Wednesday, July 25

Two big steps for Harvey and Caiden

Today Harvey left hedgehog class for the last time. When he goes back to school in September he will be a squirrel. He has loved his time as a hedgehog, he loved his teacher, Mrs Cooper and has enjoyed his friends. There are a few that will not be joining him in Squirrels. Places are limited to 30 and there was almost 60 kids in the AM and PM nursery places.

Also today I have thrown away the last of the baby milk as I have managed to wean Caiden off that and onto full fat cows milk. No more mixing and cooling water ect. Its a great step. He does not actually have a lot now, just two bottles. I just wish he would sleep better he is so unsettled and I am shattered most of the time.

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Kerrie's crafting corner said...

You know now you have to put in a request with Penny Black for squirrel stamps lol!!

Hope the boys enjoy their summer!


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