Thursday, April 12

Circle Mad

Yes I think I have finally gone circle mad, I cant seem to stop making them, I do enjoy doing stuff on the PC though.

Nearly the end of the school holidays. Harvey has been fantastic seeing that we werent able to go out the first week - ten days due to Caiden having the pox. Caiden is MUCH better, although both boys now have stinking colds and Harvey is coughing his little head off!!

Heres a picture of them, my nextdoor neighbour but one's little girl Enya left her play makeup round here the other night. Whislt I was cooking tea in the kitchen I came back to this. Aww how cute and look at those BLUE EYES!

The next day Harvey was dying to play with the makeup, I could tell, he kept fiddling with it, I said I'll put some on you, he did a little forced protest but then let me! LOL what fun! You cant see it too well in this photo but I just wanted to show you the difference in my boys eyes. Striking blue and Oh so brown. Both redheads though!
Will be stamping some tonight, got to finish prepping for my classes Saturday.

1 comment:

Samm said...

Great photos!!! hehehe love 'em!!


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