Sunday, August 19

nuva Bella

Here is another bella card, this one was made using the ultra adorable HUGGYBELLAS this is one of my favourite ones. I have made this for a friend, who should be getting it in a day or two.... I have been struggling all day trying to make the last Bella card for Creative Pastimes but I just cant get it right... trying too hard I think.

Update on my Dad is that he appears to be OK for now but it does knock him for six and now he is waiting for it to come along again and this time not go back on it own :( They said he would need a pacemaker if it does go off again. It must be a horrible feeling of waiting. Of course my Dad being my Dad called me up and said "you dont need to be buying flowers just yet" ha ha Dad, yeah I needed a joke like that NOT!! LOL Anyway I told him he just did it so he didnt have to share the trifle with Darren. Its a long on going thing between my Dad and Darren with the trifle. For some reason my Mum always makes a trifle when we go for dinner which is only a few times a year really. So Darren and my Dad both love it and they both glare at each other as each of them takes more and more... My Dad always tells Darren not to come again! And so I think trifle was on the cards today and I told him he pulled this stunt to get out of sharing :)) All joking aside I am pleased he is in a joking mood and for now is feeling normal.


Janette said...

Great card Caz, love the bellas
Cant wait to get my images :)
I want to try colouring them with my pencils and sansodor....
Janette x

Stamping Moments said...

Love all your Bella Cards, Great colouring.
jenny x

Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

ooooh pretty card Caz, love it!

Hope your dad is ok



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