Saturday, May 5

In a rutt

Hmmm I am in a stampers rutt and I cant seem to get out of it. After my little bella roll I cant seem to get going again. I just tried to make a card but it just didnt seem to be happening. Part of it is that I think I am just trying to incoperate too much into it, I wanted to use the birds, use some ribbons, papers and flowers. Thing is, I am a simple card maker, I think I am trying to emulate others and its just giving me a brain fog! Also I have other matters on my mind which are just sitting there and festering so that is taking the enjoyment away also.

I'll go back to what I have done so far later and maybe I will feel happier about it all then, maybe I wont and it will end up in the bin.... we'll see.

Boys are sleeping, husband is out polishing his car?! (men eh?) I have been doing housework and moving things about... wonder how long it will take Darren to notice I brought the tumble dryer downstairs? (bit silly really, I had visions of me tumbling down with my tumble drier) anyway I didnt so thats OK. Any of you get these mad fits of moving things?? I am terrible, I move furniture all the time. Thing is, I get it into my head I want to, and I can not rest until it is moved and as Darren doesnt share the joy of moving rooms around it usually means I do it on my own with him guarding the boys from their mad mother! And results in me ended up needed a radox bath from all the aches of pulled muscles :O(

I think I have waffled enough today, I feel like I need to add cards on here all the time to keep people interested in my little 'ol blog, but for now a load of rubbish typed by me is the best your gonna get.................................

OK Boys are still sleeping and my butt is stuck in Harveys bean bag chair.... sooooo... I thought I would carry on this ramble. And here I attach a photo of a card I made at a recent demo. I was using a paper from Crate, I am sure that is spelt wrong but I think you know what I mean, anyway we sold out so I decided to show people how to make there own.

This card is using the paper - card below is my faux card!


Materials Used : Decorative chalks, cotton wool ball, dauber duos.

Take a folded 6 x 6 card and place in front of you. Place a piece of copy paper so it is covering the top third of the card. Swipe the cotton wool into the chalk to create a band, as you are getting near where the bottom of the band would be, simply flip the paper down and again use as a mask for the chalk. Take a selection of dauber duos and use them directly onto the coloured strip. REMEMBER to ink them both on and part off the coloured stripe to give a better look to the dotty pattern. You can use the paper again to mask so the spots are not going below the coloured strip. SIMPLE SHRIMPLE!


kim said...

WOW!!!!! Fantastic, how clever are you, making yer own crate paper, wonders will never cease.... I think I shall have ago, soooooo much richer I shall be as most of my pennies go on crate pape I love it.... The card is terrific, well both are infact....

ps.... I love reading your (rubbish) as you call it.... keep it up the good work...

Samm said...

Great idea Caz, I've made my own without chalk since I saw you do it at the demo! I've since bought 6 blooming dauber dous and I'm going dotty!!!!



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