Monday, July 16


Nope we havent been to see the latest pirates of the carribean film, although I would LOVE to go. I got some scrummy new stamps today from Stampendous and this is the first stamp I played with. They have an adorable collection of owls and this stamp was my favourite from the beginning. Cute as can be... especially when you have boys like me :)

I havent seen these stamps online yet, so I cant really share. I have a feeling that they will be out on Friday for CHA and I think the UK shops will be hearing about these this week. I really really want to show you, but I dont want to get into trouble!! LOL These are like a pre order for me as I have a magazine comission with them. OK so how about I show you a little peek!

That was 2 little peeks :) I hope you think it looks cute!
Fran the owner of Stampendous is an amazing artist. She has a huge collection of stamps and styles. I love her cute and fun animals including the FLUFFLES THE CAT range, The owls and how can we forget Changito that cheeky little monkey and those georgous bees.


Andrea said...

They look fun, can't wait to see them fully.

Kim said...

Ohhhh how cute, can't wait to see the whole card, mmmm better start saving me pennies me thinks!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh you big tease! :)


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