Thursday, September 20

Buzzzz Buzzzz Buzzzzzz

Yes its me, I am here jut buzzing about "like a blue ar**d fly". I am not sure if I really am like that or just feeling a bit haressed with a normal schedule, sometimes you do it no problem, other times I feel stressed by it!

All my plans out the window, I had it all worked out and then Caiden just fell asleep at the school in his buggy so its put it all out... Oh well, I will wait for him to wake, give him his lunch and then get buzzing again.

Sorry no post yesterday, was buzzing then too :0) I am going spend a little time tonight in my room and make at least one card. It really i like my "fix" I need it and I think I feel harressed when I dont. Kinda like chocolate.

Til then Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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