Wednesday, October 31

Lucky Me

I am lucky, I know that, beautiful family and great friends. One of which is Kim (Simply Fairies) We met through classes at various stores and just hit it off, I love her honesty, she will tell you straight about things and I like that in a person. Samm, Kim and myself are all part of a neverending RAK and today I got a stunning card from Kim and some delish ribbons too :) I took this picture on my new phone. It has come out really good I think. Darren decided that after Mondays happenings I really do need a phone. I called him at home a few times from the hospital phone but it was hours before the last call and he was getting frantic not knowing what was happening. So something good has come from this, I have a nice new contract phone which means I can use it when I need to, not like my pay as you go that never has credit on it. We decided its not a luxary for me to have this, even though its £15 a month I really should have one.

Happy Halloween

I love halloween and I know my boys will too... look what I just did whilst Harvey is at school, he will be excited to see it. I know by USA standards its pathetic, but for the UK we rarely decorate. Its nice to see next door have got into the spirit too with their HUGE spider. They gave us a couple of legs!! LOL on the porch roof so I gave them a few bats. I was thinking it will make Sarah jump as she walks out her door!!

Here are a couple of cards. Both Magnolia designs for the main images

For this card I have used the cuttlebug embossing folder with snowflakes from The Glitter Pot, Dovecraft Paper from The Glitter Pot, ribbon also from the Glitter Pot, Christmas flower was a gift but I know you can get it from Craftwork Cards, watercolour pencils, glitter glue and lastly zoomz from Stamp Galaxy. All links can be found on the right hand side tool bar.
For this card I have used my favourite and sadly wont be available to the UK Stampin Up! colour, this is one of this years "in" colours from the USA.... I do hope day one day we will get this... I love it. I used the purely pomegranite ink with my new stamp set from My Favourite Things for the background and I used the bold flower as an accent too. I used the ink pad to colour in the main design and pencils for the other colours. I used a fab brad for the centre of the flower too.

Tuesday, October 30

Caiden update and winner of the bella

Firstly I am sure some of you want to know how my little woo is. He is much better than yesterday. Still not well as of course he has an infection that caused this whole episode but he is much much better than the flopping sleeping all day boy I had yesterday.... PHEW Thank you all for your hugs and wishes. I can assure you all that he has had about a million kisses and cuddles since, thats just an increase from the usual half million I usually give my boys a day! LOL Gotta get them in whilst they still let me!

OK..... the winner of the Bella was comment number 21 who is Patsy!! Well Done. I LOVED reading all your fav books... awww it seemed like I was stirring happy memories for you too :)

I have emailed you Patsy for your address.


Monday, October 29

I will announce winner of bella tomorrow

Let me get over todays traumas and get onto something happy tomorrow.


That WASNT what I wanted to do today.

Last night we noticed Caiden was warm, then later in bed he was very hot, shivering and soooo hot, we gave him some medicine. This morning again he was very hot and we gave him some more. I arranged with a friend to meet her down the road and her walk Harvey to school as I didnt want to take Caiden in and out of the car. So after dropping Harvey to her I drove back home. Halfway there I looked in my rear mirror and to my horror Caiden was fitting. I was in a blind panic, thought I would drive to doctors as it was reasonably near. Anyway his fit stopped and he went limp, I paniced some more pulled over, a women walking to school noticed me (maybe the hysterical crying was a tip off something was wrong) and came over. We called ambulance and long story shortened, 7 hours later come home. Caiden had suffered a fevirale (sp) convulsion due to over heating, which again was due to virus. He has slept most of the day, he was waking up and then falling asleep 10 minutes later. He even stayed asleep as they milked the blood from his foot! They put a canular in but it wasnt pouring out so they literally had to squeeze his leg for every drop!

Blimey it was scary, I have a headache from no food or drink for almost the whole time. Darren came down at about 3pm with sandwich, drink ect, he had to go an pick H up from school and take time off work to look after Harvey.

I dont want to do this again.

Sunday, October 28

Magnolia day today, 2 cards to share

Whilst Harvey and Darren went to the cinema and Caiden napped I decided to get my Magnolias out and make a card. This is what I come up with. I got the pretty flowers from Creative Living and the paper today when I went to Crafts Central, I went there to get some white springs for my bind it all but they havent had their stock yet. So anyway, chatting to the lady at the till she asked if I wanted to speak to the man who arranges their demos as they are after some people, so that would be great if I could get a few demos there as it is so close to home :)

Then this afternoon whilst kids were playing with Daddy I made this next card. I made it using a 12 x 6 inch piece of card to make a 6 x 6 criss cross, I used the instructions to the top right (Alternative Instructions) works well and saves some card which is always good. :)

The colours are really bad, I may well take new photos tomorrow IF we have daylight, but I wanted to share with you today so these will have to make do.

Alex re Pocket Card

I havent got your email address. I followed the instructions on go to resources and you will find them there :)

Saturday, October 27

Fun at the Glitter Pot

Had a demo at the Glitter pot today and it was great fun. Lots of people coming along to chat, look and buy. I was playing with the Whippersnapper Stamps and H20s and here are the cards I made :0)
There are a few Penny Black stamps thrown in as there are so fun! I also used some Woodware Ribbons, Doodlebug Sugar glitters, scalloped punches, Dovecraft Papers :)
I hope you like.
On a different note I said to Darren he should take Harvey to the cinema tomorrow. Weather is due to be rainy and Harvey hasnt done anything exciting this school holiday. Harvey hasnt been before so it will be sooooo exciting for him. Tickets are booked and I will take Caiden food shopping whilst they have fun at the pictures watching ratatoie (I cant spell it OK LOL) Anyway Darren told Harvey and he is like MEGA excited. I am excited for them, but also pouting a little as I would have loved to have taken H and also I want to see the film.
Oh BTW Wendy! Sorry I didnt get to say bye, chat online soon :) Hope you liked the stamps and I brought a long alphabet cutter with the money for the other bits:) ta muchly xx

I love hugs!

Harvey loves snuggle nuzzles.... and I wanted to give one lucky person a hug by way of thanking you all for bearing with me, through the laughs, moans, cards and chatter. I have a spare "huggybella" stamp here. It was one I ordered from USA and then found one in a UK store and couldnt wait for my post to arrive! LOL Over 35000 hits!! WOW thats a hug in itself :)

You can see the design here for anyone that has been living under a rock! LOL

Anyway, how do you get it? Leave a comment, yep just one per person to your favorite book as a child... the name and a little about it... why this? Well Harvey loves Snuggle Nuzzles, its about a little sheep who's mummy has to go away, all the other animals try to keep the sheep happy by giving it beeky goosey pecks, snorty horsey huddles, aquishy piggy squeezes ect but of course he just LOVES his mummys snuggle nuzzles the best!! Awww cute! I love to read it to Harvey as of course I get to snuzzle nuzzle my little big boy ;)
I will draw a name for the winner Sunday English time at 9pm - Dont forget the clocks change!! Any country can enter.

Friday, October 26

Christmas Hanna is now on sale

I ordered mine :) Shhhh did I say that... do ya think Darren saw?? Oh well, let just say its less than a few pints and a packet of fags... love you hunni ;)

No cards so far to share today

Not sure if I will have. Prepping for tomorrows demo I have made two cards but I cant share until tomorrow after my demo. Caiden hasnt slept yet so there is still a chance I could get something done :) I hope...

*** rant alert dont read if you dont want to!! ****
Feeling very tired and weary today. We have had a really uneventful week off, poor boys we have had little trips out to shops ect but havent managed a fun day out. That said the boys are happy with a trip to tesco, its Mummy who is finding it hard. Especially as we inherit a neighbours little girl as Harvey wont play round there due to their dog, so I have those two swabbling all afternoon. Threats of "I'll go home if..." all day get annoying with me finally telling her this isnt the way friends play together, you dont make people do what you want all the time. I know this blog wont be read by the family so I dont mind say that. Also getting a bit frustrated with being the lending shop, "have you got any bread, milk, butter, tomato sauce, WD40, baked beans, potatos" and I am too soft to say no. Thing is, last weekend I was walking around the store adding up every single item to check we could afford the shopping and then I am giving it away. You NEVER get it back either. I need to learn to say no.... can someone teach me how please :) Its hard though as she never comes to ask, sends the kids!

Blimey turned into a rant didnt it!! LOL I feel I need to find a happy picture now to share with you.... let me see..... OK this is Caiden and his blue man fingers!! LOL You might remember I mentioned that last week.... you can see a slight tinge of it on his cheek too.... hes a mucky pup thats for sure :0)

and now for another picture... lets see what I can find. Nope sorry, cant find anything else.. I will post a card later. Caiden has to nap and I have to stamp, Harvey can come and make a card too, he loves doing that.

Thursday, October 25

Hey Bella I still lovey you!

I have had to rehome my bellas a few times due to their forever growing state, here is there new home. Ok its not brain surgery to see I have jazzed up a simple basket with chipboard letters (thanks Sis from cricut forum) and lots of flowers and Bellas Baubles. I have around 60 bella/fella/other Stamping Bella stamps in here and room for some more too. I have a few of these baskets (ikea) and I will make one for my Hannas (when I get more) and may even move my Magnolias into one too as they look soooo pretty together on my bookcase. As yes I know they have to shuffle through to look at them, but that makes sure none get forgotten as seeing them will remind me to use those ones too.

Not sure about this one.... but here she is again

The Reason I cut her bags out of one of her hands was that I was going to make her walk a dog in the other hand but it didnt suit this card so I did not do it.. yet
Another Hanna card and although of course I love her, I am not sure about this card. I sort of tried my own thing with a tuck in type jumbo matches book. Doodlebug papers, prima flowers, a smidge of ribbon and lots of colour.
You cant really see but there is a scalloped edge along the top of the "tuck in" part.

I am thinking postie might come today and bring me something to play with... Oh that reminds me, I must change my "just for fun" numbers on the right :)

Wednesday, October 24

Hanna is back

The colours are really bad, next to no daylight here at 11am!! LOL

Here is another Hanna card and a fun fold I saw yesterday. On looking I think this card is called an "up and down" card. Very simple and rather like a joy fold on it's end. A fun one thats for sure. So using my new Doodlebug papers I got from The Glitter Pot, my new Hanna Stamps and a few other bits I made the card. I stamped her dress onto the paper and I used the flower as a way of keeping the front bit closed. The wording is reveiled when you lift the top flap and then further images are inside.

Here is the link for the inspiration for the card fold.

Tuesday, October 23

Introducing..... Hanna

She came today!! YIPEEE so much fun to colour and great to stamp onto the paper and cut out her dress :) Here I have teamed here up with some lovely paper that I got from The Glitter Pot, some Woodware buttons, the SU Punch (I LOVE this punch - I just know this isnt going to be in our UK catalogue and I am sad about that - oh well, something to look forward to in future catalogues I am sure) The wording is a Studio G stamp. hey and not a ribbon in sight.

The card is the shimmery stuff which is lovely but it glares with the flash. So sorry that you can not see it that great. Thanks for looking and hope you like my first Hanna card :)

Oh Lordy... in the family way??

Hmm I hope not... our sweet little MingMing has only had her male brothers as company before joining the rest of the wonder pets... but today I see he hopping about in her cage with a mouthful of straw! My first thoughts were OMG shes building a nest! I suppose time will tell... I will check out for mouthfuls of tummy hair too as apparently they do that too. I hope she isnt. Our neighbours had to pay the rescue centre £50 ($100) to take her siblings on....

Run, run as fast as you can...

Magnolias in stock here but selling FAST!!

Such a sweet birdy

I don't work like the normal stamper, I usually grab a stamp, colour it in and then work all the rest of it together. When I was working last Saturday Francoise Read was telling a lady "always get your paper first". I thought to myself, yeah that makes sense.... but still I do it my own jumbled way! LOL So this creation was my jumbled way of making this card. I stamped the very cute Whippersnapper stamp that I forgot I had! LOL I colour it in and then I stood for ages trying to work the other bits into it.

It's a different combination for me, thats for sure, but I like it. The colours a are bit "off" from the orginal and you can not quiet see the colours on the bird.

Sneak Peak on Stamp Owls blog - NEW Hanna stamps

Frances is lucky enough to have received her second Design team set, whilst I am STILL waiting for my purchases first set. Still I am sure it will be worth the wait... "please be today, please be today" **** EDITED TO ADD it was today!! YIPPEEE I am hoping Caiden will sleep later and let mummy play. Hannas landed onto my doormat this morning and what a pretty landing. After trying to tear into the plastic packing envelope with my fingers and resorting to scissors, I went to oh so carefully trying to untape the pretty tissue so I could keep it! There has been a lot of thought into these fab stamps, down to the cute packing and the lovely touch of the hand wrapped set :)

Anyway I was excited to see this second set, I *need* it dont I? I mean for the trauma of waiting for the first and to test the postal system again :)

Darren got paid today and I am treating myself, Harvey and Caiden to a Macdonalds lunch, I wont be telling H until we are on the way as otherwise he was say "is it lunch yet" for the next 4 hours! Why is it kids love this so much? we only have it once or twice a month if that, but its a treat for him, bless, little things please little minds.... I suppose the same could be said of me and my emense excitment from pieces of rubber!

Here is another peak on another site

Monday, October 22

Grrrr and my boys are nuts!

STILL no Hanna or Bellas! :(

I decided to edit this post to add about my crazy day. Been a bit bored really, Darren has just called to say he will be late home and I have been a bit fed up on how long the day seemed. Anyway, my boys are nuts. Firstly Caiden came over and started to blow raspberries onto my leg. It was funny as I hadnt heard him do it before. Before long I had both of them doing it and a pair of wet jeans where they had been spitting whilst doing it, not in a naughty way, just as they were doing it. Then for some reason Harvey stuck a baby wipe on his and Caidens head and he was dancing about saying they were flowers!! LOL Here is the picture.....

Now you're stylin'

This little girl is tooo cute and she knows it! Just look at the way she is posing. I used my lovely sparkly card from Crafts Central paper pick and mix, some purty paper, doodlebug jewels and ric rac, Autumn leaves stamp for the sentiment and of course an adorable Magnolia image.

Hope you like(y)

Here is an arty farty wonky close up!

Sunday, October 21

Sugar and spice

and everything nice.... I love the new Doodlebug sugar glitters and they come in the cutest containers... I got mine this weekend at from here you can get all the colours in cute as can be jars for under a tenner! So of course I had to play so I made this card using the new doodlebug papers that I also got from the Glitter Pot. The image is one I stamped Saturday from a stamo Sandra got and I saw on her website and had to have it!! LOL I cant for the life of me remember the make, but it should be here in a few days so when it comes I will share with you.

Went a bit mad with the flowers!! LOL got to with paper like that :)

The wording is a "stampingcaz design" from Elzybells... cute sentiment eh? Thanks for looking.


Thanks Mandy!

Thanks to Mandy for coming today to collect the spinner I was selling and for helping me sort out my stamps drawers. :) we did a great job, lots of chatting and then Mandy stamped some images out. So HUGE THANKS for your help with it Mandy :)

Saturday, October 20

Here are todays cards

Well it was fun, hard work and made 4 cards. Reason it was hard work was because we are trying to make 2 different cards each 2 hour session, everyone is at different levels in their crafting and also in the general speed they work at, but we all finished and they all made fantastic cards. So here is what we made....

A criss cross card
A diorama
A file folder card and
A Joy Fold card
Most stamps are Penny Black, infact its just the snowflakes that are not.
Hope you likey :) Cazx

Twit Twooo

I fancied playing with one of my Stampendous owls yesterday so I made this card. I love halloween even though we don;t celebrate it big time over here in the UK. We'll still go trick or treating providing Harvey has gotten a good school report :) LOL we have parents evening that evening too.

I used Stampendous owl "ollies treats" and coloured him with watercolour pencils. The paper is doodlebug. The spider is a cuttlebug cutter, the scallops are hiding a boo boo and are done using the SU slit punch (please please SU UK have this in the catalogue!) I went to town with the decoration and added zoomz, doodlebug jewels, glitter glue and ribbon.

I am working today at my favourite craft store, The Glitter Pot. I have two fun classes planned with us making a joy fold, criss cross, diarama and file folder card. I will share the pictures later when I have done the class :0) I love the Glitter Pot, they have a fantastic selection of stamps including a HUGE collection of Penny Black (my all time fav stamps) lots of beautiful papers, embellishments and everything you can think of really! I am there again next Saturday for a demo and I will be using some fun Whipper Snapper Christmas designs, I cant wait! Try and come along and say "hi" if you do.

Right had better get sorted for my trip. Speak later.

Wednesday, October 17

A hint for today - re aleenes tack it over and over glue

CHECK the bottle BEFORE you apply PVA to all your stamps!! LOL all my bellas, well not all, just the ones I hadnt put on ez mount have a nice layer of PVA now!! and not the Aleenes I had wanted

Tuesday, October 16

A card!! Don't all leave I made a card!

Seems you cant please everyone, you would think at my age I would realise that already but it is still a lesson to learn. My chatter has put a few people off my blog, Oh well, such is life. If I cant use my blog how I want to then whats the point? You know I chat to my blog like I chat to all my friends, sometimes its interesting, sometimes its not, sometimes I am happy, mostly I might add and other times I am less than happy. Anyway my boys slept a good sleep, but I was worried they would wake so I didnt stamp. However since they both woke and were watching Nick Jr I whizzed upstairs "like super woman" and made this simple card.

This is for all the other super women out there and for all those that want to stay and listen to my c**p sometimes :) I think as a race, all us women are super at times. Most mums are super all the time. Who else would wipe more bottoms than we choose to each day, scoup up cat sick from the pavement (yes that was me this morning YUCK) all the while planning the teas for the week (and I WASNT inspired by the sick LOL) fold the laundry, ect ect ect
HUGS TO THE SUPER WOMEN OUT THERE! May your bottom wipes be few, cat sick be non exhistent and your days wonderful..... Oh yeah da Caz is back! this is the one you know and love isnt it?? MAWH!
About the card : Stamp Da Bella who else?? Flower stamp Elzybells, White ink, Black ink, watercolour pencils, aqua brush, glitter glue, Doodlebug Jewel, Prima Flower, ribbon


For all this mindless chatter. You can tell the boys are asleep and my mind has time to think... Just looking at my countdown thing, 29 days til Stampin up! thats like FOREVER! its gone quiet on that front, I hate waiting... I want to see the catalogue NOW! LOL I want to plan my orders, I want to plan my workshops, I want to know what punches are in, what stamps and papers are in, how much they are, blah blah blah...... all of it!! I suppose you could say I have waited 10 years so why does 29 days seem so long... LOL I am happy they have expanded, I really didnt think I would see they day they would.. not sure why, just didnt think, but then when I saw them expanding elsewhere in the world my hopes were perking up.

What other things are on my mind..... well post, the strike has screwed deliveries up, I am waiting for a bella order for a friend, the Hannah stamps for me, I am waiting for a parcel from somewhere that I am not allowed to say (sorry rules is rules)but it has taken like FOREVER too... they said 2-3 weeks 2 weeks ago, but still nothing....

Had my cheese sandwich and transformers! YUMMY I had a thing for these when pregnant with Caiden, sadley they seemed to not do that flavour for a while but its back.

OMG Peace!

Its so quiet.... both boys fallen asleep. Desperately want to run upstairs and stamp but I know they will wake if I do, so just enjoying a cuppa and watching neighbours (havent seen that for years)... I didnt tell you Caiden was auditioning did I? Apparently so, its for the blue man group... I looked at him this morning and he was sucking a blue inkpad! Not mine I hasten to add, one of Harveys Macdonald toys, so he has a blue face and hands and its not coming off!! LOL And how do you make a 15 month old understand "hold your hands up for mummy to take a photo"? Tried but he wasnt co-operating.

MAMBI stamps for sale


MAMBI kids set (20 stamps) most are un used or gently used. Buy them before I change my mind I LOVE these stamps.... sooooo cute!

Windows and doors! LOL

All that talk about doors earlier in the week and now I am talking windows! Seems Caiden is starting to drop his nap, or at least change it till after lunch, therefore I will loose my beloved "window" of stamping. Usually he will sleep for a while, whilst Harvey is at school and I can play, but seeing that I pick H up at 12:15 it means I will have no stamping time. Still, Harvey starts full time in January so maybe Caidens sleep will be whilst H is at school and my window will be back!

I have also asked the question to the people that have joined my Stampin Up! customer blog and asked about the Stamp Camps.... I thought I would throw the questions out there for people that are thinking they might come along..... Which day would be preferable? Sat or Sunday? AM or PM, or mid morning til mid afternoon? Monthly or 6 weekly? These will be held somewhere near Redhill, Surrey There will be a small fee to cover materials, refreshments and hall hire. There will be at least 2 shoebox tables, 1 taught card and 1 demo each session. So tell me what you think??

Raining today, so I will get wet picking H up in half hour, YUCK.... Will pop to shop on way back, guess what? I was soooooo excited to see the return of cheese and onion trans-form-a-snacks they are like my FAVOURITE Crisps!! LOL I need some more ;0)

Monday, October 15

No pictures yet to share

I had a few spare moments yesterday but I was busy upstairs trying to sort through my stamps. Anyone want to help me? If you come and sort a drawer or two, I will let you play in my room :) I will make you a cuppa as well :) This is a serious offer! My stamp drawers need sorting, they are all mixed up, so slowly I am getting there but helpers are wanted! You'd have the added luxury that I could shut the boys out for you, I dont have that, generally when I am there, they are.... two steps forward one step backwards springs to mind when Caiden is playing with all the stuff up there. :0) ***** I have a helper :) Amanda is coming to pick up the spinner that she is buying off me and she will bring along some cardso she can stamp some iamges and help me sort a few drawers out... Now if only that would work with the ironing!! LOL

Thanks for all the lovely messages of support, seems there are a lot of us going through the same, or have been through the same feelings. ((((( HUGS ))))) to you all.

Right better go and get Harvey, I am walking today, Darren has my car, something I need to get used to as we will soon be a one car family..... a big change for us, but a welcome one for me (sort of) but my big flabby belly is scared! lol

Sunday, October 14

Seen if before but its funny

The american lady singing her mum song.... how many of these have YOU said!! LOL i ticked most boxes.

Looking for the door

They say one door closes and another one opens. Seems a door has just closed for me so I am on the lookout for one to open. Will let you know what happens but at the moment I am just in the hallway, too scared to open anymore and really wanting to just go back into the door I came out of. All the while the bulldozer is outsidewaiting to smash them all in anyway!! LOL

Yes I am talking rubbish, I know what I mean but I cant really say much else.

Hoping to get on well with my prep today, maybe a little something to share with you all. Till later

EDITED TO ADD : sorry this is so down a post. I like having this blog to express feelings, mostly they are happy, fun, weird ect but today I was feeling down this morning, did wonder if I should delete it but decided not to, just to add I am looking forward to finding the door and I am hoping its wonderful!! I am thankful for family, friends and health, I should remember that.

Saturday, October 13

Quick Hello

Haven't had time to craft today. Popped to The Glitter Pot to grab some papers and card for my classes next weekend. On the way back we all went to Tulleys Farm. Fun place for the family with loads of halloween decorations, people dressed up, things for Harvey to play on/in and a maze around a cornfield, inside were scary things like gravestones with skeletons, a part that said beware lion and all russling and growling noises from the corn (I was a bit freaked!) LOL, loads of snakes and hissing. A pitch black tunnel which you walk through and there is a big bang on the top (I screamed) LOL I think it would be better in the dark but might frighten the boys too much not to mention me :) So that was nice :) Got to prep tomorrow for my classes so wont be able to share those until after the classes.

Speak tomorrow my crafty friends :) Cazx

Friday, October 12

Feeling hungry?

A trip down memory lane for uk peeps

Yummy, wish all I could go back for the day and the biggest problem would be which 1/2p sweets to choose!

Thank you Cresta!!

My Bella Sistah Cresta sent me a fantastic package of lovelyness :) It is just perfect! I love it all. So girly, so pretty, so mine ;0)

Firstly are the rub ons, wow these are fab! Then there is bling.... a girl can never have too much bling. The Heidi Swapp brads are lovely, the ghost flowers FAB, I havent got any of these and it might hurt, but I cant wait to use them. The brads in the tube are yummy, colours are perfect for me. The card is great, I love clickabella, I havent used her yet but I do love her. And the flowers, again, can't have too many flowers can ya? When I get flowers like this in little baggies I tip them into a plastic container I have full of mixed up flowers and just dip into them when I need to, I love having so many to choose from. Opps and I did forget the ribbon, love it! Those fun spots are great.

Here is a closer picture of Cresta's Card.

Thanks Cresta, cheered me up no end. Stressful times here at the moment and to have something like this in the post for me made me happy :)


Nope not what you eat.... some to look at on this chocolate and aqua Magnolia card :0)

I love this little girl, this is an image I got from Kim (Ta mate) I used watercolour pencils to colour it in. The swirls are from The Glitter Pot and are a sizzix long die (fab), ribbons in the criss cross (again) and some zoomz and glitter to finish. Oh and the fabby flower was a gift from my NSSS from the Cricut forum Sherilyn

Thursday, October 11

Magnolia revisited - Christmas or not?

Magnolias are beautiful and I havent had mine for that long but they were put away and some un-inked so I decided when I took the boys up for bed last night I would go into my room and make a card. I was pleased how it turned out :)

This card could be Christmas, could be everyday... I love the colours.
I have seen this cross done with ribbons on a few blogs, I really liked it. The beautiful flower and star was from a Prima bottle that my mate Kym got for me from Alley Pally, Thanks Kym, they are stunning!
The paper was from Craftwork Cards. And I paper pieced her top and hair ties. Enjoy!

Spinner unit for sale

** still available **
I have this spinner unit but I dont have room for it. It is fab for of course displaying cards for sale but also holding cards on a workspace. C6 cards and envelopes fit as do those old bazzill scrappacks and half a4 pieces too. I believe it has 4 things on each side and 5 sides. I used to keep colours in them, like all the red together, all pink, ect ect it was great to keep on my desk and just grab bits. I am selling as I havent the room, also I have a new thing I need to save for. I wont be able to post this as its too big. So it would be collection or I can take with me to somewhere I am working. I am wanting £25 for this. It cost me at least double.
So who wants to help me make some space and some money for my next venture :)

Kim and Samm...

havent forgotten your challenge bits..... I have a fab thing to send you! You'll both hate me :) LOL but its different and will be fun and after all, I have to do it too!! Ohh and Samm I owe you the NER too :) havent forgotten just been busy.


Wednesday, October 10

Great News!!

SU Manager has said YES!!! So I can be a demo :))))))))))) VBG

Were you worried?

Missing for two days! I have been busy with all this SU business. thing is I dont actually know if I can become a demo now. There is a part of their agreement that could mean I cant do it coz I already demo, I dont need to tell you all how gutted I would be. I have spoken to Paula, the Manager of SU UK, she was lovely and got me even more excited about it. Part of me is trying not to think about it, the other part can't stop! As a side note Paula seems to think it will be ok but is awaiting to speak to "legal" in the USA about it! I would have signed without saying anything but I think some people being spiteful would have grassed me up!

So with my SU head on I made this cute little book, I am guessing these papers and stamps might not be part of our catalogue, ours will be much smaller and these are new items so will probably not be in our catalogue, but I had them and wanted to use them. I used my bind it all and the SU tab punch for the inside (oooohhh I hope they have some of their punches in their catalogue). it was sort of a quick job as I was desperate to make a book but didnt have and bits for it really. IF SU lets me sign I will make it my SU info book and have already designed printed pages for it, if not I am not sure, I will come up with something.

Monday, October 8

My house is a mess....

So what do I do when Harveys at school? Make a card what else? Takes my mind off my previous post. I coloured this adorable Bella in last week so I just had to quickly mount it up today. The sentiment was one of those cheapy stamps from those bins at Crafts Central, I love it, nice sentiment, text and I love the way its in a circle, sometimes it is worth a rummage through those things.

The flowers are Bazzill wings from The Glitter Pot the centres of the flowers are zoomz from Stamp Galaxy apart from the one in the yellow flower which is a Bellas Bauble from Creative Pastimes. You cant see it well in the photo but they are green, orange and a browny colour.

Here is Harvey having a cuddle with
MingMing. We had a look yesterday and we are sure she is a she :) which I am pleased about. Our old rabbit Stamper wasnt good to handle and he was a BIG lop eared male. he wasnt "done" and he was a bit of a bruiser and used to squirt if he got the kids near him so it wasnt nice. Harvey is pleased to have MingMing to cuddle. It looks like he is squashing her! but I can assure you he wasnt :)


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