Friday, February 29

Its been a while

even my Husband said to me "you havent blogged since Sunday" LOL See I have a fan in him! More like he wants to see what I have been up to, and what I have been buying!

Been busy this week with Mum, she has been staying here since Sunday and is going to move into her new place tomorrow. Shes not looking forward to it, its another step and its hard. Its been lovely having Mum here, shes like the cleaning fairy and my front room and kitchen has never looked so tidy and also just being here with Caiden meant I could get on with things, take Harvey to school on my own and just things like that make a difference. We're trying to win the lottery this weekend so we can buy a house with a granny annex!

So onto show you what I made for my class on Wednesday night, it was a lovely evening, very relaxed and chatty and just what I needed as I had a stressful day with Caiden not napping and then being extra grouchy!!

These stamps are very cute aren't they? CC Designs from Crafts U Love.

I have also used Cuttlebug fonts for the lettering, cuttlebug swiss dots folder and the flowers are cuttlebugged and handcut too!

I had hoped I would be updating you with further "shedscapades" but alas, nothing since the call last week. It's 4 weeks on Monday since I ordered it so I might just be getting on the phone next week to just see what is happening. So my visions of having my hubby painting and wiring all day for Mothers Day (this Sunday) are dashed. Oh well, he will have an IOU for the work, I am not worried about a pressie, but him promising a days work in my shed will be more than worth it.

I am going to see Harveys assembly this afternoon, not really sure what it is about, although we suspect it with have a Mothers Day/Parents element to it. So there is a proud mummy moment coming up.

SO onto what I have been buying... Hmmm well, I did happen to come home with the stunning Hero Arts catalogue and 3 CC designs stamps too.

I have made my Mum a card and I will post that below too. Its not your usually Mumsie Mothers Day card, not all flowery or lovey but it says it all and Mum loves owls so its very fitting for her.

Sunday, February 24

Eternal Maker

Had a great class at Eternal Maker yesterday in Chichester. Its was along day with my being out the house nearly 11 hours, but it was fun. They have the most wonderful buttons, my favourite of which I have shown you before, the cute little daisy buttons, I used some yesterday and got some more too :) Really annoyed with myself as I forgot to take photos of the projects I made so I havent got anything to show you. :( I could show you my lovely buttons again! LOL

Last night was a bad night, what with boys, the cats and the two "lodger" cats were up to mischief, scratching, running, ect ect then Caiden was rolling around on the bed like he does and then Harvey came in at 5;30 with a Birthday present for Caiden (who is not 2 until June 15th) so there were 4 of us in the bed, with me being squished into the most akward and painful position.! I gave up at 7 and got up as I enjoy some time on my own before anyone gets up, so I had half an hour, I just went up to get them. As I think I mentioned yesterday I am going to pick Mum up from Bexhill. Another day of longish drives, am taking Harvey with my and hopefully Darren can get into the garden and finish the base. The shed people called yesterday and they asked Darren what colour stain we wanted. Hmmm well poor Darren was in a tizz, he was like "well I am only the husband, its for my wife, whatever I choose with be wrong" LOL He did make a choice and I am 99% certain he made the right one. Trying not to think about it too much really as it too late if it wasnt the right choice! But that means its been made and now being treated so it wont be long!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

Friday, February 22

A card and a great bargain

Firstly I have been dying to use the new Stampendous monkeys since I got them and I got a chance last night so here is the card I made.

I used some lovely paper from Basic Grey. I know a lot of people out there love this line. I like a few of them, not a huge fan, too distressed and grungy for me (LOL) but I really like this one, infact I would say I LOVE this one.

The arrow is from a new set from Stampendous and I decided to go a bit "junky" and added a metal embellishment, primas, buttons and ribbons too. He is a cutie isnt he? Lots of people asked me earlier in the week where they could get them from. I am sure if you called the Glitter Pot and spoke to Bryan nicely he will be able to help you. Just say you saw them on my blog. I did email him earlier in the week to confirm or not but our emails seem not to like each other at the moment as he is just not getting my messages.

Changing subject, we have a discount second hand furniture place down the road. Its a place where you can donate items for sale and occasionally they donate and help out people that have been homed and have no money or the sell the bits that have been dontated too. I got my desk from them a while back and I donated a kitchen table and pc station too. So I often walked passed with a stretchy neck, walking so far past but still looking! I saw this unit. Its like a display unit, pine I would guess and its got shallow shelves. Hmmm, great for my Palace eh? SO I walked passed and looked the price. I couldnt remember how much it was but I thought I remembered £25, so went there today thinking I will knock them down to £20 and I saw it was £15!! BARGAIN! So I paid without haggling, thought it was a good price for a solid piece. For now its sitting on my desk in our family room, it will eventually end up in my shed on something, maybe even on this desk, not sure... its currently holding all my washing capsule boxes which in turn are holding my brads, buttons, mini ribbon spools and other pritties.

Come and play with CC designs with me CC!

LOL nope they arent my new range but an adorable range that Crafts U Love have brought over and you can come and join me Wednesday evening at Crafts U Love in Charlwood nr Gatwick. Check them out here and call them to book, its an evening class so no days off work needed!!

See ya there then?


Thanks to Sarn and other nattering

For sending me a article on a lady and her crafting shed, there are lots of bits and bobs I can look at and use for inspiration. She has the same size as mine as well so its good to see it being used. Mind you, now I am worried its just not going to be big enough for my plans! LOL Also adding Sarn as a fav on my UK bloggers, check her cards out, she loves Penny Black and has made some lovely cards.

Mum is coming back from her brothers Sunday. I am going to go and pick her up from Bexhill. She has stayed there for the week and enjoyed her time there, she said it was nice to be away from it all when the house actually sold, hard time for her, saying goodbye to the house and the dreams that her and Dad made when they put the house up for sale. She is coming to bunk with Harvey! I'll have a clean and tidy house for a week! LOL she does like things just so and my house isnt to her liking, but its hard work with the kids undoing what I have just done. Yesterday for instance, after weeks of living off the laundry pile and not taking the washed clothes upstairs I finally put the boys clothes away only to find the boys had emptied a trunk of shoes all over the kitchen floor. Then there is the constant sweeping of the front room, only for the boys to have found a box of polystrene chips and be picking them to bits to make "snow" ARGH! I will have a mad clean up today and Saturday evening. I am working all Saturday, have to leave a 8am and wont be back until 6 at the earliest.

Shed - havent heard anything yet. Although all is not well with the base and there appears to be an uneven bit in the middle, from when Darren did the first installment and the second. Could have be frost as its been bitter here for a week alll whislt Darren was doing it. So we are both cheesed off about it, me coz I just want it finished and the shed to be delivered and him coz he has to try and do it again, also money as well, we will have to buy more stuff to finish it off. :(

I have made a couple of cards and a little easter treat holder for tomorrows class. I will share ones the class is over. Also made a cute little card with some of my Stampendous goodies :) Gotta love that monkey! He is tooo cute... I have to pop to petrol station now and get some diesel and then I am popping to local 2nd hand furniture store as I saw a fab shelving unit just great for craft goodies. Just need to see if I can knock the price down a little as I havent got a lot of cash to play with.

Speak later

Wednesday, February 20

Tuesday, February 19


Heres a cute little card that I have been using at my Stampin' Up! parties to promote quiet a few items.

Firstly I took a piece of ruby red cardstock and cut it into a 6 x 6 folded card. I then took a piece of whitecardstock and stamped the unfrogettable images onto it. I coloured it in with the lovely gorgeous Watercolour Wonder Bold Brights crayons and Aqua Painter. I then used the 1 3/8" circle punch to punch out a circle from the Really Rust cardstock. I then took the piece of card that had the circle cut out of it and positioned the Scalloped Punch over the top of the hole and repunched. This created a scalloped frame. I cut the scallop open and spread it out to create a scalloped edge which I stuck to the white stamped panel with Snail Adhesive. This was then mounted onto Old Olive cardstock. (keeping up so far?) OK, next I took a piece of Fall Flowers patterned paper and cut a strip. I used the Wheel Guide and the Petals wheel to wheel across the bottom of the red cardstock with a Rose Red Ink Pad. (see I told you there was a lot to this card) For the flower decoration I used the scallop punch in a couple of ways. First I punched the scallop from Old Olive, I then stuck the punched shape onto a piece of paper. I then stuck this back into the punch but rotated it so it made a further cut to create this different punched flower. I then took the punch and punched out of Ruby Bed cardstock and then cut out with scissors every other petal. I lastly stamped and punched the wording and stuck into the middle.

Sounds a lot of work, but took only ten or so minutes to do.

If you want to get hold of any of the supplies for this give me a shout :)c

Monday, February 18

Forward planning.... pretties for my Crafty Palace

We all like pretties right? I have been working on sorting my stash ect and getting organised and tidied up for my Palace. My Mum had this lovely glass vase that she didnt want to throw but didnt have anywhere for it to go, she is downsizing greatly and has so much stuff and not enough space. So I said I would gladly take it, seeing a vision of paper flowers to be dipped into when the need arises! I thought it would look lovely on my desk, together with my yummy glass jar or ribbons. These are my fav and coveted ribbons from USA from Candice, she was my shopper and got me these great ribbons, almost too good to use eh? I also have but unpictured is my Argos pink wire cake stand which I have some lovely glass jars filled with zoomz and baubles and a few handy ink pads too.

I held off from calling the shed people today to ask how wide my door was going to be! LOL I was going to start measuring my furniture to see what I can fit in. Ideally space for two to sit. I have my desk and I want another place for friends to come and play too. But lets face it, its only 10 x 8 so I wont have masses of room to play with once the units are in and my stamp drawers too.... to say I can wait maybe a understatement. Its taking the sadness away, well not taking it away but you know what I mean, which has been around me these last few months. I scrawled Heart Dad and 4 kisses into the cement, I think Darren was both understanding and shaking inside after hours of laying and getting it flat I was out there with a metal pole scraping into it! LOL

Wanted to add these are just my loose flowers! LOL Didnt want you all to think this was all I had! I have around 25 jars and pot of more :) The picture doesnt really show you the size either, its about 10 inches high, its lovely.

Sunday, February 17

He earnt his Lamb Shank didnt he?

Hubby finished the base off, so I treated him to a Lamb Shank roast. He likes lamb, I on the other hand only like chicken so we generally have chicken every Sunday. He deserved it though, he moved my Mum out yeterday, the poor boys were round my mums for 9 hours yesterday as the house got gradually emptied. Darren and my brother did all the moving into storage and they will be moving it all into my mums new place in a few weekends time.

PS re the candle

I think we will run this Complete Package class at the Glitter Pot again. This class has been full and overflowing both times it has run so check out the next list :)


Candle Tutorial

I had a few people asked so I just did this quickly this afternoon. Its very simple. You will need
* Candle

* Stamps

* Ink (I used Staz on)

* Colouring medium - I have used Watercolour Pencils, H20's, Watercolour Crayons, Distress Inks before

* Tissue Paper

* Greaseproof paper

* Heat Gun

* Scissors

Stamp image onto tissue paper using a waterproof ink such as Staz on, Archival, Memories

Colour image in with chosen colouring medium. I have in this instance used Watercolour pencils and an aqua brush. The following two pictures are of what I have coloured and then the paper underneath. This is just showing you how the tissue absorbs the colour. DO NOT move the tissue about when colouring as it might transfer back up through the tissue.

Cut around image, you dont have to be too precise, just taking the excess away. Place onto candle and take a piece of greaseproof paper,wrap around the candle and scrunch up around the back and hold tight around candle. Here is a picture of the greaseproof paper held tightly. I didnt show my hand as it looked horrible!! LOL I need a model hand for these pictures, mine are looking too old!

Take your heat gun and hold approx 2 inches away from candle and whislt holding it I wiggle it a little, not too much, but a little so its not held totally on one part of the candle.

This last picture is after I have heated part of the candle. If you look closely you can just about see from his eye and to the left it looks slightly brighter. This happens has the tissue gets absorbed into the candle. When that happens all over your candle is done.
If you take the greaseproof off before its ready you can replace the greaseproof and heat again with no problems.
I will finish this candle off later. We have treated ourselves to a movie on demand! Very rarely do it, I mean like once or twice a year. We have got Transformers :) Should be fun.

Saturday, February 16

Glitter Pot class

Had a fun time at the Glitter Pot today, who couldnt when we were colouring, making boxes, stamping Penny Black, decorating candles and chatting!

So here is what we made :)

We have used Penny Black stamps, I didnt limit people to using just one or two and we had a selection of hedgehogs, bears and a few Stampendous too for good measure. I have coloured these in using the Distress ink pads and waterbrush. Love the effect it gives.

Here is the card we made.

I used the adorable mini primas, these come in small glass jars, choose your fav colour and you are set. These are new to the Glitter pot... and as well as me completing my collection of Distress inks I also brought these.....

The photo is really bad, but look at those flowers! Talk about lush! and the monkey is too cute dont ya think? Talking Monkeys, I have seen the new Stampendous stamps, including more Changitos and WOWIE we are in for a treat; Love them. As soon as I get some I will show you.

Mixed bag of emotions today

I am working today, at the Glitter Pot, a full class and we are making a box, bow, card and candle. It will be fun getting that all done, playing with the stamps, colouring ect... On the other hand today is an end of an era, and one that thanks to my lovely mischief monster Caiden nearly didnt happen. Firstly I will tell you what happened! Sitting round my mums last night, we were going to get fish and chips from the takeaway as mum is moving tomorrow, moving out. Anyway, I sat there and said I smelt burning, like when a tealight is burning out. All of a sudden the smoke alarm went off. Run to the kitchen, the kitchen was full of smoke, thick white stinking smoke. A whole catalogue of errors really, things we should of not done, like put a plastic bag full of utensils on top of the hob, put a small step up to the cooker and also we should have kept an eye on him! Thank goodness is was just smoke, no fire. Things could have been so much worse, but its not worth thinking about! The house was stinking, but I am sure it will be fine today. Back to today, Mum is moving out, its the family home that I moved into 32 years ago and lived there for many (cant remember when I moved out) Also of course my mum is moving out without the person she moved in with, My Dad. I am sort of pleased I wont be there. I am turning the keys in Monday, before hand I can go round and check things and have a cry. Mum is going to my Uncles and I will see her in two weeks. ARGH!! Mum is away just as Harvey has a week off, that was bad planning wasnt it?

I got a sweet award today, infact I got one last week from Kylie and now again from Anne, its the E for excellent award :)
I just looked at the time, I got one hour to get myself the and boys ready. I will be back later with some pictures of what we made today. And tell you all about the goodies at the Glitter Pot as I know they have lots of new stuff!
Chat later

Wednesday, February 13

My third party has been and gone

And it was fun! Nerve wracking but fun. For those that know names in the Crafting world I was holding a party for the ultra talented stamper Kim Reygate and her guests included Julie Hickey, Paula Pascual and Corinne Amos to name just a few. All mega talented, three are craft authors and one is actually one of my downline! So nerves were aplenty, but too were the laughs. Biggest laugh was me talking about the snail adhesive! They thought I had gone nuts, but no, that IS what is it is called. Julie promised a photo of her with snail in hand from the garden. I even managed to get a few Ohhhs from them all, with my little punch trick using the scalloped circle to create some different looks.

OK, I have a lot of stuff, I always thought I had an impressive amount of stash. Julie has a fab crafting cabin, wow loads of stuff there too. OMG OMG OMG OMG Kim has a whole room, floor to ceiling with stuff, stamps, papers, inks I have never seen a room so crammed of stuff! I was in shock! I told Darren he had to go and see how much she had and he could never moan again, but give him some credit, he is very good, he doesnt moan really, maybe pulls a face when I explain why I had to have something new.

I got two more bookings yesterday and I am up for more so if you are in the Surrey/Sussex area to a certain distance I would love to hear from you!! You dont need huge numbers, 6+ I would say would be fab.

Totally changing the subject, I went to mums today to pick up the cats. We have two of our own and now are sitting for my Mums two. Going to be fun, I hope they behave at night. Monty is very very shy, I dont think we will see him. Marley will be OK, he's not come down yet but I am sure by the end of the day he will.

Tuesday, February 12

Mail Yummies

I dont mean Male Yummies although there were some on this morning TV! LOL Did you see? I got a few things in the post today. Firstly 6 of the new Cuttlebug folders from my SS from the cricut forum, I pre ordered these in November or sometime like that when my SS sent me $$ to spend and they came today. Also got some SU USA goodies from a friend. Cant wait to play!

Monday, February 11


Here is Darren getting stuck in, he has dug the whole and is now filling with rubble and he has put the frame up.
Here is Caiden in the Mud, he had a great day on Saturday whilst I worked. Harvey was the same but I missed him in the photo, by the time I had got home he was bored of the mud as he had been out all day.
Here is the base that Darren has made a fantastic start on, infact he has less left to do that he has done. I said to he I wondered how long after he started he realised it would have been good to start offloading the cement at the other corner!! LOL

SO here is the starting of my Crafty Palace :)
Here are a few pictures.

Todays trip

I popped to the Glitter Pot today. I have class this weekend there and needed to get stuff to prep with. Whilst there I picked up some Distress ink pads and also saw they have a wonderful range of Sugar Nellie stamps in stock!! Now I dont think they are able to sell online but you can give them a call to chat about which ones they have in stock. And if you have been under a rock and dont know what Sugar Nellies look like then here are a few photos of mine. Whilst taking the photo I realised I need more!! LOL Incidentally they havent got the new Simon and Lola ones yet but the will be coming in a while. I cant wait to be able to demo these wonderful stamps and I mean all the Sugar Nellies soon... I think I have a date, infact I know I will be there on 15th March playing with the Nellies and hopefully another fantastic range too! This was a special date previously blocked as it is my Hubbys birthdya but he told me to work as I was so happy for the SN to be sold at the Glitter Pot.

Sunday, February 10


What is it that scares people? I love orange, such a bright and happy colour but if I had a pound for all those that said "I dont do orange" during a class or demo then I would be rich. Funny isnt it? What makes us like things, dislike others.

I coloured this image (above) in the other night and have at last made time to make a card. It is orange and lime which are two of my fav colours, I like bright happy colours, cant fail to make to make me smile. I have used my watercolour crayons from Stampin' Up! my new favourite colouring medium, well those and the distress ink pads, I used those yesterday and ended up buying 10!! LOL Not quiet the idea to be selling to myself!
I made the flower type things with three different Stampin' Up! cardstock colours and the Stampin' Up! Scallop circle punch. I added Zoomz to the centre, thought it turned out cute.
I love how the light caught the glitter glue when I took the photo tonight.
News on the shed/base progress. Darren has done fantastically well, he has mixed about 1 1/2 tonnes of ballast and cement (by hand) and made great headway with it. I went to my Mum and asked her if I could take some of Dad's ashes to sprinkle in my base... Hmm does that make me weird, to want to do that? I was going to have some anyway and I wanted it to be somewhere undisturbed in the garden and not somewhere we would dig up in 6 months time. So I can truely sit in my Palace and think of him being near. I told him I wanted him to inspire me to make fantastic cards!
I had better go, Harvey has the nesquick powder and is making a mess!! Kids eh?
Speak Later

Saturday, February 9


Everyone is in bed and I thought I would get up and get ready for work. I am at Creative Living today teaching a colouring class so that will be fun, playing with some Bellas which I havent done for a few months now. Its hard not taking my SU stuff, just got into it and want to play with all the fabby things I have been building up.

Plans are that Darren and the kids (LOL) are going to be starting on the shed base. There is a thick frost out there so I hope its not gone too far down. Darren got up at 1am was a sick, I hope he hasnt got something, or maybe it was the beer and chinese?

Peace seems to be broken, I can hear little footsteps from upstairs, I think its Harvey, Caiden cant get out of our room as there is a stair gate in there.... Yep! it was Harvey, we've just had a cuddle and now my arm has been released so I can type again!

No cards to share today, Before my Dad died I have got into a little habit of making a card when Caiden was napping, now I tend to go round mums straight after dropping H at school and now dont have the time as I have to catch up on housework ect. I of course dont mind, I love visiting Mum but I know she worries I am round too much. Its not coz I have to be there, its coz I want to be.

How bizarre, I went to Jewsons yesterday to order 2 tonnes of ballast and sat outside in tears. I hadnt been there since before Dad died and it was one of those weird moments that seem to come from no where and wipe you out. I tried to stop but I couldnt so just had to go in there, I knew that as soon as someone spoke to me I would be in tears again so it was pointless. Thankfully I was going in to see a girl there that I used to go to school with and she knows how it is as she lost her Mum a few years ago. She was very close to Dad, he was a likeable man and he had a huge turnout from Jewsons at his funeral, I expect I made them all feel a little sad yesterday, funny how I held it together at the funeral and go to pieces visiting his work?!

Oh well, I didnt really want to leave my post at a sad note, but I cant think of anything else to say... told you it was ramblings. Hope to have a few cards to show you later.

Have a great day all.

Thursday, February 7

Funky Fairy Card

I got these adorable stamps the other day and couldnt wait to play and share with you.

She is fun isnt she? They were smaller than I thought they would be but it means I can use maller cards and still embellish so I dont mind. This card is a 6 x 6 square (I think) and she fits beautifully and I can still add the words ect ect ect

OK, I used a lot of different stuff for this. The Fairy is from Funky Fairies Papercrafts ( there is a link a few posts down) The orange/yellow jewels at the bottom are zoomz and from The flower background is by Penny Black and from, the scalloped edge is made using the Stampin' Up! corner punch with the guard removed, the scalloped circle is from Stampin' Up! too, the words are a fabby Stampendous cube and I am sure the Glitter Pot could help you out with that too.

I coloured with watercolour pencils, aqua brush and I used the distresser tool keyring from SU for the distressed edge. I added a little "bling" with good ol' crystal glitter glue.

Wednesday, February 6

Few things

To share today. Here is a photo of my first Simon & Lola card from Sugar Nellie designs. I like the card, just the photo is a bit washed away. Its like there is a net curtain infront of the camera! I have tried to edit in the photo software but its just not happening, so you will have to see it "as is". Also its pastel, I am not a pastal kinda gal, so I think its just not popping out like I usually like. The stamps are adorable. At present only available from Funky Kits but sources tell me these will be out there available to all from other places too. Just like the rest of the Sugar Nellie ranges. Watch this space.... as soon as I know more I will let you know :)

I love all the designs but wanted to try this cute boy first, most of the others are depicting either Lola or both Simon and Lola but I wanted to give this little guy a chance :) He reminds me of both my boys, although not sure which one, Harveys legs are like twigs and Caidens not called "chunky munkey" for nothing! LOL The wording is from and is a Hero Arts set of four, they are fab, when I saw them I brought them right away, Bryan said "we thought they were up your street".. What a wicked man buying all this stuff to tempt me! The beautimus scallop is from the SU scallop punch, available from your local SU demo, or me if you havent got a local one yet. Ohh I had better not post this to the UKS forum or I will have my blog removed from my signature line! We are not allowed to post to UKS anything about SU until someone signs up to be a sponsor, I wonder how much that would be? Hmmm something to ponder...

Anyway, last night, chatting to Bryan about a demo they wanted me to squeeze in, boys were still awake, following me about and me getting cross as I was on the phone. They both come back into the front room. I assume Caiden is with Darren, he since tells me Caiden had a strop on, and BOY does he have them... anyway, he walks away, Darren thinks he is with me. 20 minutes later I emerge from the kitchen and find Caiden like this!

He is asleep on the front room floor, behind the chair with his head actually on the chair and not quiet on the floor! OMG how funny, I couldnt get over it. Please ingnore the dust bunnies that Caiden has unearthed.. How did they get there?

Caiden is now asleep again for his midday nap. He didnt sleep well last night, he seems to know when Mummy has a late night coming up and sleeps less than normal so I will be very tired tonight during my second Stampin' Up! party booking. How exciting!

Did you have your pancakes yesterday? I did, I made the mixture with Delias receipe and it turned out nice. YUMMY. Dont know why, I always let Darren make them. I had a go at one myself, ended up more like scrambled pancake, but it was still yummy, just had a few holes. and I did toss it!

Beautiful sunny day here right now. I am hoping it will be nice this weekend so I can do some digging in the garden, cough cough, I mean so Darren can dig my base out for the shed :) At the moment phoning around for best prices on ballast and cement.

Speak later


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Tuesday, February 5

Harveys show and tell

I remembered today whilst waiting outside school it was Harveys show and tell and I forgot to bring something so I rummaged in my bag where I had my box of sugar nellie stamps, gave him the pirate stamp, snatched it back, wrote on the back encase it was dropped and then told him to talk about how he makes cards with mummy. He was really pleased about taking it in! LOL bless him.

Didnt mean to leave you in suspenders

I got busy last night and been out all morning.

No one was right I dont think. Pregnant? screams of horror would be more fitting! LOL I love my kids but two is it for me!

Got my shed? Nope .. I wish!

WOn the lottery? you think you would see me for dust?

My excitement was ordering the shed :) its now just 3-4 weeks away or sooner until I have my beautiful chalet style shed with half glazed georgian door, georgian windows, fully lined. Already I am wondering how to fit it all in and make best use of every nook and cranny! He is sending my the receipt for the deposit and a drawing so I can look at it everytime I get downhearted about trying to work in the front room with the kids.

Darren was working really hard this weekend and he has cleared the rubbish pile at the bottom of the garden. I said to him, as I know he didnt want my shed up near the house that if he can make a base for my shed down there in time then I will be there. I want the best of both worlds really, to be near the house, but also for it not to be! LOL The eaves will be 7ft high and the shed will be only 4 foot away from our main front room window which will effect the view! LOL and light and with my sensible head on I have agreed its too close, although handy as we wouldnt have had to pay out for a base, although part of the deal of having that patio was that he extend the patio the other side anyway so really we would have spent the money anyway. We were busy last night on the internet working out how much cement and ballast we need for a base, where we can get it from ect ect.. He wants to get working on it this Saturday when I am working and has already told Harvey they are digging Saturday. Harvey is very excited and Caiden will love it out there too in the mud! Shame Harvey has no concept of time yet as he told me he wasnt going to school today as he was digging the garden with Daddy. We had a 5 minute disagreement that it WASNT Saturday today!

Lots and lots of love to my Mum for giving me the money to make my dream come true! Maybe she thinks that the shed will be cheaper than therapy and she has seen how hard is is for me to concentrate on prepping for classes ect with the choas here.

Looking on the craft blog Paula Pascual posts to about craft storage I tried not to get too sad to see a lady with her 22ft x 10 shed!! I will be happy with my 10 x 8 Crafty Palace. Not sure if I told you all that is the name for my place. My Dad was a life long supporter of the Eagles and Crafty Palace seems apt for somewhere I can retreat to and make cards and have a quiet time to think about him and other things.

Thanks to all those that pop on regularly. I am sorry things have been lacking craft wise recently. its just so hard to do right now with the stuff scattered all over the house and no where quiet to do it. Also loosing Dad has hit me hard and zapped the creativeness some what or the enthusiasm (sp) to do it. Thanks for all the wonderful messages of support over the last couple of months and sharing your own stories of greiving ect

xxx Caz

Sunday, February 3

Middle Name Tag

I got tagged the other week. I do get tagged quiet a lot and usually I dont do anything with them. Not that I dont want to, its just an acute lack of time. I mean I really struggle to get everything done in the day and I forget where I saw I was tagged and then I just forget. I have a bad memory, lack of sleep perhaps? I hope.

So Jenny at Stamping Moments tagged me with the middle name game. You know how some parents have babies names picked out at 12 weeks pregnancy (me LOL) well my parents didnt have a name, they had a few, but wasnt going to rush the decision. Then I made a dramtic entrance to the world a month early, now days not a problem but in 1971 it was more so. I wasnt very well and neither was my Mum, so they had to name me quick, just encase. Hence the one name "Caroline" and not middle name. So apparently I play this with my Maiden name.

These are the rules:You must post the rules before you give your answers.You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name.After you've been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers.At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name.(Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details.

C -colour my favourite colours are bright ones. I love bright pink, green, orange and red

H - Hate spiders

I - I used to be painfully shy, even of my Nan and used to hide behind my mums skirt!

L - love - my boys, husband, my pets, house, family, friends, fresh bread, flapjacks, making cards (na really?)

D - Dog - had one as a kid until he was 16 years old. I would love to get one when the boys are older

S - Stamps - I have a few.... I really would love to count them but its over the hundreds into the thousands and I havent got time. Want to come and help me?

Thats it, gonna run and get Harvey his breakfast as he keep wining in my ears!

Well I got half the tag done, I dont suppose I will get to choose the people! LOL

Saturday, February 2

Have to point you here Marlene has done a fab job with the New Sugar Nellie Stamps. She was the first off UKS to post a card, its beautiful isnt it? LOVE those designs.

These stamps can be purchased from


Friday, February 1

Almost a week

Since I last blogged. I am sorry. Been busy and tired and just no time for blogging. So my first party went well. Had a fun evening, sold a nice amount of stuff and I think most enjoyed it, even better than sales was two ladies comments. One said she could see herself getting into it if she had the time, I dont think she actually ordered anything but it planted a seed in her head. The second was the hostesses neighbour who wasnt into cardmaking ended up ordering herself and nice little starter kit and this might even give the hostess someone new to stamp with! I LOVE to get new people into it, to see the happiness on their faces when they realise "Yes, I can do it". It was a very large group, some were not into it anyone, some liked scrap booking but sadly I didnt make any sample pages.... As I say, you live and learn and all us UK demos have a job to know how to run and party as 99% of us will have never attended one before. I also think that each party will be different in that there will be different people with different needs ect.

So I thought I would share the cards I made for this. They are all simple, I havent got many/any Stampin' Up! accessories so they are all lacking ribbons ect. Something I hope to recify soon.

If there are any questions please do email me and I will endevour to help.

This card was the make and take - I used shapes and shadows, cheers and wishes for the stamps, the paper is rose red designer paper, card rose red too. The wording is stamped with Chocolate Chip.

My favourite set from the UK catalogue HAS to be Unfrogettable! Here I have made cads using that set, rose red designer paper, Old olive card as well as punches and other items all from Stampin Up! Contact me if you are after any of these items :0)

These cards were made with the Doodle That set - very cute eh? and the Two Cute set as well, sorry I have listed them in reverse the Too Cute set is the one on the left and the one on the right the Doodle That set. Simple but effective.

These two are made using A tree for all seaons and Fall Flowers paper.

These cuties are simple cards made using Wild about you set. Geat for my boys and their friends.

The last two are from the Loads of love set. I also used the Fall Flowers paper on the left and Cutie Pie paper on the right.

As I said before just email if you have any further questions re these.


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