Sunday, September 30

There was always something missing wasnt there?

And I am pleased to say the puzzle if now complete! I was going to entitle this post "My Husband is mad at me" or "The Pitter Patter of tiny feet" but decided not to.....

Meet MingMing...... He came all the way from our nextdoor neighbours! LOL who had been trying to talk us into a baby rabbit... then on the way out of their door to the rescue centre I caved in and got MingMing...

I am going to keep an eye on them, we have a double storey hutch that we could partition off if we need to. First stages they all seem to get on great. And I was there to catch Linny and MingMings first meeting and I swear this was the first greeting.... awwwwww

Love is....

I dont think I need to say any more what this means... you can see from my wall hanging what I think love is.

At last I finished it off with some photos of the boys. I had mentioned this project months again but I didnt have any printed photos of the boys that were a bit more recent. I made this using my rollabind discs, a small heart punch, some covered coasters and my new swirls die cutter from The Glitter Pot. A flower, some zoomz and a few other little bits and pieces.

Two photos, one with it one the wall and the other a bit closer so you can see how its together.

Sunday Ramblings

And thats ramblings as in chatting and not that I will put my walking boots on!

Saturday was great with two classes at The Glitter Pot, a lovely bunch of ladies who were chatting loads it was quiet loud at times! I love these crafty get togethers, I like that I might pass on a few card ideas and that we get a chance to chatter about all things crafty and not feel weird in doing so :0) Yep there is nothing better than to chat to people who understand why you feel the need to buy every rubber stamp out there, that have enough papers to cover all their walls in their houses and who think crafting 24/7 just like me :)

Have to say a belated "Happy Birthday" to Wendy who spent her birthday day at my classes and she was kind enough to bring the chocolate buscuits too :) I hope you enjoyed you chinese last night Wendy, and I had one too.

So here are a couple of the cards we made, the photos I took this time were terrible, I mean bad, so I only have a few to share. We made 4 cards in total, they are 2, 2 hour classes and the mornings one we just about managed to finish, whereas the afternoon one most finished early.
Still it gave them more time to shop!

This is a little triangle Trifold cards we made, they all turned out cute. Here I have used Penny Black stamps and doodlebug papers to make a fun bright little book, all "stuff" from

This one is a cutie pie Penny Black design. This is a winter stamp but I also showed the ladies how when this one is coloured and mounted differently it can infact be an everyday stamp too. Again all the bits can be brought from The Glitter Pot.

On the Alley Pally note sounds like it was fab and lots to buy, would have loved to go but there is always Aprils one. My mate Kim who has borrowed my Bind it all got her own one yesterday so I am looking forward to getting reaquainted with my little machine and to playing and making a few books. I have emailed the school about getting into the summer fete with a table, that would be the second time I have gone somewhere with stuff, last time I was trying to sell stamps and it was a terrible flop, I am hoping some of the bits I can make will be appealing for the parents there.

Saturday, September 29

Nice weather

For ducks.... Pouring here so not a nice drive to The Glitter Pot but I am still looking forward to my day there. Whats not to like about a store FULL of stamps, papers and pritties :) I have two classes today at the Glitter Pot where we are going to be playing with the Penny Black Christmas stamps. I will share the cards I have made later. Might treat myself to the last set of 6 H20's I need to complete my collection... I always treat myself to something after teaching. BTW The Glitter Pot got their latest delivery of the Penny Black christmas stamps, these have been soooo hard to keep in stock this year.

Next Saturday I am at Crafts U Love and have been sent a nice package of stamps and papers to play with before I get there. So if you fancy coming along to see a demo come along. I am really busy up until christmas now with just one Saturday off.

Til' later then.

Friday, September 28

Groovy Baby

This bella is about to jump off the parcel and burst into a Austin Powers type song isnt she?
For this card I used the fabby Presentahbella from Stamping Bella, card from SU in blue bayou and Pomegranite (YUMM), layered onto the Cutie Pie paper. Again I used a "Caz's" circle, this is a newer one that I designed to fit the SU punch, I will get a sheet or two finished up and then have it as a download on here. I have a few different words done already but want to fill up a page before sharing it.
When I coloured this card in I didnt know what I was going to layer it onto but when I put it with the other colours of card I found that it went really well.
I had sleep last night!! Got Caidens antibiotics down him disguised in a Fromage Frais, he slept most of the night and wasnt gasping and coughing. He had a little coughing fit just now but is settled and napping YIPPEE :) Harveys at school, was talking to some mums up the school and one said there was a picture of him in the local paper, so I managed to hunt it out on the internet, I was very excited as the last school photo he was almost chopped off from it as he is standing behind a taller girl and this one looks like he being bitten on his bottom!! LOL he has a really funny face.... seems we are doomed.... Next week he is due to have his solo school photo and we are going to take Caiden as well, I hope we get a good one of them together.

Thursday, September 27

Doctors diagnosis

Bronchiolitis again. She has given some antibiotics and just said keep an eye on him. We have the added problem he hates medicines, actually the cause of him getting so upset the sick has been the medicine so I will mix it in with a fromage frais and hope for the best. c

Thursdays card

Here is todays card. I coloured this in this morning and meant to finish the Presentahbella first but this one happened before. I do all the assembly for these cards mostly downstairs, I have a sidebord in the front room and a stack of boxes with different and mostly my new or most loved things. Currently I have my box of bellas, my Magnolia stamps, some House Mouse Stamps, my Baubles and Zoomz and my Stampin Up! papers, card and punch. When I coloured this one in I sort of had this colour scheme in mind, in that I had chosen to use the Cutie Pie papers from SU. I love the saying "knit Happens" which I got from Stamping Bella, but thankfully I dont really know anyone in a crisis at the moment so I used one of my circles that I designed along with my SU scalloped punch.

All the papers and card are Stampin Up!, the flowers are Bazzill, stamp Stamping Bella, Words by Caz, Baubles for centres of flowers, coloured with Watercolour Pencils.

Taking Caiden to doctors at 6;10pm, I am not sure they can do anything but I want them to check him out. He has had two small naps today but both times is coughing and doing like a inward gasp before he coughs, not nice for him. I am hoping he wont throw up on me tonight, running out of PJ's for us both!

Early morning waffle

Being a mum is hard and making decisions is hard. Yesterday Caiden seemed better, still not well but bearing up. Well last night he was terrible again, coughing, rasping and then sick all over me again! So I felt terrible that I didnt take him to the doctors. Had a bad night last night, I gave in and got up at 5am, zzzzzz, tired and chilly, I have just hit the switch on the heating take the chill off. He has had a bottle of milk, some calpol and is snoring like a hippo. I know there probably isnt a great deal the doctors can do but I am going to take him today or if he gets like that again tonight I will feel terrible again.

One a happier note I took some bellas to bed with me and coloured Presentahbella in, IF I get a chance and feel like it, I will mount her up onto a card. I was really pleased in how she turned out, cute cute cute.

Talking of Bellas Em has released so fab new stamps, a fab bella with two sitting on a bench eating icecreams. A fantastic mixed up border, a lovely wording stamp and a funky flower, I think I "need" all of them! Sorry Darren but I do :)

Ally Pallys on this weekend, I wish I were going, more to the fact I wish I were working there. One year I need to go and hand some business cards out offering my demonstration services. I dont want to do shows all over, but I would like to get into doing this one. Or perhaps I need to get hold of a list of attendees to post them something? Hmmm its to just find people that sell stuff that I would like to use, no good me getting a job on a medalion stamp stand is it? LOL I do know someone going actually so I think I will ask her to make a few notes for me, she did ask if I wanted anything.

Oh well, off to drink my cuppa.... Have a good day, mine can only really improve cant it?

Wednesday, September 26

A quick card for today

I Couldnt leave you three days without a card and I was dying to use this new Bella stamp, OOppsm, did I say new? I meant "what this old thing, I have had it for ages" (LOL)

So its a simple one but I lovey it!

I used Stamping Bellas "Wreathabella" which you can find in various stores around the UK now, including Creative Pastimes. Some doodlebug paper, woodware ribbon, Stamping Bellas Baubles in Pickle and a red rudolphs nose zoomz.

Update on the woo (why do we do that? make up funny names for our kids) anyway, Caiden is still barking like a seal, but generally seems a little better. Harvey is fine and currently screaming out the words to Tommy Zoom! LOL bless him, he makes me giggle as he doesnt know all the words so he kinda makes bits up, bit like me Dad he always does that! We had a naughty MacD's for lunch today so we are having a healthier tea tonight. I said to Darren last night and sorry this is TMI, but why did Caiden have to throw up on a "good tea" night, I mean he lost all his veg! LOL if it were fish fingers and chips or something it wouldnt have been so bad, but he lost all his peas and carrots.... :0) another inside to the strange thoughts I have!

I am upstairs tonight finishing my last card for the class I have Saturday. I have soooo much stuff I want to play with and share with you all.

Tuesday, September 25

My poor little Cadey Woo

Caiden isnt well.  Yesterday he got a bad cough and chest just in a matter of hours and he has sounded so horse and in pain.  Tonight he was sick everywhere, all over the floor, rug and me. Yuck.   I wish I had the powers to take his sickness and pain away, as I am sure all parents have wished too.  Please send a get well wish over the blog airways and get my little poppet better.  I might take him to the doctor tomorrow, I think he might have his broncilitus (cant spell it) back again.  Heres hope I get some sleep too.
On a happier note I have been up in my room for a few hours and made 3 cards, I have just one now to do for my class Saturday so I am happier about that.
See ya tomorrow.


More zoomz - limited edition colours

Check out Stamp Galaxy for limited edition Zoomz colours, its OK I can tell you now as I have ordered mine! :) couldnt well tell ya and miss out myself... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour

So Zoom on over to before they are all gone!

Congrats to Julie K

Julie sussed out what the code means on the right... thing is, I cant really say what it means...  coz I'd get into trouble with someone!    and we dont want that do we... so you'll all have to work it out on your own....  most of the numbers will be going up, dont think WCP will.... B certainly will, M will too...  am I getting on your nerves yet?


And another thing

I just discovered that I can do this! Post from my emails Oh lord help ya, I think it means I can do those annoying smiles ect!!

And I am just testing to see if I can post a photo too.... if there is a photo ifs of Harvey and a spooky tree!

Till next time

** The photo didnt work, I added it later


No cards to share

Just dont feel like stamping today! I am sure I am not the only one that simply doesnt feel like it all the time, most of the time I do, and most of the time I cant do it I feel like I want to, but today, Caiden is sleeping and I just cant be bothered. LOL Typical eh?

So today I and yesterday I have been working on two more blogs... One will be for my Stampin Up! customers and one will be for my Stampin Up! recruits. These are both private blogs so sorry, unless you fit into one of these catagories you wont see them. Its not that I am being sneaky or secretive but SU have some funny policies about what you can and cant do on your websites, if its private then only the people that need to see it can :)

Also today I added something to the right of my blog... can you see it? Its called Just for Fun.... first to guess what it is and I need it all correct then I will post you a little prize... I am not giving any hints or anything!

I am prepping for my two classes Saturday so I cant share my creations much this week, wouldnt want to show you stuff that people have paid to come and make so I will share them after. Oh and it didnt go by without my noticing that I hit and went over 25000 yesterday! WHOOOOO HOOO!! Thanks for making it be :) I will be sorting some blog candy out soon, to include a bella, some bellas baubles and more, just need some time to sort it out.

Sunday, September 23

Edwin with Broom

Meet Edwin, he's doing one of those jobs we all hate, sweeping leaves, it seems such a no win task, they keep on blowing down and you keep sweeping! I love this stamp and Yes its another Magnolia design and another one from Sharon (BIG thanks). For the first time I used my expression for small cuts and oh my word it goes small. I cut the leaves from the doodlecharms cartridge this first I cut at 1/4" and its tiny! Too small to use for this but amazing that it did it. So I used 1/2" and 3/4" for this card. I am very impressed with the expression on how it coped so small.

Materials used :

Magnolia stamp, SU Doodle set, cricut expression machine to cut doodlecharms leaves, small doodlebug jewels, crate paper, watercolour pencils, PC to print word circle (designed by me) SU Scalloped punch

Picking blueberries

That's what this stamp is called and it comes from Magnolia in Sweden. I love this design and a friend who lives in Germany very kindly picked this one up for me when she went to a rubber stamping show there. (Thanks Sharon)

So here is the card and the materials I used :)

Magnolia - Picking blueberries

Penny Black Modesty

Brilliance Ink - Purple and White

Flowers, gem brads, SU Scallop Flower Punch, ribbon, SU Slit punch for the scalloped edge

Heres a close up one to see more detail

A storage solution

I have been thinking of a way to store my Magnolia stamps and this is what I have come up with. This is a DVD case and I was using it for my cuttlebug storage but it really didnt work that well as the dies are quiet heavy and when turning the page they all used to fly out! Drove me nuts. So I have rehomed them in a box for now and thought what can I use this case for.

I have used plastic page dividers and cut them to 11cm x 11cm and then stuck the stamps onto that. Most stamps are ez mounted but a few I have recently got I have applied "Aleenes Tack it over and over glue" this is a great glue, very very sticky to apply. I put it on the backs of the stamps last night and left to dry overnight. I say dry, it doesnt as such but it goes very very tacky and thats how you can apply it to your stamps, peel off the plastic divider onto your block and back onto the storage sheet afterwards. I ran out of ez mount and had a bottle of this handy so thought I would use it. I might even get one of these folders for my Bellas.... at present they are in a box but its hard to find them like that. this is a link to a UK equivalent glue for temporary on/off glue for unmounted stamps

Saturday, September 22

Sunny Surrey

Had a lovely time at a local garden centre. Its very close to us and I got a flyer from them ages ago about their Nature Trail. Well today the forecast was for a beautiful sunny day, so once we all had lunch I drag hungover husband along for a stroll in the countryside. I really do love where we live. We have a great mix here in this part of Surrey with beautiful countryside and towns just a short ride away. We are also close enough to drive to the coast and a short train ride from central London too. The nature trail was set up to celebrate 50 years of the land being owned and run by a couple. It has been built up and is now a thriving business of the garden centre, coffee shop and more. So here are some photos of our fun time.

I did two things today that I have always wanted to do. walk in (near) a field of sunflowers and also in a pumpkin field.... I dont know why, but these are two things I have wanted to do for ages... sadly the big sunflowers were past their prime but I loved how people, not sure if it was staff or visitors had put on smiley faces and I added my own before I left :)
Afterwards we went to the very lovely, quiet expensive coffee shop and had cake and tea (Oh how very civil) LOL
Then Caiden and Harvey played in the playground before we came back. All in all it was a lovely time, only £1 each so a cheap time until we hit the coffee shop that is :)

Good Luck Kim

My friend Kim (see UK links) is running her first all day class at Creative Living (formerly Creative Pastimes) today. Just wanted to wish her luck, she has an almost full class which is amazing as the class list was only out one week. I wish I could have gone along but with it being an all day class I just couldnt swing that one!

Friday, September 21

If you like House Mouse

And I know a few of you do.. check out Kittys site here I know a few of you asked about them when I made a few cards the other week. Kitty has a nice selection of these adorable mice at a GREAT price. Watch my blog in the next week or two for more micey inspiration. And if you order any from her please tell her Caz sent ya!

Oh boy thats pink!

Bit of a pink overload here but I still like it. I think that when we think of ballet we think of pink and pretty and why should this ballerina elephant be different? Lots of different materials used on here.

OK here is the list of materials used :)

High Hopes Rubber Stamp, Doodlebug sticker (sweet), Friend embossing folder, Bazzill Flowers, Doodlebug Jewels, Watercolour pencils, Zoomz, ribbon,

Coz we've got High Hopes, we got High Hopes...

and so have I! I got this adorable stamp from Kitty at First Class Crafts

Materials Used : High Hopes Rubber Stamp. Stampin up! designer paper, Cuttlebug traffic jam emb folder, Bellas cappuccino baubles, Mermaid Tears, Ginko and Popcorn Zoomz, Glitter Glue, Stampin up! watercolour crayons, ribbon

Now onto something different... ever wanted so see an elephant in a tutu?? I will be posting a card soon with that very image!! LOL

Thursday, September 20

Message for Vivra

Please can you email me :) I would love to say hello to Chez again, I have lost touch. Thanks Caz

Important shopping announcement

I feel it my duty to tell all you bella lovers that Creative Pastimes has had another delivery of bellas this week. I have just been there and they have Huggybellas, veggiebella, wreathabella,Merrybella, clickabella, presentahbella and more.... they also have a small selection of baubles too. So you had better on run down there and do some retail therapy. Tell them Caz sent ya!

Happy Shopping!

Buzzzz Buzzzz Buzzzzzz

Yes its me, I am here jut buzzing about "like a blue ar**d fly". I am not sure if I really am like that or just feeling a bit haressed with a normal schedule, sometimes you do it no problem, other times I feel stressed by it!

All my plans out the window, I had it all worked out and then Caiden just fell asleep at the school in his buggy so its put it all out... Oh well, I will wait for him to wake, give him his lunch and then get buzzing again.

Sorry no post yesterday, was buzzing then too :0) I am going spend a little time tonight in my room and make at least one card. It really i like my "fix" I need it and I think I feel harressed when I dont. Kinda like chocolate.

Til then Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, September 18

blah blah blarrrrr

blar blah bl aummmm bluh blurrrrr....

I feel I owe those that get notification of new posts directly an apology... Most of the time my posts sound like the above.... I hit "PUBLISH POST" I go online read the post and then change all the glaringly obvious errors. I am first to admit that I am naff at spelling and grammer (No really I hear you say in a sarcastic tone) I am good at waffling, sarcastic humour and buying stash! So for the "blar blah bl aummmm bluh blurrrrr" I apologise and I hope there is something inbetween the garbage on here that interests you :)

Waffle over...... Blar blah.....

** and for the record I even had to go in and change the errors on this one and that was after I was REALLY careful :).... no hope!

Just a note re Zoomz

I have contacted all the winners but havent yet posted them. I need to go to town tomorrow to get some packing materials then I can post them off :)

Thanks for bearing with me.z

I like you...

You may have noticed I do not put sentiments on many of my card fronts. The reason for this is for most of the ones that I make for my blog have no recipient in mind. I can quickly add this at a later date. For this one, its the same but I thought the sentiment could be used for many of my friends :)

Ohhh I have had fun making this one. Some fantastic elements to make it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stamp and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Purely Pomegranate colour from Stampin up! For the past two catalogues at least they have had a unique set of colours for that year, this is one of this years colours . I just love it... red has to be my favourite colour and this is a fantastic shade of red with hints of pink and purple. (I sound like that woman wine tester dont i?) YUMM! - thats a YUMM at the colour and not YUMM at wine which I hate .I have also used the Cutie Pie paper, OMG this paper is amazing, the colours the patterns and to add to the prettiness some Zoomz too. The sentiment is from Elzybells and the punch is one from SU too :)

So I layered the image onto Blue Bayou cardstock and then again onto the Purely Pomegranate. Oh and I coloured the image with my scrummy Watercolour Crayons from SU in sets Bold Brights and Soft Subtles..... for anyone that colours and loves to colour these are a must and I will be promoting and selling these when SU come over to Europe.

Now I have drooled over all the materials I used to make this card I had better show you :)
So I hope you likey....

Many years ago...

Probably about 14 I purchased Crafts Beautiful on it was a small "free" foam stamp, I say "free" like that as that one little star stamp has since cost my thousands! LOL They had an article about Stamping and I enjoyed that from this one little stamp I could create so many effects. It also had information about where you could learn more on stamping and it had a store called "The Craft Barn" in Lingfield listed as somewhere you could learn more. Little did I know this was going to start something so huge! Going from that one class I went onto work in the Mail Order, assistant to Maggie the then owner and then teach and demonstrate.

I owe the Craft Barn alot. Then Maggie decided she wanted to let the reigns go and sell up and thats where Linda and Nigel took over at the Barn. I still worked for Linda and Nigel as a freelance demonstrator whilst in my personal life I went onto have the boys ect... I havent worked there for some months but would have gladly had I been asked to come back.

All this goes onto say I am saddened that this is the end of an era as Linda and Nigel have decided not to renew their lease for the store. Thus the Craft Barn and the place I owe so much to is closing. I have some information below that is from the notice that they have given to their customers in store. Linda has given me her permission to publish to my blog. I didnt want it to be seen as gossip. I havent visted the barn for quiet a while but am planning to go in and say cherio to the staff and the place itself.
Sad News About The Craft Barn
We regret to advise you that we are closing The Craft Barn for business on Saturday 13th October 2007 as a result of our lease coming to an end.
We shall remain open on the remaining Saturdays in October and possibly November for stock clearance. Sunday 7th October will be our last Sunday opening from 11am - 3pm

At last a card!

Feels like forever, infact it was just one day! LOL But I have got so much new stuff to play with its all queing up. First card for today is a Magnolia design. These are beautiful stamps from Sweden and I managed to grab a few preordered ones before they sold out.

First time I have used my watercolour crayons from Stampin Up! and they are beautiful! The colour is so rich, creamy like, I can see these becoming a favourite for me.

Materials Used : Magnolia stamp, Penny Black words, Cuttlebug flower, 3" woodware scallop punch, Zoomz, glitter glue, Stampin up! Watercolour crayons, Doodlebug Paper, Prima flowers

What a beautiful sunny day, very chilly in the wind but sunny. I think I need to make the most of the sunshine as its set to start raining soon.

Not sure where I can take my photos when the rain comes, I love using the sun to pick up the shimmer and shine.

Monday, September 17

Lookie Lookie! Craft Goody overload!

I am at risk of overload.... look what came today!! Whooo Hooo!!

Stamps, ink, wheel, paper, card, watercolour crayons... yumm yumm yumm. Of course this is all in the name of research and prepairing for SU coming over here :)

A pritty bad morning has turned into a GREAT one!

I am not feeling 100% and just feeling yuck, then Caiden hasnt napped and I really have so much stuff I could have done with him asleep (stamp colour and craft) so I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, now I am very happy :))) The power of rubber!

Three photos here are a prime example of me coming home from demos with more stuff than I took! The first is of 5 HUGE tubes of Uhu glue that my friend Kim picked up from poundland for me... enough to last me some little while thats for sure :) The second are some stamps that Kitty from First Class Crafts brought along to me on my demo Saturday. I had ordered them Friday and suddenly thought I could ask Kitty to bring them along with her, arent they adorable, they are from High Hopes and you can see those and more on her website.
Lastly there are 5 coffee tins from Paula (see my fav UK bloggers list) she is giving away these tins, but also raising money for a worthy cause and is asking for a donation for charity. What a fab idea. I will eventually alter these to make nice pots for pens and embellishments of some sort. What a great idea Paula. Stop by her blog, email her and see if you can help out too

Is it not typical that I am surrounded by all this amazing stuff but I feel no energy to do anything! I am just sooooo tired I feel a little sick and I cant do anything today other that sit down think about what I could be doing! Harvey is watching cbeebies and Caiden thankfully is taking a nap. Harvey has a hacking cough and has woke me the last three mornings at about 4am. I have given him medicine and he has gone back to sleep but I take a while to drop back off and Caiden generally has been disturbed also so he isnt properly asleep and rolls around for the next two and a half hours. So after that, 2 days working I am trashed. I apologise for teasing you will the goodies and not doing anything other than talking about it. I think I need a day off from it all. I might manage to get my scissors out and cut my SU stamps down.

Sunday, September 16

Few more cards....

Here are todays cards - all materials from Creative Living. I didnt make as many cards today as yesterday as I struggle a little to make cards exclusively with the cuttlebug. I love the cuttlebug as an additional element to my cards and not as the whole thing so its a harder process for me.

More show and tell cards

This cutie little dog is a Cuttlebug Cutter and designed by the very talented David Walker. Also used : Spots and Dots embossing folder, doodlebug paper and 2" scalloped circle
Stamps by Penny Black. Also used Small punch, snowflakes embossing dolder, white ink, pencils
This cute hedgehog is another from Penny Black. Wording from a Woodware set.
This cute cat is Penny Black too... How do they keep on doing it? Coming out with adorable images?
This kitty cat is another David Walker design
And lastly another Penny Black hedgehog.
All supplies are from the Glitter Pot ;)

Phew its all over for the weekend

Another demo done and dusted and I had a lovely time at Creative Pastimes playing with the cuttlebug machine. Was pleased not to be doing christmas as christmas starts too early when you do magazine stuff and I think I started June/July so I have already been doing it for 3-4 months! LOL I have some cards to share later so I will do that when I can. Just cooking my roast dinner! No peace for a mum and wife especially when you feel bad for working both days in the weekend.

Oh, my husband said to my "only 6 more h20's till you have the set eh?" OMG he reads my blog whilst I am out, No more sharing stash on here then :) LOL

Chat later

Saturday, September 15

And now a few cards

at last I hear you say.... some cards from todays wonderful demo at The Glitter Pots first birthday. All items can be purchased from them via their website
Images are Penny Black, cuttlebugged backgrounds, coloured with the beautiful H20's and I only have one set of 6 to complete my set as I treated myself to a set of 12 today :0)
Got stash to share with you tomorrow :0) and some more photos too.


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