Tuesday, April 3

Welcome to my Blog

Well I hope to keep this up to date with cards, hints, class dates and more to this site, so keep checking back. I am not sure if there is a newsletter signup that you can join to keep updated I will have to look into this.

To the left you will see one of the wonderful new Penny Black stamps. You can purchase them in the UK from www.theglitterpot.co.uk

Friends, customers and colleages will already know that I decided to close my website down. www.chickenshackcrafts.com is still open and I am selling all the stock at 30% off so please check in and help me shift this lot!

This month has been a hard one, Deciding to close my business. Harvey getting chicken pox and then myself and Caiden getting a tummy bug AND Caiden being smothered in pox, much more than his brother, or maybe its as he is smaller, he does have a lot more than Harvey did though. Things can only go up from here in :) And now the pox are out of the way at least we can book holidays without worrying that they would catch it!

Most of you know, I do my typing ect whilst the boys are busy or asleep so please do excuse typos.

Happy Stamping



smarty glitterati said...

Hi Caz, looking good! :) Happy blogging!

Ang said...

Hi Caz!!! Great blog!!! : ) Your creations are just great!!! : )

julia said...

Hi Caz, great blogspot! Love your fab card designs. Will be checking your spot out regulary.


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