Tuesday, July 10

Can you spot whats missing from this photo?

I took this photo at about 6am this morning and I wondered if anyone can guess what is missing from this photo?

Hmm, maybe its the covers on Caiden or lack of, he hates sleeping under anything. Maybe its Harvey, he also isnt under the cover.... so what is it???

Maybe is ME! its MY BED!! No wonder I get back ache.... Harvey being there isnt a usual thing, he work at 5:30 and plonked himself there and fell asleep. Caiden usually joins me mid morning, 3am or something, you can just see his cot, he wakes and I plop him next to me :) Darren my Hubby, where is he? Well hes got wise to all these bed hopping antics and he actually sleeps in Harveys room. Its a little weird, yes.. but it works for us.

Whats with babies sleeping horizontal when they get in your bed? I am always twisting him round but his feet or head always ends up next to me :)

Just had to share with you!


Kim said...

Awwww bless em they look totally zonked!!!!!

momiji said...

I have lots of memories of this scenario ..well with my daughter anyway who refused to sleep in her own bed for years! she said she liked to be super-glued to me! mmmm...amazing that she ever left my side and is to utterly independant now!!

Ami said...

Really laughing at this one. This could be my house :) Nice to know things are the same all over the world. Have a good day!


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