Tuesday, September 11

Zoomz have landed! and Zoomz Giveaway

The Zoomz have landed into to my hands and have I taken them outside to take some photos so I can share with you all how pritty they are. I put them on one of my plate and in the sunshine so you can see how they shine :)

Caz's Verdict

These are very much the same size a the Bellas Baubles that I have used before but they are a different material. I guess these would be acrylic and the BB glass. The colours are beautiful, inside the jars the colours are more intense, on their own the colours are more muted (same as BB) These are an amazing price of £2.25 per pot which holds 180-200 of these pritties so there are enough to use and stroke!! I have noticed that some of these have little dots inside or tiny dimples on the top, this I asume is fom the way they are made, this isnt a flaw in them, just a little quirk they have, it certainly doesnt detract from their beauty. I will be using these a lot.

So enough of that, you all know I love them :) not to say I dont love my baublies either but it is quicker for me to get these from the UK and it also means I can promote these in magazine work as I cant do that for the Bellas Baubles as they are not available via Mail Order in the UK. So, onto the Zoomz Giveaway. Stamp Galaxy have given me four mixed pots to give away and I have decided to make 4 people happy by giving one to each of four winners....

Here is a picture to tempt you .

Named : Berry Pie Mixed a lovely bright red and almost clear

Lime Parfait : Lime and Pink YUM!

Gin Sling : Lilac and again another almost clear

and lastly Calypso Mix : Orange and Turquoise

To win these, well one pot, you will have to have a little look around my blog for the answers of a few questions.

I AM SORRY THESE ARE FOR UK OR EUROPE ONLY - sorry sorry sorry other peeps

1/ What did Caiden have on his head the other day?

2/ What class is Harvey now in?

3/ What are my ginny pigs called?
Email me your answers to stampingcaz@aol.com and I will randomly pick from the correct answers.

I will close this on Saturday 9pm

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Jan Scholl said...

I have to exclude myself from the contest because i am in Michigan but I wonder how many people are making these little baubles. Its funny as I posted a card last night with them from Robin's Nest and I hear Bella makes them. They sell for 2.99 a bottle here in mixed colors. I love them but wish I could have just bought a handful from a bucket to get a bunch of colors or by the weight.

PS-I love your blog.


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