Monday, September 10

The Kim/Caz/Samm supplies challenge

Kim, Samm and myself play a supplies challenge in which we send each other materials to make a card with. For this Samm sent us a piece a patterned paper, three flower buttons, white flower paper strip and flower. Rules are using some of the enclosed (not necessarily all) and add what you like. So I actually did use all the materials bar some of the paper strip. I cut the patterned paper and cuttlebugged with the Traffic jam embossing folder. I used a Magnolia image and added a doodlebug jewel too. It was a bit of a rush card, I have lots to do this morning but I wanted to do a card as I felt neglected my blog this weekend and I was sad :(

This is Kims Card and
This is Samms Card

I love how they all turned out so different. Its Kims turn to send the next pack - cant wait :)

I finished that cricut project I was talking about the other day and am quiet pleased with it. I am boxing it up shortly to send to the magazine.

Someone asked recently

Working as hard as you do, do you ever get time to craft for yourself? How on
earth do you find time? Your projects are great and must take a great deal of
thought and time to get them right etc, not to mention all the shows and classes
you do, but do you ever manage to scrapbook or make something just for you?

Answer is YES! Thanks to this blog I am stamping more and more just for fun.... all the bella, magnolia and other cards are made for fun and made for me :) All the magazine work I obviously cant show, but the class stuff I do share after the class has been run. But all in all this blog has done wonders for my stamping morale, it makes me happy to stamp for me and I even have a small stash of cards I could dig into if I needed to send a card, this has never happened before :)


Kim said...

Wow Caz love it love it..... so cute .......

Samm said...

Gorgeous Caz!!!! I love it!



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