Wednesday, August 22

Meet Charlie

Named by Zoe at Crafts U Love meet Charlie.... he is big, clever and all mine!!

All I can say is what a difference 6 inches makes! My paper dolls are huge and I can only imagine that Mickey and Friends will be fab, not to mention the envelopes and boxes I can now make.

Zoe asked me, so what exactly are you wanting to do on this one that you can not do with the lil cricut. Well.... Cut thin chipboard with the MULTICUT function.... Flip images to have them looking the other way. Choose landscape or portrait for the cut to change the orientation, cut 12" borders, make 11 1/2 paper dolls, fill page so you can just fill a page with multiple images at a touch of a button, as well as a fit to page button that will calculate just how big you can cut to the size of paper that you have loaded and more more more!! Visit their store at to order yours, they are FAB and PLEASE if you do, tell them Caz sent ya!

OK, so my kids are brainwashed, they love what I love and it is apparent. Harvey all on his own accord hugged Charlie as he did my last cricut, he knows what Charlie can do and he loves it. Caiden however was standing near and I said "ahhhh cricut" and with that he put his head to it :) Just like he does when we hold a blanket or teddy near him and go "ahhh" Of course they had to repeat it for the camera!! ha ha

I have had a little play with Charlie to see he works and he does. I have made a 11 1/2" knight from Paper Dolls which I will finish later put on Harveys door. I have made an envelope which has come out slightly bigger than C6 so I need to play a

little to see how this works and how close I can get to C6 size. I have also made a flower border from one of the two cartridges that come with this machine.

Pictures to come later. I do not think me and Charlie will have any more time today. I have to prep for two classes Saturday. Waterfall card and fun with a mega fun and cute Woodware polar bear set.

Here is some MORE stash I got today. Fun Halloween Stamps by Penny Black from . My word, I havent seen a craft shop as busy as they were today and I think the new penny black might have had something to do with it. Hardly got to speak to Bryan and Carolyn as it was soooo busy!

Also a great cuttlebug folder and mat for embossing your metal stencils, now to find my stencils!! I got those from Oh if I had the time to use all this! I wish I didnt have to prep tonight, but if I get it done tonight maybe I have time to play tomorrow night :) Harvey and Caiden wrecked the CUL shop, Harvey was trying to stop Caiden do something, Harvey fell over onto a spinner, broke 2 plastic shelving things and got two lovely scratches on his chest to proove it. He was very upset as mummy was cross. Zoe and Co were saying its OK ect but I was very cross with Harvey for doing it, of course then when we were in the car and he showed me his scratches I felt bad for going on so much. Kids eh!


Momiji said...

not quite sure what this machine does but I'm sure you will show us!!
great photos of the boys..Caiden is looking more grown up...look forward to seeing what you come up with...

Kim said...

Oh my your boys I love em they are soooo cute, and soooo polite too, Harvey came and said goodbye Kim, I nearly cried bless him...

How cute are those piccies, they made me giggle!!!!

I really have to get one of those expressies, me wants one now....

Janette said...

Hi Caz,
SO you got one then !!! who won the competition as to how soon you would get one ????
Do you have a cuttlebug as well then ??
I have loads of brass stencils, would the mat work with the Big shot do you think ??
Janette x

Paula Pascual said...

Congratulations on your new family addition! They are great as pets, and much, much cheaper!

Julia said...

Hi Caz, those pictures of your boys are sooo cute! Can't wait to see what you make with Charlie!

Andrea said...

Have fun with your new Cricut, I've had mine for a couple of weeks, it's fab. Love the Bella cards those stamps are so cute


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