Monday, April 11

Can I be excused?

Sorry for my lack of posts... but I have been a wee bit busy.  Emptying my Crafty Palace, moving the entire contents into my front room and then getting the Palace moved up the garden and then putting everything back!

I believe the pictures can tell the story better....

Some of my stash piling up!

 My little desk

 My mega craft wall back in shed
 More stuff in shed
 My lovely shed in its new place
 To the right where you can see the end of the slide was
where my Palace used to live. This is now becoming the kids play
area which will get fenced off soon
 Another shot
 Starting to decorate the windows
My Crafty Palace sign

In some ways I don't think the photos show the full extent of what stuff I had to move
out and then in again!!  But its fantastic where it it.  I have NO craft stuff in the house
and now the Palace is there I am much more likely to use it as its not down
the bottom of the garden.  I made my first card last night, I sat in there making a card
and I could see hubby sitting on the sofa playing his X box.  Kids were in bed... bliss!

10 comments: said...

Wow1 it looks amazing and I bet you will spend some time in there with all you lovely stuff

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Caz, that sure was a marathon, glad it all got sorted out and it now looks fantastic. Wish I had a big enough Garden to put a lovely shed like that in. Hugs JO.xx

Helena Daniels said...

The 'Palace' looks great in its new have waited long enough!!guess the boys are pleased to have their own special space too. Looking forward to lots of cards coming out of your little haven!!

Love Helena x

Lisa Jane said...

Wow - just fabulous!
Lisa x

SallyB said...

Hi Caz...It looks wonderful! I want one!!! If I lay on the floor howling do you think someone will get me one?
Happy Crafting in the new palace!

Andrea said...

wow, what a great lace to craft.
but I wonder, do you have a stove overthere, because I think your paper get wet and curls up
and in the winter you are cold
hug andrea

Diana said...

Hi Caz, Glad you are enjoying your scrapping shed. What a job it must have been to move everything out then back in. I have a shed too and love it. It was posted here last year. Come and say hi.

Susana said...

Eine schöne Bastelhütte hast du da! Das wäre auch was für mich! Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland! :-)

Vanessa said...

Wow! You have a lot of stuff! I'm jealous! Great space!


Love your space!! Thanks for sharing!


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