Thursday, September 27

Early morning waffle

Being a mum is hard and making decisions is hard. Yesterday Caiden seemed better, still not well but bearing up. Well last night he was terrible again, coughing, rasping and then sick all over me again! So I felt terrible that I didnt take him to the doctors. Had a bad night last night, I gave in and got up at 5am, zzzzzz, tired and chilly, I have just hit the switch on the heating take the chill off. He has had a bottle of milk, some calpol and is snoring like a hippo. I know there probably isnt a great deal the doctors can do but I am going to take him today or if he gets like that again tonight I will feel terrible again.

One a happier note I took some bellas to bed with me and coloured Presentahbella in, IF I get a chance and feel like it, I will mount her up onto a card. I was really pleased in how she turned out, cute cute cute.

Talking of Bellas Em has released so fab new stamps, a fab bella with two sitting on a bench eating icecreams. A fantastic mixed up border, a lovely wording stamp and a funky flower, I think I "need" all of them! Sorry Darren but I do :)

Ally Pallys on this weekend, I wish I were going, more to the fact I wish I were working there. One year I need to go and hand some business cards out offering my demonstration services. I dont want to do shows all over, but I would like to get into doing this one. Or perhaps I need to get hold of a list of attendees to post them something? Hmmm its to just find people that sell stuff that I would like to use, no good me getting a job on a medalion stamp stand is it? LOL I do know someone going actually so I think I will ask her to make a few notes for me, she did ask if I wanted anything.

Oh well, off to drink my cuppa.... Have a good day, mine can only really improve cant it?


yamsi sue said...

Sorry to hear Caiden still isn't any better,hope he soon starts to feel better soon, hugs for both of you.

Yes, i agree with you about the bella's you will definately NEED all of

Julia said...

Hi Caz, Hope Caiden is better soon. If you want me to look out for anything at the weekend just shout, Julia x.

Kim said...

Oh lordy off to bella site to buy, urh cough cough see!!!

hugs Cadien bless ya cotton socks..


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