Friday, September 14

No cards today

I cant see any cards being done today. Nearly 5pm and I am picking a friend up later and she is staying and coming with me to the Glitter Pot tomorrow. I have 2 days of crafting, tomorrow at The Glitter Pot for their first birthday celebrations and Sunday at Creative Living, formerly Creative Pastimes with a new name and lots of new homey decor type goodies in store. I went there today to see if their bella order was in but it wasnt and it was nice to have a wander around and be on the other side of the table. Paula was there demoing the expressions machine what a fabby machine, Gaynor was there doing her amazing work with decoupage and stamps and a new lady Louisette (i think this was her name, I have a terrible memory) who was demoing Stamping Bellas (lucky thing) would have swapped the boys for a day playing with Bellas :) anyway, I think I will be all crafted out this weekend so I think today I will have a rest. This despite the fact I got my mitts on not one, not two, not three, (come on tell us I hear you shout) not four but 9 new stamps today! 2 new bellas, 3 scrummy Magnolias and a lovely set of 4 snowmen stamps that Paula very kindly brought me from her trip to Canada, isnt that just so kind. I have taken a photo but am too tired to drag my butt off the sofa right now... I really feel like I could fall asleep right now.

Had a nice afternoon at my friend Karens house. She has recently moved and was showing me her new place. Lovely, lots of room inside and the garden is HUGE! The boys are both zonked out. Usually I wouldnt let them at this time but I just felt like a little peace myself and my friend isnt coming til later so it will be a late night as I will have to take the boys out when I pick her up from the station. I did intially think when they both dropped off in the car, Oh goodie I can stamp, but yes, there are some days I just cant be bothered! I am toooo tired.

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