Thursday, June 28

Whoo Hoo! almost there BLOG CANDY TIME

I cant believe its almost 10000 hits. For some thats not a lot. For me thats a WHOPPING amount! Its been a relatively short time as well. So in preparation for hitting this I would like to offer some blog candy. On its run up to reaching the goal I will be announcing some candy during the week.

  • First off I have a Bella here spare.... unnamed one for now... I will reveal more soon.
  • Peel off eyelets in different colours
  • Fastenator Staples

It will be open to all, whatever country you come from.

I will choose little bits of candy to add each week until I hit the 10000 mark and will reveil how you can win it when we are a little nearer.


doverdi said...

Sounds like fun! Will definately stop by whenever my google reader updates me.

Samm said...

OHHHhhhhhh, how exciting!!!


Patsy Jackson said...

Great Caz! Love a bit of candy!! Caiden is sooo cute!

Patsy x

Kitty Frampton said...

SOunds like good fun Caz! Everyone loves the chance to get crafting goodies!!

Ami Cook said...

Congrats to you on the number of hits! Thanks for sharing with us.

Leigh said...

Sounds great Caz, bet you'll get there in no time :)

Cathy said...

Wow what sweet candy you're celebrating with your readers. What stamper can resist FUN candy? Not me..count me in. Great blog and thanks for a chance.


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