Wednesday, May 16

Bad Choices?

Do you think sometimes you make a bad choice? Well dont panic, I am not going to get all deep and meaningful on you. I am talking "Malted Milk" or "Chocolate Bourbon" and for you outside the UK, and I am assuming that they arent available outside the UK then I am talking biscuits or cookies. OK so my decision was bourbon and look at this!!

I must say his bigger brother Harvey was much better on eating it, but even he does look like he had brown lipliner on!

Kids dont ya just love em'. And this was about the 3rd clothes change of the day!


Louise Woolford. said...

Awwww that is a brilliant photo Caz, what a beautiful smile, angelic yet cheeky at the same time, I hope your going to scrap that def one for the album.

Lynn said...

What a fantastic piccy. Well worth scrapping Caz.
xx Lynn xx

beate said...

I love that photo. It has me grinning from ear to ear!!!


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