Tuesday, September 25

No cards to share

Just dont feel like stamping today! I am sure I am not the only one that simply doesnt feel like it all the time, most of the time I do, and most of the time I cant do it I feel like I want to, but today, Caiden is sleeping and I just cant be bothered. LOL Typical eh?

So today I and yesterday I have been working on two more blogs... One will be for my Stampin Up! customers and one will be for my Stampin Up! recruits. These are both private blogs so sorry, unless you fit into one of these catagories you wont see them. Its not that I am being sneaky or secretive but SU have some funny policies about what you can and cant do on your websites, if its private then only the people that need to see it can :)

Also today I added something to the right of my blog... can you see it? Its called Just for Fun.... first to guess what it is and I need it all correct then I will post you a little prize... I am not giving any hints or anything!

I am prepping for my two classes Saturday so I cant share my creations much this week, wouldnt want to show you stuff that people have paid to come and make so I will share them after. Oh and it didnt go by without my noticing that I hit and went over 25000 yesterday! WHOOOOO HOOO!! Thanks for making it be :) I will be sorting some blog candy out soon, to include a bella, some bellas baubles and more, just need some time to sort it out.

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