Tuesday, August 28

That felt like forever!

I was only missing from blogging for one day but it felt like an age! I just couldnt get anything done yesterday, not sure why but I missed it! :) So today, Caiden has been fighting his nap for soooo long, some days it seems he is dropping his morning nap, others he is ready for sleep at about 10.30... he has also discovered something really gross.... but also quiet funny... he has just found his nostrils, and walks about with his finger firmly "up there". This wouldnt be quiet so bad, but for the fact he has a cold.... YUCK! He just walks about with finger up nose, just like he was wandering with his hands in his pockets..... kids eh? Love em.

So, after all the fighting Caiden finally gave in and I quickly dashed upstairs to finish off another FIRST CLASS CRAFTS design team card. This again is using their everso cute Pink Cat Design from the one set, some fab papers, brads and flowers all also from First Class Crafts. I just love this cat and her very glamorous or should I say "Glamourpuss" glasses. Of course I needed to glitter glue these.
If you do happen to be inspired by this card, tell Kitty from First Class this is where you saw the card :)

I hope to get some more stamping done tonight, maybe another kitty cat card...and maybe I will mount up my Penny Black halloween witchy poo as well.... will just have to see how things go with the boys.

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