Monday, July 11

Designer Challenge - Karen Burniston July pt 1 - "up"

Hi Crafters and today I am here with the new format for the Designer Challenge for  July (and for the foreseeable future).  Instead of one post a month, we are joining in with two posts featuring one card every month. First of which is Karen Burniston's theme and the second theme is a theme that a fellow team member has chosen.  We the designers will post on a Monday and Karen will post on a Tuesday.  So please do check out the others posts.  Links to the left.

This is to spread the KB love and the inspiration through out the month and not just one week in the month. So as well as the Wednesday with posts that run on the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog you will see 2 DT posts.  How great eh?!

This first challenge weeks theme is "Up" and we are allowed to interpret it how we want to.  I don't know why but I had a crazy notion to send someone up to space and thus my "JINKS IN SPAAAACE"  card was born  (said in the voice of PIGS IN SPAAAACE from the Muppets)

Here you can see Jinks peering out his space shuttle 

Can you tell what I used to make it??  I will reveal below.

For the card I used :

Jinks the Monkey
Barn Pop Stand
Basket from the Hot Air Balloon for the "Boosters"
Grass from the Fence Set
Star Edges for decoration
Scalloped Circle from Ring Accordion

I had real fun making this card.  I love to look at dies and create new things from them.
Who would have thought a Barn and Basket would create a space shuttle!

Until next time, which is on 25th July :)  and you will have to pop back to see
what and who has chosen this month.


StampOwl said...

this card is just out of this world Caz, love love love it!!!!

Unknown said...

Truly amazing card. You truly have an inspirational creative mind. Keep those thoughts coming.

Liz H. said...

Great Card, really who would have thought a barn could be a rocket. You have to look at JUST the shapes to see what else it could be.


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