Friday, August 10

Todays ramblings... getting ready for classes

As you know, I have two classes tomorrow. I am really excited about the jacobs ladder as its such an amazing project. I have made two cards for the afternoon class, two different ones and I have made 4 cards in total to show them. Three I am pleased with and one I dont like. I asked Darren and Harvey and of course they dont know, Harvey loves everything and its all Bootiful to him, Darren just says "hmm yeah". If I have a chance I will make another one tonight. Its funny whenever I feel like this I take the card to the class and sometimes it ends up being everyones favourite. Although I doubt it. Anyway, I always feel a bit stressed out before a class, people have paid money for this and I wonder if they will like it. The evening before I have to pack everything up and I worry I will forget one of the vital things. This time I have to pack my cricut, cuttlebug and stamping stuff so I have a lot to remember. Another problem is doing it with the boys, Darren has his Friday night pub night so he will be out for longer so its even less time to do it. Not to mention BIG BROTHER is on tonight and its eviction night so I cant miss it :) I dont mean to moan, I love my job, but its not all the fun stuff, its the preperation and packing. Once the class starts and I have finished my intial introduction to the class I can relax and enjoy it.

I cant wait for they day that I can be teaching a class or demoing Bellas or I am really in love with. Sometimes stock at stores can be limited, especially stamps , or others might be restricted in their colouring items so it makes it harder.

Anyway enough rambling... I want to share these lovely Bellas with you. I was lucky enough to get images of these two so I made these last night. One was whilst Darren was in the garden with the boys and he thought I was working. This was when I made my pants card for the class but ended up make two alright bella cards. I think they were just taking my mind away from what I should be doing.

This is the huggybellas and my new love, my retro paper stack :) Yummy scrummyumtious.

This is giddyupabella. I love her too, BUT I am going to say something that I have only thought before now and will no doubt cause some people not to agree. Now dont get be wrong, I do love her, I do love the horse BUT I would have preferred to have her on her own and not with the horse. Thats just my personal opinion... Maybe an option to buy a horse to go with her.
There, I said it! LOL It was hard as I love Em's designs. :)
Does make a cute card. And I used the paisley from SU cowboy kid. How I wish that one made the big catalogue. It was a cute one.


Basement Stamper said...

Good luck on your class, I'm sure everyone will love the projects you are doing! We are always so hard on ourselves when we are getting ready for classes.

Can you tell me where you got the sentiment for the first card or who makes it? I love it, my boss is always saying it to me and it'd be fun to make her some cards with it.

Kim khhoward at

ScrapMomOf2 said...

LOVE the Bellas! Those cards are fantastic! I think the giddyupbella would be great on her own too! I think it would be cool JUST to stamp her, and not always have the horse.


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