft and the old tennants here tried to do a camo paint effect. Then I started to paint the doors red, but never finished... now the plans are to paint it white and then maybe put some 12 x 12 papers in the panels of the doors... hmm we'll see how long that takes. So this is the "other side" of the wall where the new desk is going to be. I have seen some fab things from Ikea, which are currently out of stock. I cant wait to get them and show you!

Hey do you like my carpet?? Pink eh?


Changed my mind

Well a girl is allowed to. I am not going to put that large unit in my palace now. I got those three shelves from the charity shop and I am going to put those up and piece of worktop, so I can have a friend to craft with me. I will still have three shelves, space under the worktop and space on top too. This also means Harvey can come and craft there too, not that I want him too, but he is going to so I might as well get him off my desk! I need to go and get the legs that the worktop stands on and then we are all set. I told Darren I wanted the shelves up, hoping he would run down the garden, screwdriver in hand but alas, not yet... I cant moan, he has been fab! LOL Just cooking the Sunday roast and then I will go down and see if I can get any pictures, might be too dark now, I'll see.

Shed update..... long waffle!

WOW the boy did good. All lit, electricfied, carpeted and most of the "stuff" in. I have to reunite my stamp drawers with all the other stuff and a BIG shelf unit and then its done. It all fits and its like it was made for it. OK there will be some stuff still living in the house, a few stacking boxes of stuff I need but not daily or stuff I "might" need one day. We will need BIL to help with the big unit that wont be until this afternoon as he has just come home from night shift and gone to bed. I will show photos later, its looking good! there are a few things that arent happening. One is something I really wanted but it just cant happen, no room. I wanted a dedicated table space were someone else can stamp :( so I am sad about that... BUT Once Darren takes the wire out the frame of the collapsable table then I can use that. YES he threaded the wire through the leg and into the wall, he didnt mean it but means we cant pick up the frame that makes the table legs!! LOL its hard to explain but if you imagine a square frame, he put the wire through so its looped with the wire... I was down there at 6;45am putting more boxes in that I had brought down from upstairs last night and wanted to get rid of before Caiden got up, far too many things to fiddle with otherwise! Talking of Caiden, you should have seen him yesterday, he gets so upset if he thinks he is missing out on anything, so we bundled him up and Harvey and Caiden could run about the garden, but its been so wet, the grass is sodden. I changed him twice, caked with mud and happy as larry but a dirty little rascal! He is funny on my stepping stones, he cant reached so he hops off in between them! LOL NOT quiet the point?!

Darren had a text on his phone at 3:15am... I guessed what it was. His friend Dave and girlfriend were waiting their baby and I guess he came this morning! Only a few hours after Darrens birthday. I am thrilled, you know what this means? I'll be making a baby card later. Typical man though just text a photo of "my son" no weight, time or details!! Dave will make a great Dad, he is a nice bloke. Dont really know his partner much, we know Dave through working with Darren for years now and I think I have met her only twice now. I am sure they will do fine, we sent them a stack of baby books, at least if they are good for nothing else they can prop their eyes open with them! LOL

Brrrr just ran down the garden with my jimmy jams on... its cold and wet, I was just seeing how my shed was... its quiet chilly, the heating is on thermostat, I am not sure how I should keep it, the temp that is... my papers have added insulation, in that they are in a cupboard so thats good.

Nearly 8am, cant believe they boys arent up yet... see I was in a dilema earlier, get up and take my stuff out to the shed or stay in bed, chances to stay in bed are few and far between but I didnt want the stress of the boys playing with all my crafty stuff so I got up. I do love this time before the house wakes to chaos.

Spoke to soon, been up to get Caiden, he just woke. Chat later with photos this time.

Saturday, March 15

Happy Birthday Darren .... now get our there and work on my palace


Poor hubby, he has a busy birthday! He is going to be earning him self some big fat browny points to redeem at a later date. I am hoping the electrics will be done, without the house blowing up! or my Palace more importantly :0) I am hoping the carpet will be laid and most of the furniture is put in too. Maybe even by the end of tomorrow my first creation will come to life? It will be wonderful to have my stamps out of the blocked cupboard in the bedroom, all my stuff together again.

So as promised I made a card... I used a Stampendous Changito stamp... cute eh? the other stamped elements are Stampendous too, the scalloped label, words and the birthday words. Fran has made some fantastic designs this release. Can you see how much I love my hubby? I mean, 4 flowers! 4 zoomz! gotta love someone to give him all that! LOL [how my twisted mind works, I show you my love by the number of pritties I put on your card - hey calm down Caz they can always be picked off, or even better get him to give you the WHOLE card back!]

If you look close enough you can see the swiss dots cuttlebugged "Rose Red" piece of cardstock. This has to be my fav Stampin' Up! colour, this is teamed up with some lovely Daisy Bucket paper and Old Olive SU card base.

Paper, Changito, Flowers - all from Glitter Pot
Other stamps could be ordered from GP for you, ask them!
Cardstock is SU and available from your preferred SU rep - or me! :)

** edited photo to add my adorable watermark .... see side bar for link to lady who can make you one too!! ------------------------------------>

I will be out there later with my camera in hand, taking shots as it all comes together. If you dont wanna read the shedscapades I suggest "staying away from the blog" for a good few days.. but hey, thats up to you, there might be a card, so it's your call!

Friday, March 14

Friday's update

Hi there
Well my palace has had a lick of paint in the inside, I have done the whole lot, one coat and it will need another, but not bad for 2 nap times to get it done. I have moved a few of my fav plants down there, so I have 2 nice pots and my metal cat outside. I have hung my mini mirrors off the roof, all important stuff you know! Last night I was measuring all sorts of units and I cant believe how much I can fit in the back wall, its going to be really good. My neighbour commented on how she thought it was lovely PHEW I was worrying what they would think , but thats all good :) I also took a trip to electrical wholesalers to get the amoured wire, normal wire, switches ect ect and then a trip to the local garden centre to buy 10 stepping stones so we can all hop down there and not turn the garden into a marsh!

Sugar Nellie lovers need to run to as they have released MORE stamps! and there is a look at one of Rachelles new designs. Cant wait!

Speak later, going to be a busy weekend. I need to make Darren a birthday card tonight so AT LAST I might have something crafty to show you.

Thursday, March 13


Hi there
Well almost one inside coat of paint has been done, couldnt see it was so dark so it will be fun to see what it looks like in the light. I cant rate the shed people enough. was where I got it from, they come from Wickford in Essex. I was just outside the delivery zone but they still came for an extra cost. The reason I went with them was their great website with lots of examples and the biggest factor was that they lined the chalet too. Tonight I have been trying to plan the inside, its a big shed, before it came I was worried it was too small, the base didnt seem that big but its a good size (now I am worrying the neighbours will moan) although there is no reason for them to its not causing offence to anyone where it is, but you all know Miss Worry Knickers by now dont ya?! I told the man that hundreds of women all over the world are waiting for this moment... hee hee I think he thought I was nuts! I said it might be coming in a magazine too as CMPC has expressed an interested in seeing the transformation.

Harvey has a temp again, he is stuffed up with cold and generally a bit lethargic, hes in my bed tonight, so I had better go off to bed soon seeing that my bed partners are a coughing 5 year old and a wiggly (and also coming down with something) 19 month old. Darren has be banished into the bunk beds in Harveys room, least he will get a sleep.

I have been drawing dozens of sketches in how I am going to fit all my stuff inside and get it in some sort of order, I think I have it finally down how I want it. There is a lot to cram inside. First I need to finish the painting and then it needs the electrics and carpet to be done.

Speak later
I am off to bed

Wolf whistle.... hey sexy

Dont ask me how a shed can be sexy but just look, it is isnt it? LOL

Lookie Lookie

I was starting to feel ill, it was 11.49am and the shed people werent here. I wanted to call but was too scared incase they said no... Anyway, Darren called I was just about to tell him about how ill I felt and it wasnt coming and I heard a truck outside..

Here is photo number one... I had to come in as I think the boys were winding the men building it up! LOL

this is the inside left and back... As you can see the inside "stuffing" to keep it all nice and toasty! Now since coming inside they have put all the sides, front and roof on and are playing about it with. I am so excited I think I will have a little dance inside! I have beautiful windows and door on the front. Its a shame the way the garden is that I have had to put it the way I have, but never mind, its in my garden and its MINE!!!

Inspiring Blogs

OK mine has been less than inspiring of late but I have over the last few days found some lovely stuff on other peoples blogs. Here are a few links - gorgeous Gina K designs using a cute set that is on my wish list! Frog, bunny and kangaroo to name a few. Check those samples out! - this lady has made some lovely cards using Hanna stamps - she has been showing off sneak peeks of the new sets, three of which are FAB for dog lovers!! - I love Hanna stamps and hope to have a few more of them soon! - leslie has made a cute as can be little basket - I love the look on this mini basket

All the people on the links on the right inspire me. So much talent out there, so many stamps to buy! LOL

Right off to get the washing up liquid from the bathroom! My poor hubby has been washing with it LOL he is a car mechanic and I keep forgetting to buy soap when I go out shopping, he says my girlie body washes just dont get the grease off, he needs good old fashioned bar of soap or in case of emergency washing up liquid! What a bad wifey I am?!

Missing you

I am really missing blogging and more importantly I am missing cardmaking. I have been so busy of late, nipping here and there and also so absolutely shattered so even when I have a half hour spare to be able to make a card I feel so tired I cant! Caiden isnt the best sleeper and I am such a light sleeper everything wakes me up. I have oodles of stuff to show you. I got my little cotton rabbits stamps from, this was a pre order for the rabbit kit. I have some contraband SU! USA stuff, lovely mini ribbon spools from The Glitter Pot, Yummy Stampendous stamps and more!

On a happier note my Crafty Palace should be coming today. YIPPEE will let you know later for sure. I am going to very busy over the next week or two getting the palace up and running. Darren, bless him will be spending his birthday working on my palace :) We have to paint and carpet it and then put the electrics in. I expect I will be moving boxes and things for months to come too! LOL trying to fit all my stuff in is going to be fun! I have a lot!

Harvey is not going to school today, he is very hot, got a bad cough and said he had a headache when he got up. It actually makes it easier for me, shed people wise, for him not to go so I wont have to be going in a out. Its funny how some other days he might say he doesnt want to go to school. When they are ill and cant go he is creating about wanting to go!! LOL He is not going though, hes not well thats for sure, my poor little man. Sometimes he seems so grown up, but ill today on the sofa hes just my little poppet that needs his mummy. I went to see his friend yesterday Adam who has been off school with chickenpox. Both my boys have had it and my friend was going stir crazy with two kids. Had a cuppa and chat. Poor Adam, I have NEVER seen so many pox on one little face. Caiden had it bad, Adam had it much worse! or different I should say, he had hundreds of little pox on his face, Caiden had lots of bigger ones on his little face (he was only 7 months old). He has been OK with it, not ill like Caiden was, he was throwing up with it as well! I hope to see Adam and Harvey both well enough to go back to school Monday. Please send them get well hugs.

Oh well, better get ready for number two son to get up. Drink my cuppa and plan the day inside ahead.


Saturday, March 8

Too lairy?

Is my new blog too much? I like it, someone said today it was too bright. let me know, I'll provide sunglasses!

** edited to add, most like it. I LOVE it! one comment said to take the red sidebar away, so I have changed it to pink. I like the red but I dont want to give people headaches! LOL so I hope this is better?

Glitter Pot classes cards

The first card was just one I was playing about with the template of the card and the new Stampendous Changito stamps.
This one is done using the adorable Springtime Maggie - call the Glitter Pot and you can order this one. This is the SPRING card class. I used the paper to create her matching dress.
This one is using the Pirate Luca - again call to order as they are not allowed to sell online but can take orders over the phone. The words are from Hero Arts.
Isnt this Monkey the cutest? Whippersnapper this time and the sliding pop up card, the words are Stampendous. The monkey is in stock now at the and you can order this online.
This last one is again using a Whippersnapper and a bunny this time. The words are from Penny Black. The great spotted background is made with my little pinky stuck into briiliance ink in an array of colours! cute eh?

Had the classes today, we had fun, worked a little on the slider card as there was measurements ect but they all managed it and made some lovely cards. It was a full house, we had 13 in the afternoon!

Good News!! My Chalet is coming Thursday!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

Stampin' up! Markers

Still needing 2 more people to join in with this. See post a few below this one :)


Friday, March 7

Panic attack over!

PHEW! I printed off the 10 pages of instructions for the cards I am making Saturday for my class and struggled for a good half hour to understand the first few steps. Once mastered it was very easy. Thank goodness as we have a class of 12 for this one (or maybe 11 as one lady cancelled as she is ill - get well soon!) anyway I was thinking of doing a runner when I saw the instructions, but I wont, I'll be there! :) Still got to make another card today for it, but I have it sussed so I am not worried.

Bad night, Caiden didnt sleep yesterday, no sleep in the day means a nightmare night as well! He was awake at 11:45, Harvey came in at 2:30am, Caiden woke at 3:15am, Robert (BIL) got up for loo at 4am (I am a light sleeper and we have a creaky bottom stair) cat woke me at 5:20am, Harvey knocked his drink over the quilt at sometime in the night too, didnt see the time and I got up with Caiden at 6:10am. YAWN YAWN YAWN is it bedtime yet? And here is the little monster! Complete with chocolate face pack.

Harvey has a party after school, I am dropping him there and coming back, cant be bothered to stay. Rain looks like it is on its way. Typical, grotty weekend forecast! STILL no shed, all I want is a call to say a date! Does this man not know how important it is?!?!?! My sanity is on the brink!

Didnt see Mum yesterday, had a day indoors. Scrubbed the guinea pig hutch, tidied the garden ect Not sure what I am doing today either, Brother is going round to see mum to do a few jobs for her. I need to get my prep finished so I might try and do that this morning.

Thursday, March 6

Playing about with my blog....

Not yet finished, I will get round to a new header soon but I like it so far! Do you?


** Edited to say that I have added a header now too :)

Wednesday, March 5

New Widget and Shed news

I had added a new widget, its showing how much money people have donated to our chosen charity for Dad. Although Dad didn't die of Alzheimers, his Mum did and its a very distressing disease for all that watch their loved ones disappear into themselves. Dad would have been proud. We took donations from the funeral instead of flowers.

On a totally different thing, I called today re my shed, apparently it has been made but they are trying to schedule delivery and installation. Wont be long now!! I said to Darren wont that be nice, it will be here ready for him to work on it all day 15th March! His birthday! :)

I am working hard these evenings with prep work for my two classes this weekend at the Glitter Pot. I have two full to bursting classes there. We will be playing with Sugar Nellies and Whippersnappers!! What fun! I will take photos and share once classes have run.

Speak later


Hmmm ponderings come to life

I would LOVE to own the full marker set from Stampin Up!, BUT not only that I want to own the wonderful marker case too! Not quiet having enought to buy the whole lot in one go I thought I would run this by you LOL So who wants to join me in a new collectors club? I need 3 more people... you will need to spend £28.95 which includes a little bit for postage too for the next 4 months. At the end of it we will have all collected the whole set of markers and a case too.

Email me for more info

I am also thinking of in the future running paper and cardstock clubs too so keep your eyes open on the blog.

Just before I close this message you might be wondering what you can do with the markers?

Colour bold stamps for beautiful stamping
Scribble onto acetate and use waterbrush to give a watercoloured effect
Die ribbon to be the same colour as the papers!
Die flowers from the Pritties kit to match too
Write with them

All this and you know they will match with the cardstock, papers, brads, ribbons, Ink pads and more!

I have got a new delivery of catalogues. Contact me for more information how you can purchase one!

Monday, March 3

Cute as a frog!

Apologies for NON frog lovers but I just LOVE this SU set and I keep grabbing it time and time again. I have seen these little clips on various blogs and thought I would try my own. They are so simple, but very cute and can be used as bookmarks.

For the materials I have used all SU stuff apart from one piece of ribbon and the glitter glue.

Used : scallop circle punch, watercolour wonder crayons (Bold Brights), circle punch, black ink, pumpkin pie and old olive cardstock.

Mums move went really well, she has done amazingly well and has unpacked EVERYTHING!! YES EVERYTHING! As you know she doesnt like mess and clutter (Hence my clean kitchen and front room whislt she was here) so she just had to get those boxes away. She has no doubt done too much and will suffer for it at the nighttime when all her aches will come out, but she wouldnt be happy any other way! I took her cats back last night, who apparently kept her awake all night charging about and playing, I guess they were just happy to be away from my two cats and from the kids too.

Saturday, March 1

Magnolia stamps and great service

I like to promote stores that offer great service on my blog and yesterday morning I purchased 2 Magnolias from less than five minutes after placing the order the order was being processed and I cant remember how soon after that, but it was soon, they had completed it. The postman knocked this morning with Edwins Town stamp and a cute tilda with a heart on her pinny... too cute! I thought the house one was great not only for the tilda and edwin stamps but as a new home stamp too

My Handsome Harvey is 5!

Harvey is five today and I wanted to share this lovely picture that I took last weekend. Its at Bexhill Beach and Harvey loved beachcoming and picking up shells and stones.

For the most part he is an adorable boy! Sweet natured and sensitive, but full of fun and mischief too. Of course he has a naughty side, wouldnt be normal without one. Since having Caiden I have released how lovely Harvey was as a toddler!

I Love you Harvey! Happy Birthday xxxx

Extra, Extra read all about it!!

March Hostess Promotion
Extra! Extra! Stampin’ Up! hostesses get extra hostess awards 1 – 31 March, in addition to the already fantastic hostess benefits!

From 1 – 31 March, Stampin’ Up! hostesses can earn an EXTRA £25 to use toward Stampin’ Up! products of their choice when they host a workshop totaling £350 or more!
This extra benefit is included along with the standard hostess benefits they receive when they host a workshop.

The standard hostess benefits include
A free Idea Book & Catalogue 2007-2008 worth £5.95.
Free products only available to hostesses (with qualifying orders; select from the products on pages 13-20 of the catalogue).
Free Stampin’ Up! products of your choice.

This extra hostess benefit is only being offered for a limited time, so contact your demonstrator TODAY to schedule a workshop!


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