Friday, July 13

Phew I am hot!

Just been moving stuff around in my craft room. Darren just swapped the curtains in there for a blind and the curtain pole is in our bedroom and the blind in the craft room and it looks much better! So then I was pottering around in there and I said to Darren "one day, will you put my stamp shelf on the wall" and he did it straight away! I wonder what he is after? Hmmm Friday night... maybe he is wanting to go to the pub, even though he is off work today... We'll see... anyway he has been so good doing these two things for me that I will let him (wink - as if he needs permission but hey its good for him to do these things). Anyway, its looking really good in there, still a lot to sort out and I have given up counting the stamps for now, its just too much to do! LOL Got a meeting shortly at the school to discuss the new class that Harvey will be going to in September. It was going to be that we all went but they would rather the kids not come so I might suggest to Darren that he stay here and I go on my own.

Oh, BTW talking of the curtains above, I popped them on freecycle. If you havent checked it our yet you really should. Today I have sorted out a pair or curtains, big bag of baby clothes and a nappy wrapper bin. All on freecycle and all will help out someone. Google freecycle and find out your local website. It saves the landfills being filled with stuff that you dont want and what will do someone else a turn. WE have had some great finds on there ourselves. A dishwasher, swing frame, turtle sandpit all of which have been VERY gratefully received!

I have a picture to share later, its some stash I received yesterday DROOL.

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