Sunday, June 24

Shopping and stamping

Two of the my favourite things. Well actually thats a lie. I dont actually like shopping, other than craft shopping. But thats the kind I did yesterday so it was a good day. A Hobbycraft superstore opened in Crawley, thats not too far from here so we all went down to have a look. Hubby doesnt get paid until next week, so pennies are a little tight, but he had £20 with him which he gave to me. I had a coupon for £3 off if you spend £15 so I had a wander. Things I was excited about in there were : Ribbon spools for 99p, felt for 19p, pencils available to buy singularly, storage boxes, there were lots of other bits and bobs that were nice and handy to have this down the road incase I need something. Things I was disappointed about were : No cricut or cuttlebug, in fact no die cutting stuff, cant remember seeing a who lot of card and papers either. Of course this was whilst dragging a 4 year old round with my and part way hubby and 1 year old so I could do with a wander by myself.

I spent the most of my money on ribbons, 99p for a spool, cute ribbons. I got grosgrain with faux stitching through it, a couple of others and some sheets of felt which I wanted to use with my cuttlebug and YES it does cut it just like a knife through butter I was almost shocked.

Here is a picture of my yummy stash!
Oh and I spent about £5 on Harvey getting him some paper kit, paint tray and 4 solid cakes of paint and a pack of paint brushes!
I couldnt resist the orange spool, it was down as £1.99 on the shelf but when it went through the till it was 99p also!!

As for stamping, well I have 2 classes next Saturday at the glitter pot and I have FINALLY amde something with my coasters. Its cute so far and not finished. I will take pictures and post after the class, not fair for the paying customers to see it before the class so I will keep it a surprise.


Leigh said...

Those ribbons are gorgeous Caz, what a bargain. Can't wait to see what you have done with the coasters.

kim said...

oh yummy, guess where I shall be tommorrow bet they haven't got them at out local hobbycraft....

Patsy Jackson said...

Wow some great stash there Caz :) It's my bday today and my lovely DH surprised me and bought me a Cuttlebug - yipppeee!

Funnily enough I went out yesterday and bought some felt at Dunelm Mills. I had planned to hand cut some flowers (very labourious). But now I have a better way!!

Hope you had a great hol :)


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