Friday, August 31

You know where's wally?

Here is Caidens version.... where's my sausage?

I nearly wet myself laughing at this... he often has mashed potato or gravy in his hair but not chunks of sausage!! ROTFLMAO

Bless him!

Could also be a case of "where's the card" but I am sorry ladies, I haven't managed one today. My next door neighbour but one asked me to look after her 4 year old daughter from 8:30 to 4:30 so I had 3 of them to deal with.

I am hoping to make a few tomorrow and I will be back with some photos. I am stamping and cuttlebugging in Chichester at Eternal Maker.

Here is a fab RAK that I received today from a kind lady called Sarah from the Cricut forum. These stamp arent currently available in the UK, they are a stampendous release but not coming for a few more weeks. I cant wait to use them and no guessing who I will be making a "thank you" card with these for. Thanks Sarah, you are a star. I love them! especially the hanging one and the vines and so pleased to have a little banana too for backgrounds.

1 comment:

Momiji said...

lovely moment captured with Caiden! hope Harvey is feeling better now....


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