Sunday, September 30

Sunday Ramblings

And thats ramblings as in chatting and not that I will put my walking boots on!

Saturday was great with two classes at The Glitter Pot, a lovely bunch of ladies who were chatting loads it was quiet loud at times! I love these crafty get togethers, I like that I might pass on a few card ideas and that we get a chance to chatter about all things crafty and not feel weird in doing so :0) Yep there is nothing better than to chat to people who understand why you feel the need to buy every rubber stamp out there, that have enough papers to cover all their walls in their houses and who think crafting 24/7 just like me :)

Have to say a belated "Happy Birthday" to Wendy who spent her birthday day at my classes and she was kind enough to bring the chocolate buscuits too :) I hope you enjoyed you chinese last night Wendy, and I had one too.

So here are a couple of the cards we made, the photos I took this time were terrible, I mean bad, so I only have a few to share. We made 4 cards in total, they are 2, 2 hour classes and the mornings one we just about managed to finish, whereas the afternoon one most finished early.
Still it gave them more time to shop!

This is a little triangle Trifold cards we made, they all turned out cute. Here I have used Penny Black stamps and doodlebug papers to make a fun bright little book, all "stuff" from

This one is a cutie pie Penny Black design. This is a winter stamp but I also showed the ladies how when this one is coloured and mounted differently it can infact be an everyday stamp too. Again all the bits can be brought from The Glitter Pot.

On the Alley Pally note sounds like it was fab and lots to buy, would have loved to go but there is always Aprils one. My mate Kim who has borrowed my Bind it all got her own one yesterday so I am looking forward to getting reaquainted with my little machine and to playing and making a few books. I have emailed the school about getting into the summer fete with a table, that would be the second time I have gone somewhere with stuff, last time I was trying to sell stamps and it was a terrible flop, I am hoping some of the bits I can make will be appealing for the parents there.


yamsi sue said...

Beautiful cards caz, i especially like the last one.Sounds like you have had a great day too, oh how i wish i lived near the glitter pot

Treacle said...

Beautiful cards love those penny black stamps


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