Wednesday, December 31

Happy New Year

Thought I would say it now as no doubt blogger will struggle later.
Been trying to add "reactions" to my bottom of posts. For some reason its not working for this blog, can anyone help me?

Tuesday, December 30

A last and a first

Today I have managed two cards. I coloured the wonderful Leanne Ellis heart girls in last night with my watercolour pencils and went to a mission to mount two of them. I wanted to do different styles and colours with the same stamp and coloured it in 4 times. So there maybe 2 more to follow sometime soon.

This is the last of this style girl, I have already blogged the other two cards, I really really love this stamp. She reminds me a bit of a western girl, like a can can girl in the salloon, but also she reminds me of an oriental girl too! weird eh?

I am really pleased with both cards, both are simple (thats what I do right?) this one was coloured in Green and oranges, Darren chose green as I was running out of colour ideas and I threw in the orange colour. The background paper is Spided Cider from Stampin' Up! the colours were perfect for it. Then I used some of the SU punches and stamps to match. I feel the whole things work so well as SU really do think about their products and how they should work together. The cardstock is Really Rust it matches the paper perfectly, the stamped flowers are stamped on the same coloured card and then punched with the co-ordinating punches. Its my idea of easy crafting and does take some of the colour matching problems out of making cards. Yes I know I am a SU demo, I would say that wouldnt I? LOL but for me I really remembered tonight why I signed up to be a demo and what drew me to SU products. I know its not a SU stamp, but thats OK, SU demo are allowed to love other things! LOL I know there are SU fans out there, as there are SU haters too... each to their own and live and let live thats what I say, there is room for us all ;0) - soapbox packed away and sickbags available by sending SAE

Here is the "last" of the LE designs (from this range of 3)

And now for my First... my First "Scrap-ling" Ain't she cute? So what a Scrap-ling I hear you say... well basically its a small thin card made using the scraps that you get when cutting a piece of in the UK's instance a A4 piece, down from A4 to a card blank size. My "usual" cards are all made using A4 and cutting to 5 3/4" square, this is the piece that is left. Its a fab idea to use these pieces and they make cute cards for tags, little notes and even a bookmark. I used the same stamp, coloured in lilacs, I used a scrap piece of lilac left over from another project, punched words and scallop from other scraps. Added some purple "Card Candy" dots and viola! done a cute card and my first Scrap-ling.


Its cold today. Really would just like to hibernate inside but am popping to Horley town with Mum, need a few bits from Lidls (dont laugh) some of their stuff is actually fine.

Couple of boy cards for today.... this cute dino is from Spiral Whisper and one of their new designs, cute but not too cute so he is ideal for boys cards. I have kept this really simple and not yet added any wording, I am just going to see what I need it for, most probably a card for one of Harveys school friends. The paper is the 99p pad from The Glitter Pot, the silver Zoomz are from Stamp Galaxy and stars are a star punch from Stampin' Up! (me)

This card is a real mix of stamps. The main image is Pink Gem Designs. The wording is Stampendous Clear set as are the small stars and the spaceship. The papers again are from the paper pad, I thought this had a spacey/planety look about it.

I dont know about you but I struggle to store some of my stamps. Like the stamps that come in a plastic bag that you have to tear to get the stamps out of, you have nowhere to put the stamps after. Well the other day I was sorting out stuff and I had a big box set of Thunderbirds videos that I was given, after putting them on freecycle at least twice I decided it was time to chuck. Only it suddenly dawned on my the video boxes would be fab and the storage boxes they were in were great too. So here are my boxes all labeled up. Some are empty, like the Magnolia Spring and Gorjuss design but I am pritty sure I will be getting both so I got them ready ;0)

Been colouring some more Leanne Ellis designs in last night so I might have a few cards to share later.

Monday, December 29

Almost a new year and thinking of a schedule for my blog

I have seen other blog users do this... a schedule for what will happen on what days.. I will try and keep my loose as you know how hectic things get with kids! But on Mondays I want to share with you a person off my blog list, this will be a person who's blog inspires me and maybe someone that you might not have already found.

Todays person is a lady called Sparkle and thats her real name ;0) How lovely eh? She is from Washington, USA and I think I found her from the Bella Forum on Splitcoast Stampers. Here is her blog link She uses her copics beautifully and from the look of her blog header she got lots for Christmas ;0) I LOVE her card on 25th Decembers post with all those bellas and I love the little Scrap-lings on 20th December too... Maybe I ought to try one of these... I need to research a little more into what these are. So take a trip on over to Sparkles blog and take a moment to say how much you love her work (assuming you will too)

I have 2 cards made that I can share and I will get those done lately. Thats all for the plans so far, Mondays = Blogs that inspire me..... I might think of something else for other days... not sure right now. You may have noticed over on the right hand column I have added a section which will display news about specials, new stock and other shop related stuff from all the places I love so keep your eyes on this side part as it will change often.

Speak later

Sunday, December 28

Lindas Blog candy

Only a very little time left to enter her amazing blog candy giveaway. Linda has a lovely blog and is one of the very kind ladies that always leaves messages on my posts and makes me feel less like I am talking to myself!!

Visit her blog and have a good look around at her lovely cards.

Saturday, December 27

A lovely Christmas

We had a lovely fun day Christmas and Boxing Day. The boys got too much but had a blast. I got some lovely pressies too and I made a nice roast dinner ;0) I got 11 more promarkers from my Mum, would have been 12 but she couldnt find the other colour. I got Lost in Austin on DVD from my Mum which is great as I really enjoyed the series on TV. SLippers from both my Mum and Darren's parents so my feet are nice and warm. My drunken husband surprised me with coming home with a Kodak scanner, printer and copier and a £20 Marks voucher which I spent today on a fluffy pink dressing gown and a nice star necklace. So on Christmas Eve I was setting up my new printer Darren said "I hope it works I dropped it a few times" (told you he was drunk) LOL What is he like?? I am happy to say it did work.
Promarkers Used ; Meadow Green, Lime Green,Maroon, Apple, Lilac, Pastel Green, Dusky Pink
So I wanted to make a picture using my new colours and I also wanted to play with my cute Denny the Dragon stamp from . All but the watering can has been coloured with the new colours. I used the Stampin' Up! Saleabration stamps again, cant resist and remember order in Jan/Feb over £45 and you will get a FREE set (there are 4 to choose from).. I teamed the stamp up with the punches and made some fun and funky flowers. I used black Stazon to stamp onto the coloured acetate and a white pigment ink on the Rose Red card. The paper is a Daisy Bucket one from The Glitter Pot. I also used my trusty Scalloped Cirle Punch (this is one punch I WOULDNT be without) and a Craftwork cards pink cirle (thanks Jules x)
EVER HAD THAT FEELING WHEN YOUR 2 YEAR OLD IS QUIET?? ITS LIKE THE FEELING OF DREAD.... WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY UP TO.... then you get the whiff of Sudocream and realise its coming from behind the chair!

I was too cross to take a photo of his legs, t shirt, 2 cushions ect ect He was sent upstairs with Daddy (who incidentally left the cream in harms way) to the bath. and I was left to scrub the chair; I then went up and took over the bathing and sent Darren back down to scrub the sofa as I just havent got the muscle to scrub.
How many more days until they are back to school? DRAT Caiden doesnt even go yet!! LOL

Wednesday, December 24

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for coming on here to read my rambling and for those of you who take the time to comment THANK YOU! its nice to know some of you are enjoying the cards I so enjoy making.

Christmas this year will be a whole lot nicer than last. Of course I miss my Dad terribly still and always will. Mum is coming round for Christmas Day to enjoy the lunch and time with the boys and then round to my brothers for Boxing Day (a new traditional as usually it would have been Mum and Dads) and we are taking turns with this year being their turn.

Today we went to the local pet store to buy Milo a new harness and then we all went for a walk around the local lake and fed the ducks and swans, the boys and Milo had a blast! Then to Macdonalds for lunch and then back here home. Hubby was working today, he has just called to say he is on his way home. They finished at lunch time and have been in the pub for a few hours and then walked down to the town with my list of last minute must buys... we'll see how well he did with the list shortly. Glue for Harveys stocking is on the list as he has feathers, pom poms, pipe cleaners and all sorts of crafty kids bits and will need a tonne of glue! No doubt I will be made to share his creations with you all.

Right had better get on doing something. Take care and have a lovely one wont you?


I might get a card made today, I want to... I have 2 lovely stamps from

Tuesday, December 23

Lovely In lilac

I made this card this morning, wanting to try and share a card daily and I must say I really am pleased with it. I didnt used to like lilac, then I did and our first flat(apartment) was almost lilac in every room by the time we left. Then I went right off it and hardly touch it. Then when colouring this Leanne Ellis stamp I felt the urge to use Lilac and I think its perfect for her! Leanne Ellis stamp from if you order from them because I have inspired you please do mention to them ;0) The paper is another one of those Papermania pads which I love and a total bargain at 99p!! Then I added the flowers using the bootiful 5 petal punch from STAMPIN up! and what else??.... Hmmm maybe a sneaky peeky at one of the punch stamps from Stampin' Up! Sale-a-bration! You LOVE? as much as I do??? there are 4 stamps in this set, one to match the 5 petal flower, one for the scallop circle, one the 1 1/4 circle and the other one is a heart that sadly in the UK we dont have a punch for but its a fairly simple heart shape that we could all cut out (even me) more peekys to come.

Oh and here is the card... maybe prittier if I had added glitter... I love it though and I might just write in it to myself so I can keep it and look at it ;0) Who am I kidding?! I keep them all anyway!! LOL

My front room is like a BOMB has gone off.... boys have take all the cushions and seat cushions off the sofa and are jumping around like loons.. The dog joining in too and I havent the energy to stop them (again) it will end in tears.. it always does, lets take bets... Harvey or Caiden? or maybe Mummy!! LOL

Love stamps? Love FREE stamps?

I am proud to announce Stampin' Up! January & February promotion which is called

SALE-A-BRATION - its win win win for all as everyone can earn FREE stamps!!

CUSTOMERS For every £45 spent you can choose a free Sale-a-bration stamp set.

HOSTESSES hosting a party if your sales reach at least £300 you will choose a free set ** for people that have already hosted a party with me I will give you a £5 free credit for your own order

NEW RECRUITS you cam choose ANY SET UP TO £38.95 from catalogue (PLUS ANY SET FROM ME or up to £25 of accessories)

Email for more information

I will be back soon with some samples.... in the meantime I am just about to post a card using one of the Sale-a-bration stamps and a Leanne Ellis card...

Monday, December 22

Christmas art from Harvey

Harvey loves to make things and here is what he (with a little help from me) made. Now I am rubbish at shapes, drawing ect... thats why I stamp and use the cuttlebug ect to do shapes. So this is my feeble attempt at a Christmas Tree shape. He then coloured the tree green, stuck some Craftwork Cards candy dots... seeing that I have a gazillion of these and they are such a great price at £1 a pack I dont mind giving him some. Then he applied almost an entire glitter glue tube on it and spread it about with his fingers to make it really sparkle. He wanted me to blog it so of course like any good mummy I am ;0)

I have made another card using the Magnolia Jingle Jangle stamps the little pixie is soo cute and this time I swapped her leaves for a rather pritty flower petal skirt and typically when I took the photo she tucked her hand under her skirt (Hmmm not really but I could not get that hand show without looking like she had been savaged by a Gruffalo or something simular who ate half her fingers) Here she is in with the flowers looking like silhoettes against the striking sunset.. that was the look I was after? does it work? I used wording from Stampin' up! and the scallop punch too.

I got three new stamps today from Sprial Whisper, all new not seen before designs and these one are fab for boys. Cant wait to show you. SW have now gone over to rubber and the etching is fantastically deep and the rubber is really thick too... Fantastic quality... I have also been lucky enough to see 12 new designs for the new year WOW... we are in for a treat.
I hope you liked the video from last night... OMG I was crying so much with laughter when I saw it and you should have seen me and the boys this morning trying to copy the video, Harvey had it on a loop for about 10 times!

Sunday, December 21

Merry Christmas!! dont laugh too much!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Jingle Jangle

I am not sure what the "jingle Jangle" collection means... I suppose these little pixies have bells on their hats so that could be it... anyway today I made a card (coloured last night) assembled today. I really love this image, well I love both, the pixie and the flower. I got these from CraftsUlove and coloured with my Promarkers.

To embellish I used Craftwork Cards Chocolate and Marshmellow candy dots in a creamy mix of pink and light brown (both in CWC lovely pearly card) and then I used on of the new HOT PINK Happy Birthday word circles... WOWZERS I love these even more in the flesh and I was lucky enough to get these little beauties and the candy dots in the post yesterday from one of my bestest buds Julie. I also used some of the Diamond Dust which is crushed glass which I got from Crafts U Love. The scalloped circle is punch from Chocolate Chip cardstock is Stampin' Up! and the paper is an old one I got from my stash. Mounted this onto close to cocoa cardstock.

I am deciding wether to brave Sainsburys today... Darren is still in bed, he got in at 1am rather worse for wear and I left him in the chair downstairs with the dog and a quilt! He had is christmas do yesterday. I think I will wake him at lunch time and I'll will leave him with hangover and boys so I can brave the shops, I really just want to get it all done with now and then I can say its all done. Got the meat ect its just the veg and I am going for frozen, the question is do I have room in the freezer!?! I even started wrapping pressies last night... and I have all pressies apart from a little something I need for my nephew.

Saturday, December 20

A face like this deserves a little something right?

Aww look! Too cute eh?

I made these today... very simply, nothing special as I am sure the pots will be thrown once dogs have eaten treats. The one with blue paper is for Milo... then there is my brothers dog and then Poppy and Peaches next doors rotweilers... Poppy and Peaches sent Milo a card with a bone inside last week so we decided to return the favour ;0)

Had I been able to cover the pots nicer, ie they were pots that were the same size all round then I might have made more of an effort but the way these pots are you cant cover the whole of them as they go wonky. Also the lids were blue and this wasnt working with the three girly dogs! Pots are filled with layers of gravy bones, dog rolls (dont know what they are called) and doggy choc drops and topped with more gravy bones.


Friday, December 19

Fantastic Blog candy

Linda has some amazing candy up for grabs... look here

her creations are lovely too


This and that

Blogger was playing up for me earlier, I tried to blog this morning when Caiden was at pre school but it wouldnt let me... so now I am blogging whilst Spongebob keeps the boys entertained.

A few things to show you. One is a card and the other is a photo of a certain cutie who hasnt been photographed for a while.

First here is the card. I ADORE these Leanne Ellis stamps. And I made this card with one of the 99p pads from the Glitter Pot, scallop edge border punch from SU, BEAUTIFUL (OMG HOW BEAUTIFUL) Flower by Prima and from a good friend Kay who has SPOILED ME for Christmas and yes I AM BAD and I DID PEEK... Just a little something she said.... a whole can of these beauties and I will have to use these for cards to keep and drool over as I couldnt possibly give these away (If you get one on a card from me YOU ARE SPECIAL) and she got me more... I was so excited!! Anyway.. back to the card, coloured with Promarkers, little glitter added, scalloped piece was cuttlebugged with distressed lines.

Here is Milo... he is a cutie Patotie... a TOTALLY mad mutt (ask my Mum) so cute, funny, crazy he fits right in with us! We have had a bit of an issue with puddles but these are decreasing all the time... which is fab... He biggest problem now is going absolutely NUTS when people come into the house and he jumps up and down about 4ft!! Then if he really cant cope with excitement he might just pee on their shoes too!!

Another cute photo of him a teddy that he keeps taking off the table where the christmas tree is and it put it where it was to hide his "bits"... where the heck did those "Bits" come from? Almost over night LOL Bless him... you all know what those "Bits" also bring and as well as the boys throwing the cushions on the floor all day I now have the dog dragging his "girlfriends" LOL onto the floor.... a trip to the vets is in order for the new year to reduce those urges..

now onto something totally different.... SU Points.... did you know I operate a points scheme. Reccomend a friend who orders from me and tells me it was YOU that sent her my way and you will earn 1 point, 1 point equals to £1 ;0) Not bad eh? My friend Julie has already earnt £6! Did you know that Julie??

Wednesday, December 17

Post office queues are good...

Bet you never thought you would read that, but whilst in the queue today I was looking about and their christmas cards. Now I havent got to make loads but enough to make me start to panic about when I will get the time to make them.. so in the queue I saw the ideal solution and a flippin clever one to get you out of a fix! Not entirely cheating... not entirely store brought, not entirely stamped... perfect! even better as I had some of the Magnolia images (sir stampalot) stamped out, coloured and cut for a project that I never used them.

Images are Magnolia, Whiff of joy and Penny Black

I do wish the cards were all the same as the top lot, I do prefer this one.

Photos are bad as the flash doesnt like the glossy cards. but they are cute eh? Not only saving me time but money too... 16 cards £2.49, I couldnt have made them for less and also I am really short on white cardstock so its saved me valuable resources.

End of school is near and I have made a cute book for Harveys teacher... here it is, also a small box of after dinner mints.

Cant shake off my cough, have had a cold for 2-3 weeks and it has left me with an annoyingly dry throat and at night it makes me cough and gasp, its like a tightening feeling in my throat, not fun. Poor Harvey seems to have it too and he is always coughing. Caiden is all chesty and rattly, a house of germs!

Tuesday, December 16

Sprinklings of Christmas and Easter too

I have been working on easter projects and now they are done I can get on with Christmas. Bit of a weird way to do it but the Easter projects are for a magazine deadline and the Christmas cards are me making a late start on my cards. Opps!

So today I made the card I needed the quickest and that is a card for Darrens parents who leave very early tomorrow morning. After that I need to decorate a book for Harveys teacher. Then its back to regular cards for close family and friends.

This card was made using Elzybells Cracker Mouse stamp, this was old Elzybells before resizing so not sure if this one is actually available or if its the same size.
I coloured with promarkers and then used versamark, heat and stick and dazzling diamonds. (as per video a few posts back)

I LOVE the flowers, they are from Craftwork cards and the sentiment is Stampin' Up!

Sunday, December 14


Here is a anniversary card that I made for John & Ginny my inlaws who are celebrating their anniversary today, 45 years! I have used one of the adorable stamps from

This cute little bird is from Magenta at

Magnolia, of course! and the little birds are Hero Arts, again this was from The Glitter Pot

Here are the little birds on their own this time. I love these birds, cant believe I havent caved in and brought these little cuties.

Ahhh, Penny Black, where it all started for me ;0) Love them.

Thursday, December 11

Mellow Yumminess

Craftwork cards has some lovely marshmellow and chocolate inspired yumminess check it out

I *need* the hot pink birthday circles dont you?

Cricut carts for sale

Opposites Attract
Paper Pups
Printing Press
Plantin Schoolbook
Walk in my garden
Paper Doll Dress Up
New Arrival

£25 each cartridge

Cricut Expression for sale- Collect ONLY- All OFFERS CONSIDERED

Email me

One very lucky chocolatey lady is getting a wonderful christmas pressie and has got the lot for a fab price..... thanks xx will take the strain off us this christmas xx

Fun new stamps

Who likes new stamps? Me ! LOL like you didnt know that eh?

Here is a new Leanne Ellis design from a fab new designer for them and currently there are 6 designs from her. I really like them.

I also used : Crafwork cards wording and toffee treats card candy

Martha Stewart lace punch - Via USA

Paper Pad from (one of the 99p pads!)

Promarkers from

Wednesday, December 10

What do you think?

Spiral Whisper has some fantastic designs coming! Check out their blog on the link above ;0)


Another Bella

I made this card a few days ago now but havent had enough time to upload.

I used a paper from the 99p stacks from The Glitter Pot, the Bella from the lovely wide ribbon is SU

Tuesday, December 9

Could have been worse...

Harvey has a book called this, about a little mouse and all the predicaments he gets into, not knowing that it could have been a lot worse. Today that sentance rang true.... one of my favorite places suffered a fire last night, the Glitter Pot in Scaynes Hill has been damaged by fire, the classroom is closed but it could have been a whole lot worse. I really feel for Bryan, Carolyn and fab staff at the shop, having just undergone a LARGE extension this was not the end of the year they deserved.

They have already made the headlines

The shop is still very much open for business so I hope you can stop by and buy some fab goodies and send your well wishes.


Sunday, December 7

Bella on her bike

I wanted to take part in the Bella sketch challenge on Splitcoast and here is my card. I used my fabby scallop punch that a lovely lady in the USA found for me... she found me 4! I also used some yummy candy dots from Craftwork Cards - this colour is veryBerry and a colour scheme I requested!! WOW... The paper is as mentioned below from The Glitter Pot and I got the Bella from The oval word is also Craftwork Cards, they have some great stuff dont they?

I really loved using this stamp and I love the patterned paper I used.

Saturday, December 6


As we approach the busy season I am not sure how much time I will be getting for crafting, I certainly hope lots! and with my Mum getting me 12 more promarkers I will at least be able to play with these on Christmas Day. I have a stinking cold, feel like my head will pop, makes me feel really tired as well. Harvey my 5 year old is HYPER, I think he will pop with excitement before Christmas, not least as Grandma and Grumps (in laws) are coming over from Spain to stay with us for 10 days. Will be lovely to see them, means we get two Christmas Dinners too as we will do one before they go back home. I say we, of course I mean me! They are coming tonight and we will see them in the morning, hubby is going to pick them up from Stanstead at 11pm tonight, I will be in bed!

Friday 12th will be a hard day. Hard to believe it will be one year since I lost my wonderful Dad. I miss him so much. We have decided to put our decorations up on 12th for Dad, the kids will like the decorations and Mum and I can remember all the fun Christmasses we had together, all those turkeys, sprouts and pairs of slippers! Yes Dad asked for them every year from me, I used to protest "But its a boring present", he replied "maybe but I need them" LOL (Mum got slippers too... how very practical) talking slippers though I desperately need a pair too!!

Today I am working at The Glitter Pot, demoing with pencils.... oh what a hard life I have? having to sit and colour all day!! I never take things like this for granted, I know how lucky I am and you never do know how long it will last. already see the magazine work dropping off as they pick up new talents forgetting us that started with them with the magazines, but things change and grow and you have to accept that.

Harvey has just woken up so I had better go... speak later and I will be back with some cards (hopefully)

Friday, December 5


For all the flack we give them we have to applaud them for being good sports. It seems each time I make a mans card it has a comical element to it and they always take it with a good laugh (not like us ladies would) LOL I think the last mans card I made was my brothers and it was basically saying "families are like fudge, mostly sweet but with a few nuts" He laughed when he saw that ;0) SO today when making a card for my BIL (who incidentally will be the same age as me on Saturday) I reached for a fun Stampendous set - its called Prehistoric Party SSC1006 and you can get it from.... Hmmm well actually all three of my usual suspects do not appear to have it... but I should imagine The Glitter Pot, Sirstampalot OR CraftsUlove would be able to order it if you asked nicely... I thought it was a fab set for men and boys alike.

A simple card... not sure BIL is really into handmade cards... anyway here it is.

There are 6 dinosaurs in all, along with a Happy Birthday wording, the one used above, presents and cakes on their own and the dino greenery stamp too. It really is a great set to add to your collection.

Thursday, December 4

Beary Cute eh?

Doing my usual shop surf I saw these lovely bear stamps at
These look lovely to colour dont they??
Too cute!
Just sharing the addiction ;0)

Click on for sale

See above in my links is a link for sale items. I have added a few bits there.


Toodles & Binks return

Here is another cutie pie stamp from I used some papers from The Glitter Pot (one of those £1 pads) and I used my scallop square punch from Stampin' Up! and the message stamped is Stampin' Up! too

This image is Matthieu & Arthur - drawn as a cat, but mistaken as a squirrel/skunk - you decide.. I think now I have coloured the cat in its looking more and more like a cat ;0) cute whatever it is.... I really love this design, totally different from anything out there and I love the SU sentiment with it. So glad we're friends is quiet fitting eh?

I've been spoiling you all lately with lots of cards, long may it continue.

Right for chatter..... SPIRAL WHISPER have some FAB new designs for January! I wish I could share them with you... tooooooo cute. Cant wait to get my mitts on them.

SUGAR NELLIE have just released some fab new and VERY different stamps, I cant wait to play with these and I cant wait to see other people using them too.

I will be sorting a few stamps out to sell later today... need to raise a few pennies for a few things off my stamp wish list ;0)


Wednesday, December 3

A card and Thanks

Aww thanks for your nice comments on my shimmery Tutorial... I might just give you some more of those if you are nice ;0) LOL

Here is another Magnolia Card - all stamps are Magnolia and are from who have got now got the wonderful new New Year stamps in stock.

Tuesday, December 2

Glittery Tutorial


I love this cracker, its a posh one isnt it? mine never have posh ol' dangly bits like this!

I coloured this image in Sunday night. Monday Caiden decided to put it through the trimmer... BUT I managed to save it.... Can you see where it's cut? I'll send 10 images (5 cracker, 5 girl) to first person to tell me where it was cut.

I got these stamps from

I have another card to share later, dont want to spoil you all by adding two to a post do I?

Monday, December 1

Cuteness alert!

OMG I would love some of these cute critters HUGGABUGG from I cant work a link direct but search for these and be ready to ahhhhhhhhhhh BITTYBLOOMS are stinky cute too.....

Santa, I have been good all year *wink*

Might have a card to share later, just need to assemble it ** edited it add I probably wont have a card to share now.. CAIDEN very kindly put the images I spent all night colouring into my paper trimmer!!



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