Monday, June 25

I think I have said it before

But I am just amazed at the countries from people which are veiwing my blog live! If you scroll right down to the bottom there are people from Guam, Chile, Korea ect ect that have clicked onto little ol' me's block! This simply astounds me, part of my wonders if this is really true or weather the generator just chucks a few new coutries onto the list every now and then!! LOL

If you are viewing from one of the smaller countries or less known for their love of card making then I would love for you to leave me a message and make me believe the list is really real

I will close the "I never thought" competition tomorrow morning and then I will choose the best response. Thank you to all that have taken part. I agree with most things you have written.

My parents came back from Portugal yesterday, I went to see them today. They had a nice time, although the weather wasnt really great for them, it was sunny some days but they had days of rain and cloud. Just goes to show you just never know what its going to be like. they have been going to Portugal for many years at the same time of year and this is the worst weather they had. So much for global warming hey?

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