Thursday, June 28

Its been a while - circles revisited

Its been a while but I have finally made a few more circles. These ones should fit within the 2" circle punch. I have uploaded to a file share site and you should be able to get them here.

older files

These are free to download and share as you wish, if however you are happy with them and the other circles you have downloaded before I am starting a little "expression" fund and a small donation of $1 would be greatfully received! This is just optional, and I wont know who has downloaded and not donated so pleased dont be put off!! :) if ya just want a freebie thats fine! Email address to the right :)


Whoo Hoo! almost there BLOG CANDY TIME

I cant believe its almost 10000 hits. For some thats not a lot. For me thats a WHOPPING amount! Its been a relatively short time as well. So in preparation for hitting this I would like to offer some blog candy. On its run up to reaching the goal I will be announcing some candy during the week.

  • First off I have a Bella here spare.... unnamed one for now... I will reveal more soon.
  • Peel off eyelets in different colours
  • Fastenator Staples

It will be open to all, whatever country you come from.

I will choose little bits of candy to add each week until I hit the 10000 mark and will reveil how you can win it when we are a little nearer.

Tuesday, June 26

Caiden on the move

Aren't babies so cute when they start walking.

Click here for a link to my baby boy Caiden walking. He feels so proud of himself he laughs whilst walking.

Please excuse lack of cards right now. I have been prepping for class and I cant share until the class has taken place.

Will post the pictures as soon as I can :)

What do ya think of my new colours?

I was bored with my pink and spotty and wanted something sunny and fun, its not too different but for the colours and small pictures. I need to change the other smaller titles amongst my blog but for now they will just have to clash a bit!!

If anyone has a blog and wanted a pritty basic header like mine made for them I am open for requests if you send me a crafty donation of pritties like ribbons or flowers :) and tell me the colours you like, the title and anything else you think might help me with the design.

Blog Candy taster - Winner Drawn

OK the winner is Doverdi who posted answer number 10 on my blog. I decided it was to hard for me to physically choose one as I agreed with most/if not all of the comments left. So I used a random number generator to choose a post number between 1 and 23 and it picked 10.

So please can Doverdi (I hope spelt that right) contact me on with your postal address so I can get these pritty little goodies to ya!

Thanks for taking part, I think this will become a regular thing on my blog!

Monday, June 25

I think I have said it before

But I am just amazed at the countries from people which are veiwing my blog live! If you scroll right down to the bottom there are people from Guam, Chile, Korea ect ect that have clicked onto little ol' me's block! This simply astounds me, part of my wonders if this is really true or weather the generator just chucks a few new coutries onto the list every now and then!! LOL

If you are viewing from one of the smaller countries or less known for their love of card making then I would love for you to leave me a message and make me believe the list is really real

I will close the "I never thought" competition tomorrow morning and then I will choose the best response. Thank you to all that have taken part. I agree with most things you have written.

My parents came back from Portugal yesterday, I went to see them today. They had a nice time, although the weather wasnt really great for them, it was sunny some days but they had days of rain and cloud. Just goes to show you just never know what its going to be like. they have been going to Portugal for many years at the same time of year and this is the worst weather they had. So much for global warming hey?

Sunday, June 24

Blog Challenge - Oppps I forgot!!

OK ladies, I forgot totally about my little challenge. I still have your details so dont worry I will sort it out this week :)

Looking forward to it.


Been thinking too much today! CLOSED

Its been raining all day today, its been raining pritty much since we come back from Sunny spain :( So being stuck indoors it got me to thinking there seems to be a rivival of older stuff. So I thought this poses a question.

What did you think you would never be re-purchasing or purchasing for the first time?

Mine are :
I never thought I would be stealing my decorative scissors back off my 4 year old!!
I never thought I would be buying felt to make felt flowers with my cuttlebug.
I never even thought I would own a die cutting machine

SO please do post your "I never thought" on here. I will put together some pritty felt flowers and some plasma flowers for the best one :) UK, USA or whereever I will post worldwide.


Thinking of blog candy!

As I am approaching a big target 10000 hits, its some way off but I just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about blog candy and I most certainly will be giving some blog candy away and announcing it all much nearer the event. I just wanted to let you all know so the more you come and see my blog, the quicker we can start the blog candy fun! :)

Shopping and stamping

Two of the my favourite things. Well actually thats a lie. I dont actually like shopping, other than craft shopping. But thats the kind I did yesterday so it was a good day. A Hobbycraft superstore opened in Crawley, thats not too far from here so we all went down to have a look. Hubby doesnt get paid until next week, so pennies are a little tight, but he had £20 with him which he gave to me. I had a coupon for £3 off if you spend £15 so I had a wander. Things I was excited about in there were : Ribbon spools for 99p, felt for 19p, pencils available to buy singularly, storage boxes, there were lots of other bits and bobs that were nice and handy to have this down the road incase I need something. Things I was disappointed about were : No cricut or cuttlebug, in fact no die cutting stuff, cant remember seeing a who lot of card and papers either. Of course this was whilst dragging a 4 year old round with my and part way hubby and 1 year old so I could do with a wander by myself.

I spent the most of my money on ribbons, 99p for a spool, cute ribbons. I got grosgrain with faux stitching through it, a couple of others and some sheets of felt which I wanted to use with my cuttlebug and YES it does cut it just like a knife through butter I was almost shocked.

Here is a picture of my yummy stash!
Oh and I spent about £5 on Harvey getting him some paper kit, paint tray and 4 solid cakes of paint and a pack of paint brushes!
I couldnt resist the orange spool, it was down as £1.99 on the shelf but when it went through the till it was 99p also!!

As for stamping, well I have 2 classes next Saturday at the glitter pot and I have FINALLY amde something with my coasters. Its cute so far and not finished. I will take pictures and post after the class, not fair for the paying customers to see it before the class so I will keep it a surprise.

Friday, June 22

Lucky Me! Thank you Sherilin

My wonderful NSSS from the Cricut forum struck again and sent me some great goodies

A great box of chipboard shapes and alphabet in fun spring colours.
6 reels of ribbon (YUMMY)
4 tubes of glitter glue (I havent got any of these colours)
1 pack of bright brads (never have too many brads)
1 fab hard book, like a kids board board, plain white so I can decorate and a beautiful card
Thank you Sherilin, I love it all!!

Thursday, June 21

Few piccys

I thought this was a good photo as it shows the stunning views from the land. The dark blue on the horizon is the sea, its only about 10 minutes in the car to the beach and a lovely town called Selobrena. They are up in the mountains and away from everything! We didnt actually take any view photos as the view hasnt really changed from last year. The area is big into farming. The grow tomatoes, bananas, olives, oranges and lots more in the surrounding areas and there are also lots of fruits that we havent heard of before. It is funny looking around the supermarket, they have produce that we simply wouldnt get here. Bananas that are too straight, lemons that arent perfect. Its crazy really but there are all these funny rules about how we think fruit should look!

Here is a fab picture of my boys! I love this one, I love that they are both wearing green and they look so happy. Caiden had taken to climbing everywhere this holiday and regularly climbed onto this sun lounger. With us rushing up close behind to make sure he didnt fall.

We went to the beach on the second to last day, I went into a little souvenier shop and found these fake crocs. Only 6 euros, a total bargain. Here is a picture of Harvey in his flash red ones and Darren in MY lovely white ones. Harvey loved them, or should I say loves them. He slept in them the first night and wore them all the time. I only wish I found them earlier as the whole terrace is tiled and he had a few slip ups, especially when wet from the pool. Anyway, we had tears at school when we got home and he wanted to wear them there, I said I didnt quiet go with the uniform. We comprimised by my letting him carry them in and he put them in the show and tell box. My funny little man!

Last one, as they are pritty much all just the boys in various poses. This was my stamping table and it looked like this most of the time. As you can see I had fun

Linny, Tuck...

(and ming ming too)

OK there isnt a Ming Ming, but here are Linny and Tuck, our precious little baby guinea pigs!
They spent their first night in their new home. The are still quiet frigtened but I am trying to leave them alone as much as I can, which a few strokes and tickles thrown in for good measure. They have been eating, pooing and peeing so thats a good sign. Harvey loves them and Caiden giggles when he sees them.

Wednesday, June 20

1 year and 5 days.... we have lift off!

Caiden just took his first steps from the sofa to me, only about 4 steps, but since he did that he has done it several times. He has been so close recently, and just this past week just standing there and not holding onto anything, and its such a shame he couldnt have done it two days ago infront of his grandma and grumps! Oh well, he had a plan, he knew today was the day.

My clever little man. If I catch it on video I will share the link.

Catching up on a few things...

OK were back. Not a great start, unfortunately when I walked through the door, looked upstairs I noticed the fish tank was cloudy. I went up, took the lid off and PHEWY..... 2 dead fish and a very smelly tank and 2 poorly fish left. So I had to quickly clean that up [ ok wasnt that quick as I had to empty it using a jug] and sent the dead fish to the big U bend in the sky. The 2 poorly ones have made a full recovery and are happy swimming in the clean (and unsmelly) water.

Today, I decided I needed to add two new members of the family.... Hmmm.. one would think, OK 2 dead fish, means 2 new fish?! Yeah, that would be the logical thing to do.... but nope, I was thinking cuter and cuddlier than fish.... and we are pleased to welcome. LINNY AND TUCK to the Counsell family.... those with young kids will recognise the names as two of the WONDERPETS! Yeah, we have named our two little guinea pigs after a guinea pig and a turtle! Ha ha They are cute as can be, I have always loved guinea pigs, these are two little boars, only about 7 weeks old.... Linny is white with black and tan, Tuck is black and white. When they have settled in I will share a photo. I just wanna hug them all the time, but I am being "adult" and am letting them settle in although its killing me!

Our holiday was fab, my in laws did everything, all the cooking, washing up ect, which was lovely of them, but it makes it all the harder to come back. It was hard work in that the place is totally NOT child friendly. Harvey was fine, but Caiden who LOVES water and crawls/cruses everywhere didnt understand why Mummy and Daddy were constantly dragging him away from the swimming pool. And Mummy and Daddy didnt understand why he WOULD NOT play in the paddling pool that Grandma and Grumps had specially set up for him! kids eh?

I managed to do some stamping. I took my Stampendous Monkey stamps and my bella stamps. I have to admit, as much as I love the bellas and I do! I just wasnt in a bella mood really. Bellas require background papers, primas, jewels and more... of course I was limited in the supplies I could take with me, so I didnt have any of that with me. So my Monkeys got used and I made some cute cards.

I LOVE this card. It wasnt my idea to put the monkey in a grass skirt, thats Stampendous that did that, but how cute is he?

I love the sunset and the orange card. This was so easy to make and fun all the way.


Family Pics

Here are a few family pictures. Most days were spent in the pool, we didnt need to leave Darrens parents place. It was lovely.

My Baby boy Caiden celebrated his first birthday in Spain on 15th June. We had a little tea party to celebrate with lots of cakes and yummy things to eat.

We went to the park one evening. Harvey spotted a ride on car and we put both boys on it. Got some cute pictures of them together.

I will add more photos later. I dont want to loose all this info and its doing me head in how when you add the photos it jiggles and text about and you have to keep editing it!! ARGH!!

One thing, UK people, if you want these monkeys contact the Glitter Pot on and tell them I sent you! They dont stock all of them, BUT they will certainly add to their order. Once again, please do tell them I sent ya!

Monday, June 18

Greetings from Sunny Spain!!

This is just a quicky as I have left Darren and Caiden on the beach. Just popped into the internet cafe to say Hello, having a wonderful time and will be coming back to rainy england tomorrow.

Lots of pictures to share, holiday snaps AND cards I made


Friday, June 8

Hey hey were the Monkeys!!

OK, I lied, I am here :) LOL I found some time and I am soooo excited about my newest arrivals I just had to share. I have always had a soft spot for our little primate cousins and Stampendous have brought out a cute range of Monkeys called Changito! You can see some cards made using these on Beates blog (see my fav blogs for the links) You can see the designs at and you if you are in the UK can purchase these from where they have 4 of the cutests monkeys in stock now! So give them a call and tell them that Caz sent you :)

Anyway, I have 4 of our chirpy chimps coming to me and I am taking them to Spain for some fun in the sun with my Bellas :) and yes I do have hubbys blessings on taking my craft stuff :) Shame we have to take so many clothes isnt it?? [grin]

Thursday, June 7

Better say Cherio now...

We are off to sunny Spain Sunday and I have two very busy days infront of me packing and getting ready for off! Packing for 4 people and trying to cram in some crafting items as well :) So I doubt I will have any blogging time.

See you on 17th we're not gone for long! I'll miss the blogging, emails and internet but I hope I can get some card bits made, I ovbiously cant take everything so will probably just colour some images and make some elements for my cards so I can complete them when back here ;)

Happy Stamping

Tuesday, June 5

Death of a coconut!

Caiden has always had a big mop of hair, when he was born it was auburn and sticking up so much his nanny called him "coconut". Since then his hair was straight and down but it always has been very long..... that was until hubby got the clippers out last night and gave him a number 5! This picture makes him look bald, he has got hair, honest.

So, my little mop head has gone and I have a real little rebel on my hands!! He still looks cute as can be, but now there is mischief in those eyes.

Sunday, June 3

Here is my Stamping Chirping Corner

I thought I would share photos of my corner. Well actually its 4 corners as its a whole room. I have mixed feelings on this one.... i LOVE LOVE LOVE having the room, BUT and its a BIG BUT, we live in a three bedroomed house, me, hubby and two boys. Currently the boys are seperate as Caiden is still in with me, but the plan is for the boys to share for a few years yet, by which time I hope to have got a shed installed in the garden for my crafting. I know my heart will break the day I loose my room, but it will come, just have to not get too cosy in there.

Click on Pictures to see them larger First picture is my bookcase, cricut carts, cuttlebug, ribbons, snap stamps and lots of stamps and other bits.

This picture is of my desk. As you can see I like things to hand so there isnt much room to actually work. I have a paper spinner on which I keep folded cards, bazzill scrap packs. To the left of the desk is a plastic container is which I throw scraps of card/paper. In front of me is my stamping shelves. All favourite, new and other stamps I just dont get the time to put away live there. I have today got a new shelf!! This has my primas, bella box, clear stamp sets and other bits. Also on table are pots with pencils, pens, rulers and all other bits I regularly use.

This is my cricut table and 12 x 12 racking. I am terrible at keeping my papers tidy in this rack and really havent worked out a good system using this yet!

This is my second bookcase. On here I have my SU sets, storage for fibres, tag maker discs, fastenator staples and loads more stuff. This is the messier side of the room :)

These are the drawers my stamps are mostly kept in. They need a really good sort out, some are in a big ol' mess.
So thats it. That's where I create my messes and masterpieces :) LOL Mostly messes though! I hope you have enjoyed having a nosey round :) Oh BTW the room was decorated for kids, I would love to decorate but not sure it is worth it and will make leaving even harder!

Purrfect Fluffles

I love Fluffles the cat, today was a time to revisit a few things including my furry friend. The other was my scalloped scissors. I long ago gave or threw all my decorative scissors away but since scallops are "in" I had to go out today and buy another pair! So I felt like making a card and using the scissors and saw my little fluffles stamp sitting on my stamp rack that is infront of me on my desk. I also purchased this weekend a Sizzix pad and new cuttlebug folder so I managed to work these into the card as well.

OK so I need more practise with the spacing on the scallops but I was kinda pleased with how this card turned out.

Saturday, June 2

Spit it out!

What a beautiful morning it is :)

Had a fantastic day yesterday, went to worthing beach for the day with Harvey, Caiden, my friend Karen and Harveys friend Adam and his little sister Isobella. We all jumped in Karens people carried and set off at about 11am, we had a lovely time on the beach, Harvey paddled, I did for a little while but the water was soooo cold! I spent the rest of the time telling Caiden "spit it out" ..... Hmmm pebble beaches and almost one year olds do not mix! He must have sucked every pebble in a one foot radious!

We got back home just gone 5pm. Then it was a rush for me to get ready for an evening out with the girls. It was a "old Barny" meeting a bunch of talented Tutors who I used to work with at the Craft Barn. Corinne, Annie, Julie, Carol, Laine, Jane, Kim and Myself. We had a lovely time, chatting eating and laughing. Annie is leaving to live in Guernsey, we all wish her a fantastic life out there! There was much talk of meeting out there, B&B and crafting, this would of course be fantastic, watch this space....

On a totally different note, but going back to snap stamps a lady called Mary on the message board was willing to sell me her set. But another lady called "brooksmini" emailed me and told me that had then in stock and the best thing is they are in the UK so that will save me the postage. So I emailed Mary, explained the situation, I told her if she still wanted to sell them then to post on the cricut shopping forum as I know there are lots of people in the USA wanting them. Anyway, I ordered my set from CTM and hope to ge them next week. So any UK peeps wanting them I suggest running over to CTM and ordering them now, their stocks are quiet good at present but I suspect there will me a rush for them soon! Oh and I "hope" to get something made with them this weekend, but its a busy one. More about that later.

Have a fantastic day everyone! Make the most of that sunshine. Caz

Friday, June 1

Mini Challenge sign up CLOSED

OK we have more players than I said, if thats OK by all of you thats OK by me.

Players are :

and Me

I need you all to email me your addresses - to and I will sort the materials out this weekend. If anyone wants to drop out because they dont want it to be so big let me know and I will take your name off. I will be sending a stamped image, paper and maybe some ribbon and other bits... Its going to be fun! Once you have completed your card you will need to scan it and email to me, where possible if you have a blog post it on the blog also so I can link them all to my blog so people can enjoy seeing what WE have done.

Snap stamps are here

OK, I get a bit obsessed with things, and once I decide I want something I cant rest until I do! LOL after seeing and hearing about these stamps on Beates blog I just could wait to get them, one problem though was that they have been discontinued by Karen Foster Designs. Why, I dont know.... maybe they were just slow to take off, but I hear a lot of people are trying to find them. So with much searching, a lot of help of my friends on the Cricut website forum I managed to trace 3 of the 4 in the casual font. They came yesterday and I cant wait to get some time to use them.

Here is a picture of them, they are in plastic cases, that "snap" together so you can.... [cue second picture] Create...

How fantastic is that?? :-D
So I am still on a mission to get the MEDIUM CASUAL snaps.... I have had a lady PM me off the board saying she "thinks" she has the said set and she will sell to me...... I will let you know how that goes.
So I hope to get to play with these this weekend, and if I do I will be sure to share.


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