Friday, September 14

Photo time

OK so I got of my behind and got the camera, in the meantime Harvey changed his sleeping position and I had to get this on camera too.... how on earth he stayed asleep I dont know but he did for half an hour before Caiden fell over on his legs!

and here is my crafty stash from today :))))))))))

My lovely snowmen from Paula
My Bellas and my Magnolias

WHoo Hoo!


Robb_eeie said...

Nice *stash* you got today Caz ... I just LOVE when I'm expecting something in the mail, or via Federal Express :) I know, what a sad and sheltered life I lead ! haaa But I think all stampaholics are the same :)

Ok so now the dumb-blonde question of the day (I allow myself just one daily ! haaa) ... what are these Magnolia Stamps you're referring to? HELP!

Have a nice weekend.

Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

ohhhhhhh how darling is that pose. Definitely one to show his girlfriends later in life.

Nice Bellas, and I have yet to discover Magnolia's (I think I might need them).



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