Wednesday, May 9

Mickey and Friends is fantastic!

Darren let me go and play when he got home from work and I made my first Minnie. I wont say it all went smoothly, I had earlier in the day dashed up and had a 5 minute play whislt Caiden was napping and I cut what I thought was the base, I also had a go a cutting her shoes and bow and it was tearing, I left the machine thinking I am not sure I am going to like this cart and the stress of it. I went up to the room feeling positive that I was going to create something. As soon as I got back I popped in a new blade and set about cutting. I cut all the pieces with no rips and was so pleased. Then came the next struggle, assembly, had all these little pieces and I wasn't quiet sure of their placement, the border also looked too large. Then it had dawned on me I had cut the wrong part, I should have cut the base, which would include little marks so I know where to place the parts, but I had cut the shadow DOPE!

So here she is, my first Minnie! and this card is for my friend in the USA who made these carts possible for me!! Thank you so much... this card will be winging its way to you shortly.

I cut this at 5" and also cut a grey shadow to layer the whole lot onto.


Samm said...

It looks fab Caz!!! I'm glad someone else did the same thing as me with the base too, hehehehe!!!!


Patsy Jackson said...

Fab card Caz - love the pp you used. And Happy Birthday too!

Anonymous said...

Caz it's a great card... I still haven't attempted a full bodied Character.. Love the pp.


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