Monday, May 7

Ohhh that's cool!

My craft room is a mess, is was an even bigger mess but I spent a little time up there this morning tidying and throwing. Whilst going through my files I found some A-Z files, you know the dividers that going into folders with A-Z tabs. These are plastic ones, see thru in different colours and thats when a lightbulb went off in my head. How cool would these be to punch and make my own plasma type shapes. So off went the cleaning mode and I grabbed the nearest flower punch to hand. This is the result....

Needless to say I am thrilled that I over brought these, I actually have about 4 unopened packs which include pink, blue, green, yellow and more colours to play with and I can make 100's of embellishments with these!! My challenge for myself is to make a card using these, that will be my next card for my blog.

Just wanted to share this little gem with you, check out your local stationers you never know what you can find.

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beate said...

Oh...that is super cool!


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