Monday, September 17

Lookie Lookie! Craft Goody overload!

I am at risk of overload.... look what came today!! Whooo Hooo!!

Stamps, ink, wheel, paper, card, watercolour crayons... yumm yumm yumm. Of course this is all in the name of research and prepairing for SU coming over here :)

A pritty bad morning has turned into a GREAT one!

I am not feeling 100% and just feeling yuck, then Caiden hasnt napped and I really have so much stuff I could have done with him asleep (stamp colour and craft) so I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, now I am very happy :))) The power of rubber!

Three photos here are a prime example of me coming home from demos with more stuff than I took! The first is of 5 HUGE tubes of Uhu glue that my friend Kim picked up from poundland for me... enough to last me some little while thats for sure :) The second are some stamps that Kitty from First Class Crafts brought along to me on my demo Saturday. I had ordered them Friday and suddenly thought I could ask Kitty to bring them along with her, arent they adorable, they are from High Hopes and you can see those and more on her website.
Lastly there are 5 coffee tins from Paula (see my fav UK bloggers list) she is giving away these tins, but also raising money for a worthy cause and is asking for a donation for charity. What a fab idea. I will eventually alter these to make nice pots for pens and embellishments of some sort. What a great idea Paula. Stop by her blog, email her and see if you can help out too

Is it not typical that I am surrounded by all this amazing stuff but I feel no energy to do anything! I am just sooooo tired I feel a little sick and I cant do anything today other that sit down think about what I could be doing! Harvey is watching cbeebies and Caiden thankfully is taking a nap. Harvey has a hacking cough and has woke me the last three mornings at about 4am. I have given him medicine and he has gone back to sleep but I take a while to drop back off and Caiden generally has been disturbed also so he isnt properly asleep and rolls around for the next two and a half hours. So after that, 2 days working I am trashed. I apologise for teasing you will the goodies and not doing anything other than talking about it. I think I need a day off from it all. I might manage to get my scissors out and cut my SU stamps down.


Kim said...

Oh lordy lou what have ya been upto!!! lol

StampOwl said...

sounds like you had a great mail day .... none of those are avail through SU in OZ we are 9 months behind the US ... so will be interesting to see what you can get when they start out there ... I still have to shop in the US for stuff I need.

Oh got my High Hopes Prize today .... the little boy with the cow and the cow spots and verses ... very happy!!! and put my order in for the others I needed!

Tarasdesigns said...

I could really go off you, I am so jealous. My little stash I put on my blog is tiny compared to yours!!! Let's hope hubby doesn't see it :o)

Karen said...

WOWZERS! That looks like FUN! I have ordered the All in the Family set. It will be here Wednesday!

Stamping Moments said...

Wow! I love what you ordered from stampin Up. Can't wait for them to get here!! Let me know if you would how you get on with the crayons. I am doing some blog candy on my blog caz if you fancy entering. jenny x


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