Sunday, June 24

Been thinking too much today! CLOSED

Its been raining all day today, its been raining pritty much since we come back from Sunny spain :( So being stuck indoors it got me to thinking there seems to be a rivival of older stuff. So I thought this poses a question.

What did you think you would never be re-purchasing or purchasing for the first time?

Mine are :
I never thought I would be stealing my decorative scissors back off my 4 year old!!
I never thought I would be buying felt to make felt flowers with my cuttlebug.
I never even thought I would own a die cutting machine

SO please do post your "I never thought" on here. I will put together some pritty felt flowers and some plasma flowers for the best one :) UK, USA or whereever I will post worldwide.



Colleen, PA said...

Wow, I might be the first to post... I never thought that I would be buying so much 12x12 paper...I hoard it! I just can't resist pretty paper. I probably have enough to last a lifetime. This whole hobby lends itself to my collecting addiction.
On a different note, I wish we had some rain...I may have to get out and water the gardens tonight...I can't wait to taste my first summer tomato. Bye! :)

Kitty Frampton said...

Well i never thought i would get into stamping!
Ive been crafting pretty much all my life in various forms and have done cardmaking for the past few years but now ive been doing stamping nearly a year and i can't stop - ive got hundreds all ready!
Great blog - keep up your fab creations :) Kitty x

QButton said...

I never thought I would be 50 years old and playing with crayons and colored pencils and stamps etc.

smandysen said...

I also didn't think I'd want those silly scissors again...and I got rid of all of mine. I'll have to see about getting the "rick-rack" ones (I know I spelled that wrong) and the scalloped edge ones again. :)

I never thought I'd get the clear stamps...they are awesome though!

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would like the
Cropodile. I never thought I would buy it either. How many eyelet setters does one person need? I use the Cropodile ALL the time it is a must have. I LOVE it and I bought it.


Stampin-MAMI said...

I never thought that I would ever do any kind of paper crafting....
I never thought that this was soo addicting........
I never thought that it would cross my mind that I am doing something for me!!!!!

and those are mine,lol:)

Ami Cook said...

After my divorce a few years ago I sort of gave up scrapbooking and stamping, too little money and too little time but time has gone by and I missed it - yes it's very addicting. I remarried a wonderful guy who helped me set up shelves in our basement and set up an office for me to get started all over again. I am amazed at how much I want a cuttlebug but I have not gotten it yet. LOL. I really have started going stamp crazy again over the bellas as my friend Angie will tell you I am always borrowing hers. I never thought I'd like the acrylic either since I only had stampin up previously but it's been easier to adapt to using them than I thought. Maybe because they are just too cute and fun. Thanks for sharing your blog with us I enjoy reading it from time to time. Ami

kim said...

Lol a terrific topic,

I never thought I would be soooo addicted to cardmaking, that I would be on my hands and knees in my daughters room looking for crystals and buttons that have fallen off her bits to use on my cards.... shhhhhhh don't tell her....

Elaine said...

I hate to say it, but I never thought I would purchase CTMH stuff, bellas or SU stuff! UH-OH!! That was dumb of me, wasn't it??

doverdi said...

What did you think you would never be re-purchasing or purchasing for the first time?
This is a tough one:
1. Like you, I never thought that I would want MORE decorative scissors. They've sat there forever and now I'm finding I NEED to buy even more..especially scalloped ones.
2. Paper, paper, paper - can a girl ever have enough patterned paper. The answer is NO!
3. Stamps, stamps & more stamps - although I make cards, I also scrapbook & love making 3D projects, mini books, etc. I am finding that I never have the right stamps to do what I want. Guess that means I NEED to buy more stamps. lol (any excuse to buy stamps)
My list could go on and on. Did I even mention that I too HAD to buy a crop-i-dial even though I have the silent setter as well as another setter. But I do LOVE it. I haven't even mentioned the CB yet. I don't own one yet but of course it's on the list too!
Thanks for a fun question.

Leigh said...

lol! I never thought that I would still enjoy cardmaking 3 years down the line - usually hobbies fade out after a couple of months for me.

I also never thought that I would be repurchasing scalloped scissors - just ordered a couple of pairs yesterday. I had them when I started but got rid pretty quickly.

Jayne Wilson said...

I never thought I would be a crafter. I can't draw to save my life and never thought of myself as arty or creative. Then I did a craft course at my grand daughters school and here I am hooked. With more craft stuff I ever imagined I would own and I even own a Big Shot.


CAKVD said...

I never thought I'd own a Cricut. Acutally, I never thought I would get into scrapbooking or stamping - because of the cost mainly. I also never thought I'd get a scrapbooking tote to haul all my stuff to crops in!
Cheryl KVD

jodene said...

I never thought .. I would get this addicted.... I would enjoy coloring again.... I would get so excited over ribbon. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Well, heck, I never thought I would be addicted to stamping blogs. I think I am going to need an intervention!!!
I never like crafting of any sort when I was younger.
Now I make cards, alter things, crochet. So go figure, I love them all now!!!

Tonie S said...

I too never thought I'd be using colored pencils or crayons.
Nor did I think I'd be buying silk/paper flowers.

Tonie S

scfranson said...

I never thought I'd be so totally hooked on playing with paper.
Claudia F.

Cindy Keery said...

Too funny... my "I never thought"s are the same as yours. ;-) Recently I was digging around in the garage looking for scalloped scissors that I tossed out there long ago... I've been having fun buying felt... and I'm still amazed that I own a die cut machine! Woohoooooo


Anonymous said...

i never thought i would be buying a pack of 500 eyelets but i did just last week. they were in a bargain bin for 2 bux-originally $18.85!!! i do love a bargain. thanks for making your blog candy available to aussie fans as well.
lea, australia

Pattyjo said...

I never thought I would buy the quanity of stamps I now own.
I never thought I would buy smaller size clothing (yeah)
I never thought I would be getting baby gifts for my neice who swore she would never have children(who is now married and excited about this baby)

Jessica said...

I never thought I would be a stamper.
I never thought I could be a good stamper and I think I am now.

mum on the run said...

Yep, another vote for the decorative scissors here! Sold most of mine ages ago but luckily kept the scallop edge ones.

I can't believe I've been buying embossing powder again, haven't bought any in years but have just bought a ton due to rediscovering heat embossing on chipboard :)

Jan Scholl said...

I never thought I would have enough paper to start my own store! I could probably paper Interstate 80 from Chicago to Iowa and beyond!

Connie Good said...

Boy never thought I'd own so many stamps. I have even been known to buy one twice. . boy thats sad. Lets not even talk about paper. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd own this much paper. Thanks for sharing. Smiles for a great week.


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