Wednesday, April 30

Two little dickie birds sitting on the wall...

When all of a sudden Tilda, Edwin and gang come and along and scare the dickie birds away!

Yummy Eh? Darren might kill me.. if I go AWOL for a while you know why! Oh BTW we BOTH forgot our wedding anniversary this past Sunday! LOL 8 years married and 19 years together, we got married on the same date as Darren first asked me out but 11 years later, awwww.

So as well as the Tilda gang today I got my cute Bikeabella stamp from First Class Crafts. First class was recently taken over by Tracy of Dies to Die For Bellas can not be sold online but Tracy has a lot of these in stock and adding to them constantly so contact her for more info! I am please to announce that I have been chatting to Tracy recently and I will be taking back my Design Team Hat from her... so keep an eye out for more from them! As well as the Bella online there are the "bubbles" and flowers too.. I believe these are to be added soon. These cute little bags are great for when you want a few of certain colours and wont break the bank. I also got Johnny Depster, Tutu face, fabby and all punked up and nowhere to go from Tracy, let me see if I can find a photo of those.

Been busy making cards but I cant share as its magazine stuff, will be out in my shed tonight too. If I can manage a card to share I will ;0) I miss it.

Sunday, April 27

I wont forget blog candy

Just havent had a chance to look but I will be picking out some 100000 blog candy stash for you soon!

Me again..

Hi there

Well I have done quiet well with my magazine work, shame I cant show you, or maybe I might sneak a tiny snippet in for ya! without giving too much away but part of a stamped and coloured image wont tell you too much. I am halfway through the comission so thats encouraging. I have been playing with my bellas (boy I have missed using those) from First Class Crafts and the cute Lily and Milo stamps from The Glitter Pot. Talking of First Class Crafts I am pleased to say that I have once again joined their design team and look forward to showing off their wonderful goodies. They have a BIG selection of Stamping Bella stamp including the super duper cute new designs Johnny Depster the pirate, Fabby, All Punked up and nowhere to go and the other one who's name escapes me! Cards to follow soon as I am DYING to play with these lovelies.

Yesterday went well. I had a class with the Cricut and Cuttlebug and it was nice to play with the Cricut again. Had a bit of a crisis first thing in that the store didnt have the cricut mats and had to go on a mad dash to get the mats and I had prepped both cards with both machines so I had to just make up a cuttlebug card when the class started. It went well considering. I forgot to take photos of my cards but in the afternoon we basically made the same cuttlebug card as I had done in the morning but with different colours. So we all made the elements using the cuttlebug cutters and embossing folders and then everyone designed these elements into their cards and WOW they were all very different and they did a great job.

You cant see the lovely colours or embossing on them, they looked lovely in real life.

Here is a lovely picture of my boys - it was taken at my Mums on the steps outside the french doors. It was funny as I had taken a photo and was trying to take another without Caiden's hand in his mouth, anyway I blew a raspberry to get Caiden to look and he ended up blowing one back.. not quiet what I had planned!

I know a while back I said I was pondering Copics, well I have decided I want to get some, but they are expensive to buy so something has to go I am afraid... I have cleared out my craft area and decided I have far too many Cricut Cartridges sitting unused - I have MICKEY FONT, ACCENT ESSENTIALS, FABULOUS FINDS, CHRISTMAS CHEER, PRINTING PRESS, ALL MIXED UP and MINI MONOGRAMES not sure on price.. make me an offer. All lightly used - some of them will have had the other language pages pulled out to make it easier to find the info you want rather than flick through the excess pages.

10pm, was thinking of going to my Palace but I have had a bath and am nice and warm so dont fancy going outside in the chilly air. Will have to send Darren out to lock it.

A few things...

Dont you hate being female sometimes? I mean my hormones are giving me hell right now. I am snapping everyones heads off and even the silliest things are making me feel so incredibly harrassed! I feel tearful and did have a cry this morning as I am missing my Dad. Every now and then it hits me that I will never see him again and it makes me so sad. Harvey always talks about Grandad, he loved him, he says he misses him often. Caiden who make a lot of noise doesnt say much but does say Grandad, he wont remember him, but we will be sure to tell him what a great person he was.

Anyway buzzing around this morning like a blue ar**d fly! LOL I love that expression! I realised this morning that Harvey had a party to go to, this at 11am and the party being at 2pm and I hadnt got a present or card. I had promised Mum we would go there. By the time we left it was gone 12 and I was harassed! LOL We got home enough time to find some socks for Harvey, change into his "smart" top , wrap the pressie and write in the card and then go right out. PHEW... Harvey is having the time of his life I am sure... I am catching lunch, Caiden is napping, Darren is watching Grand Prix

I have to go into my palace for some magazine work... Just eating my lunch up here or as I know I will drop something onto my cards... Darren was telling me I should have just brought a shed without windows as I seem to have covered most of them up! Opps.... lets just say I cant fit much else in there now.

I had a lovely day at Eternal Maker, its a lovely shop, relaxed classes. I will be sad not be going there after the current dates have run out but I cant cope with the drive there, I am so tired that I think its dangerous for me to be driving.

I will get my camera out soon for more pictures of my shed and the thing that scares me that I got from Creative Living!! LOL

Chat later

Saturday, April 26


Bad night last night, now I regret telling Harvey he can come in our bed, just meant I had two wiggling boys in there and you would not believe where I ended up in bed, I was horizontal across the bottom of the bed at 5am this morning with Harvey horizontal across the top and Caiden horizontal in the middle!! I moved them back and then fell asleep til the alarm went off at 6am. I have a 2 hour drive this morning. I hope I feel more awake later!

BUNNY UPDATE! MING MING IS A FAT LADY BUNNY!! basically she has a big baggy chin!! LOL She needs more exercise and yes HER mounting my male guinea pigs is "normal" by all accounts if you are a rabbit. Of course now is drier (cough cough) or should be drier I can let her out more... Might need to get a bigger run. or let her run the garden. My only worry is that when we had the male guinea rabbit he ate the garden, and I dont want that.

Last night I had to pack to get ready for todays classes, so whilst there I thought I would have a quick play - here is a Lily and Milo stamp that I got from The Glitter pot, isnt she cute?? The words are Hero Arts.

Better go and get ready for work. Oh BTW a HUGE thanks to you all for getting me there over 100000 hits.... I'll sort out some yummy candy soon.

Friday, April 25

YES I am showing off!!

I have moved my hit thingy right up to the top. WOW 100000 hits.. that is a lot. Have I really bored you all that many times?? When will the torture end??

Well, my day has taken a fab turn... my keys.... in the sideboard drawer... there was me checking my boots, the fridge, the washing machine, the crisp box, all the places I have previously found dummies and drinks and they were in a drawer?! well thats kinda normal isnt it?

So I have got my shopping, filled my car (almost) for the first time ever! I put in £55.01 in , thats over $100 for you USA peeps, and I have a smallish car, peoguet 306 diesel our prices are HIGH!! It wasnt quiet full but nearest it has ever been.

I got home and I found a lovely packet from basically a thank you package of their new designs as a thank you for getting their product in the magazines. I am always very appreciative of shops that do appreciate you for the promotion I and others do in the magazines. So a HUGE thanks for Funky Kits and stop by their website where they have new Maggie and Hamish stamps for sale.

I have to take Ming Ming to the vet, bunny has a very large lump on its neck. Wish us well.


Come on' make me smile

I have had a rubbish morning so far. I have lost my house/car keys, so Harvey was 40 minutes late for school. On the way as we were marching so fast he fell flat in the road, thankfully he wasnt too hurt, but his little sparrow legs were still shaking 10 minutes later! My plans are out the window as I have no car! With the problems with the petrol strike thing I think people are panicing about fueling up, I cant get there and I NEED petrol for a 4 hour trip tomorrow so if I cant get any I am stuffed!

I have scoffed a choccy biscuit and having a cuppa, I am trying to CHILL but hormones dont permit sometimes do they?

I have a story to tell you about my trip to Creative Living yesterday to pick up my unit, and when its in place a photo too, but its too heavy for me to carry. I picked up a little something extra and FREE yesterday there, but its sort of scary too!

Anyway, make me happy, come and look at my blog today I am sSOOOOOO close to 100000 hits!!


Thursday, April 24

More lovelys

I was lucky enough to be playing with the Magnolia stamps last night at my class at Crafts U Love.. here are the two cards we made.

Opps... I havent got a photo of the second one, I remember now that I wanted to take a better picture and then didnt.. not to worry. Look on Crafts U Love's blog later and I expect it will be on there.

I love this tilda, she is Tilda in summer Swirl... the colours we used look very autumnal dont they? I paper pieced her dress to match the back piece of this Z fold card. I cant stop making those at the moment!!

Wednesday, April 23

Blogger is bad! But Lily and Milo are GOOD!

OK there are weird things happening with blogger. But if you run here you will see that Lily and Milo are good to go!!

I have one of each coming,... will you choose First Love? My Little Friend or Puppy Love??

Hmmm I couldnt choose.

Happy Shopping

First move about

In the palace and I must say it looks better. TRying to make room for the paper thing I brought from CL in their closing down sale.

I have a few things for sale....

2 wooden cassette racks - £6 each COLLECTION ONLY SOLD

Bellas.... All sold apart from snowboardabella - £5 for that one please ;0)

Tuesday, April 22

Still places tomorrow night

At Crafts U Love for my Magnolia class... why not come along, it makes a lovely evening, 7pm to 9pm on Wednesday and we will be making two lovely Magnolia cards. One will be using a beautiful summery tilda with a pritty paper pieced dress and the other will be with one of the fun Edwin Trolls.. they really are cuter than their name. I know some people have a proble with the Magnolias due to their lack of face! These trolls have noses and mouths too, kinda a cheeky look about them. Remind me a bit of my boys and all the mischief they will get into. These classes are really relaxed and fun so come along and join the fun!

Sunday, April 20

Fab day

The weather has been lovely and we have spent all afternoon in the garden. We desperately needed some time in there but each weekend it has been nice I have been working and when I havent been its been raining. So we have had a major tidy and its looking nice now. OK it wouldnt win garden of the year, with all the toys ect but its looking like a nice family garden.

The pigs and Rabbit have had a lovely munch on the grass, I moved their hutch to their summer place, the ballpit balls have been placed into a big bag and are on freecycle! (warned Harvey, if they didnt pick them up they would go) and he being a lazy wotsit was happy to let me pick them up and give them to someone else rather than pick them up! I have planted a few plants, popped them on the patio all in all a good day for the last day of the school holiday. I even got to potter around in my Palace, I didnt make anything but moved bits about, tidied up from my prep, unpacked my Granny Bag and put all the stuff back in its place. Just cooking my Sunday roast and we will be having that in about 10 minutes!

Hope you all had a lovely day too.


ISO of Magnolia stamp

Can anyone help? I am after the little tilda inside the swimming ring.. does anyone know a UK supplier with this one in stock?

Thanks muchly!


Saturday, April 19

All girls day

I was at the Glitter Pot today teaching two classes. We made 2 Magnolia cards and 2 Penny Black ones. The mood was very girlie with these images and everyone seemed to really enjoy their time and made some lovely recreations of my designs. So here they are....

You cant see on this one above but the right hand side has been cuttlebugged and the front is cut with the nestabilities. This is a cute little Tilda stamp and she was coloured with H20's. Wish I had got better photos but they are at the shop now so I cant re-take.

Here is the cute little Tilda with Bird and the fence stamp. You can see the flash picked up on the H20's sparkle.

Here is a cutie Patotie stamp from Penny Black again coloured with H20's, cut out with nestabilities. I have added a Craftwork Cards rescue words onto the card as well.

This last card is Penny Black girl meets the funky Penny Black flowers, Once again H20's, pritty papers and glitter!

Not much else to share today. Been really tired, went to bed too late, boys kept me awake and now I have a headache. Wishing for some time in my Palace but know it wont be tonight. Maybe tomorrow... Catch you later


Mixed emotions yesterday

I was lucky enough to get a preview to the sale which starts today at Creative Pastimes/Living. They had invited some special customers and past tutors to come along and take advantage of the sale. Everything in store was 50% off, everything was being sold (more or less). Theresa kept getting upset as some of their lovely customers brought in flowers and told them how sad they were so you couldnt help but feel sad too. I wish Faye and Theresa every luck in the future. I managed to get myself some great bargains including stamps, papers, punches and I was one very very lucky lady in that Faye gave me the beautiful giant bella that was on display, she now has pride of place in my Palace, looking down on my desk as I work. Oh and I also got a fab paper stand, I am yet to pick that up, I dont know where I can put it in my Palace, but I will find a space.

The sale is open today to everyone, go and grab yourself a bargain!!

Yesterday was also a day of fun with the family. Darren had the day off work and we went to the local Wacky Warehouse for a meal and then for the boys to have an hour in the soft play and ball pit. They LOVED it!

This was HALF the pudding it was a pudding to share and they didnt have a bowl big enough so brought out TWO of these. Darren ate one to himself, they boys did their best with this and I had a scummy piece of chocolate fudge cake!.

Right I had better get ready, I have two classes at the Glitter Pot today, beautiful new Penny Black stamps and Magnolia stamps too... Bliss!

Thursday, April 17

Pimp my granny wagon!

LOL Thought that would grab ya! So someone, or maybe a few of you asked what I would alter next... Well me and my mum were talking about those bags on wheels. My mum is 60 -opps sorry Mum! a young 60 really. But she was saying its hard with bags ect on the buses so she brought herself a funky granny trolley. Now she said that they had "funky pink" ones.. she got a blue one, but still one of the nice modern ones. So today I went to the market and got myself a pink one. Its nice, I wouldnt shop with it, but I will be using it for my classes and parties ect as I have so much stuff to take about. I had been using a plastic 3 teir tool box which that in itself weighs a tonne so filled its even more heavy. This will (in theory) be lighter.

For those that arent familular there is a programme called "Pimp my ride" basically tarting up a normal car to something that every gansta and car freak would drool over... I thought it was a funny expression and I have seen it before when people where "pimping up" their craft tools. So from now on its not altered its pimped up! LOL altered sounds far to arty farty for me :)

So drum roll... here is my funky pink, flower power,pimped up, granny wagon!

I am not sure I have finished. Fot this I used cuttlebug cut felt flowers, Stampin' Up! Felt flowers (only USA - sorry) Stampin' Up! jewelled brads


Wednesday, April 16

Sizzling Summer Stamp Camp

Details of the first Sizzling Summer Stamp camp are on my SU blog- see link on the top right.

I have a date in July and August - book to secure your place. Includes buffet lunch. Demos, classes, stamping stations and more.... Being held in Merstham in Surrey under a gazebo and in my Crafting Palace...

Placing are filling fast and there are only 6 places each day. Prices are for the whole day and all materials are supplied.

Tuesday, April 15

Another Sad day in crafting

Creative Living (formerly Pastimes) is a Mother Daughter business in Limpsfield which I had the pleasure in working in for some time as a tutor and demonstrator as well as a shopper there too. Well today I got a letter, that I am sure many of their customers did to say that they are closing their shop at the end of this month.

Although I hadnt done as much work there recently due, not I hasten to add because of any problems for me there but due to the fact that in the recent re style ect the stamping section was smaller and smaller and I felt unable to offer my love of stamping without the tools! So I cut back my classes and demos but still appeared there maybe once each class term. There will be a massive clear out sale starting this Saturday, every item in store will be 50% off, this includes fixtures, fittings and furniture too and this runs to the end of the month.

Although it seems in one light to be picking the bones when a sale like this is announced I am sure everything sold will be great news for them so please make a effort to say cherrio to the store and staff and thanks for a lovely couple of years.

What bugs you?


Hmm, photos that dont do the cards the justice they require bug me. take this cute little bug card.. it looks really pritty in real life. The photo doesnt look anything special. Its simple and pritty and I couldnt wait to share with you, but this photo is just boring!

The stamp is an adorable one from Penny Black via the Glitter Pot, I cant remember what it is called but its a cutie isnt it? The embossed frame is a Craftwork Cards frame, designed by the very talented Julie Hickey. I got this from The Glitter Pot too. The flowers are from my stash, the Zoomz are from Kym at Stamp I LOVE adding these to my cards.

I carefully chalked very lightly some of the embossed flowers with my Stampin Pastels and I coloured the image with my Stampin Up! ink pads... The little face on this bug is sooooooo cute, I mean look at those eyes and little furry eyelashes? or hair?! Whatever it is I coloured it with my Old Olive pad and I love it.

I wish you could see it in real life. Its not "knock your socks off special" but it does look nicer.

I made three cards, yesterday, one was this one, the other two are for my class on Saturday. I needed it. I think the men in white coats are coming! Last night when locking my Palace up I said "I love you shed".... I meant I love the break it gives me, the sanity check and I came out all refreshed. If you hadnt have guessed its school holidays here and so far we have had nits, fits, rash, tempretures, coughs, snot and then yesteday rounded off nicely with Caiden throwing up! Today we are going to the park, this is more or less the first time out, well I tell a lie, we did go a few little places last week. Nothing much to shout about though. Catch you later if the men in coats dont get me first.

"There coming to take me away haha......."

Sunday, April 13

Hanglar Stangler blog candy

I would just about die to win this! I have wanted one of these FOREVER! anyway there is a giveaway for this beauty....

You can win it here and you need to follow a few instructions to be entered in the drawer.

I have asked before but if ANYONE knows how I can get my hands on these babies I would be forever in your debt! LOL

95 thousand and something....

You lot sure do like something on this blog... perhaps my insane ramblings, hectic and colourful family life or maybe the smattering of cards I pop in here when I have the time? I CAN NOT believe that in just a little over my years anniversary I am fast approaching 100000 hits!! I remember looking back at my counter when my Dad was critical in hospital, it was then approaching a big milestone and I remember thinking I should have celebrated but of course I was in no frame of mind. So maybe the next one, this HUGE one I should do something...?

I wasnt very well yesterday, felt yucky, achy, hot and cold, but seem to be better today, not 100% but certainly better than I was. Typical though that it was the day I was to be going out with some friends for a meal. I mean I NEVER go out and was looking forward in my own funny way (ie not really but knew once I was out I would enjoy it) anyway, felt so ill I couldnt go.

We seem to have busted those pesky nits out of Harveys hair a mixture of the initial treatment we put on with neem oil which apparently they dont like and the further hair washes and combing with tea tree shampoo and conditioner. We or I have decided now this will be our normal shampoo and conditioner anyway and I may well buy some tea tree oil too just for occasional use.

The weather here is beautiful at the moment, no doubt cold, but beautiful blue sky and sunshine shining down on my Crafty Palace. A few people have asked if I have named it, my shed that is. I have sort of said but not in a big annoucement way but yes, it is OFFICIALLY its my "Crafty Palace". Name taken from my Dads lifelong support of "Crystal Palace FC" That was his team and although he hadnt been for a while and was recently going to England Rubgy games he always loved his team. I can sit down there, create and think of him and it will give me somewhere to go to think of him on special days when I miss and think of him the most.

I went to the Glitter Pot yesterday, I had to pick up some goodies to prep with for my classes Saturday. I had briefly thought about going to Ally Pally yesterday but I decided against it as the train, entrance ect would take away any spending money I had. They had a stack of Magnolias but they were selling so quickly.. Did any of you get what you wanted?

Saturday, April 12

Enabler Alert!

Here have LOADS of Magnolia in stock again. They sold out so fast before so you had better get a move on!


Thursday, April 10

Who's that trip trapping accross my bridge?

OK its not one of those trolls but its a troll from the new Magnolia line.
Shes cute isnt she?
I used Stampin' Up! paper and cardstock. A prima flower and Eternal Maker button.
The funky flower background in my new stick on stuff on my table top! My desk is a rather ugly orange wood stained one, so I thought I would jazz and lighten it up with this sticky stuff. I want to paint the bottom of the desk in white one day too.
Chat later

where have i bin?

and no, its not spelt incorrectly, i do mean bin!

caiden is sitting on me so i am typing one handed with no caps, so please excuse.
I got this waste paper bin from a 99p shop at the weekend, thought it would be cute on my desk.. so of course I had to alter it and I wanted to use the cutie pie Magnolia stamp that I got from last weeks stash delivery. I coloured this in with my Stampin' Up! watercolour wonder crayons, they really are lovely to use.
I still havent caved in to buy the copics, its such a lot of money I think I would rather buy myself complete range of Prismacolour Pencils... hmm watch this space.. Also I want one of those nifty "Flip" cameras... so if any of my stamping buddies accross the pond can help me get a good price please let me know... they are very expensive over here.
Catch ya later!
Update on boys, Caiden is fine. Harvey has a viral rash (rosella know its not spelt right) or least that is what the doctor said. He also has had a visit from those pesky little hair creatures! I cant believe I am telling you all that, but I believe that 99% of mums will know that EVERYONE seems to get these as kids, so any hints on successful elimination would be great. I am walking about with frizzy hair from combing my natural curly and thick hair with one of those stupid small combs... oh the joy eh?

Sunday, April 6

Quick update

My pc is broken, I am on my mums, its in the pc place and I hope to be back on Tuesday. Caiden had another febrile convulsion yesterday but hes ok now. Dont know why he had the temp... oh and we have about 3" of snow!

Speak later

Friday, April 4

Help! I am trying to trace a stamp company

Small UK company and she has cute elephant and hedgehog stamps. I cant remember the name.


Watch out for the trolls!

They are about you know, they heard I had a spanking new shed and they liked the idea of living in the garden... here they are and they brought some friends too.....

Talking of shed, someone sent me a letter or something for my shed!! Just there wasnt enough postage on it so I need to go and collect it from the post office tomorrow. Made me laugh though, someone as mad as me out there!! LOL Its like "the shed, c/o Caroline Counsell........" tee hee

I am hoping to go to my Palace tonight and make something, been rather busy these last few nights and I havent even opened the door to it today.

My poor little mechanic has come home from school 100.2 temp, quiet warm eh? I have dosed him up and I hope it doesnt come to anything. Adam, the little fireman in yesterdays picture was throwing up all night! :( Get well soon Adam and Harvey! Kids eh? share everything.

Thursday, April 3

The frogs about again!

I am sorry, I cant help it. Its my favourite set from SU so it keeps on jumping up the top for me to use whenever I have a party to prep for... thing is I a true believer of being yourself in these things. Your love for the product will shine through and is quiet catching,. people pick up the vibe and if you have happy vibes when demoing something they seem to know.
I used the Stampin' Up! Unfrogettable set, scallop punch, circle punch, Pumpkin Pie designer paper, Pumpkin Pie Cardstock, Old Olive cardstock and Designer paper, mixed SU ribbons, watercolour crayons.

This book was 99p from a stationery shop, with a few little added touches it turned out cute. The card is a Z fold card, again very simple but effective.


Today Harvey had a "focus day" at school and today they were focusing on working and what they want to be when they grow up. It was fun walking to school as the whole school was involved. Some of the older kids were dressed as office people (IT maybe?) there was one young boy in a fantastic chefs outfit. Ballerinas and footballers aplenty and among all those were Harvey my Little Car Mechanic and his mate Adam who was a fireman. I took this photo this morning as I thought they were so cute. It was fun this morning and the kids were buzzing, these fun days are really worthwhile. It was cute to see some of the younger ones and the ones in his class dressing up as Spiderman or other superheros. They had asked for parents to go in to talk about their jobs. Some of the other mums said I should go in and talk about my job as a craft tutor/magazine work ect but seeing that they left it so late in telling us I really didnt want to just drop everything for it. I would have been really nervous too!
Many thanks to Karen for allowing me to publish her son on my blog! This will be a great one to show the boys when they are old enough to work. I said to Karen imagine years from now, 6ft strapping lads and I wonder what they will really be!


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