Tuesday, September 18

Many years ago...

Probably about 14 I purchased Crafts Beautiful on it was a small "free" foam stamp, I say "free" like that as that one little star stamp has since cost my thousands! LOL They had an article about Stamping and I enjoyed that from this one little stamp I could create so many effects. It also had information about where you could learn more on stamping and it had a store called "The Craft Barn" in Lingfield listed as somewhere you could learn more. Little did I know this was going to start something so huge! Going from that one class I went onto work in the Mail Order, assistant to Maggie the then owner and then teach and demonstrate.

I owe the Craft Barn alot. Then Maggie decided she wanted to let the reigns go and sell up and thats where Linda and Nigel took over at the Barn. I still worked for Linda and Nigel as a freelance demonstrator whilst in my personal life I went onto have the boys ect... I havent worked there for some months but would have gladly had I been asked to come back.

All this goes onto say I am saddened that this is the end of an era as Linda and Nigel have decided not to renew their lease for the store. Thus the Craft Barn and the place I owe so much to is closing. I have some information below that is from the notice that they have given to their customers in store. Linda has given me her permission to publish to my blog. I didnt want it to be seen as gossip. I havent visted the barn for quiet a while but am planning to go in and say cherio to the staff and the place itself.
Sad News About The Craft Barn
We regret to advise you that we are closing The Craft Barn for business on Saturday 13th October 2007 as a result of our lease coming to an end.
We shall remain open on the remaining Saturdays in October and possibly November for stock clearance. Sunday 7th October will be our last Sunday opening from 11am - 3pm


Janette said...

Oh no that is sad....I loved my little days out to that shop.
Janette x

Mikaela said...

Sad sad news ... My crafting days started there and I've many a fond memory of attending classes there.


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