Sunday, October 28

Alex re Pocket Card

I havent got your email address. I followed the instructions on go to resources and you will find them there :)


Alex said...

Thank you for getting back to me :) I do appreciate it. I started making this card on Saturday, then got stuck, posted for help, but have not had a reply from the original poster - Monica's Passions blog.

Anyway, I've had a quick look on that website you told me, under resources - it's A-Z of different techniques, but haven't been able to find the card yet - looking under C for Criss Cross card, and under P for Pocket Card.

I'll keep looking. Basically I have stuck the two rectangles - one on top of the other, and have stuck my two flaps (triangles) with different papers. Now, what I'm stuck on is how I assemble/stick the two flaps, bearing in mind that you have to slot something in the middle? Do I stick just the bottom edge horizontally on the inside flap to the back of the rectangle/main card. Then stick the second outside flap to cover the base flap? I hope you get what I mean! lol.



Sallyh said...

Hi Alex (I hope Caz doesn't mind me posting this) if you go to it takes you there. I had this saved in my faves :)

Alex said...

Thank you sallyh for the kind message back :) I was unable to copy/paste your link, not sure if the spelling is wrong?!? But Caz has now put a few links to how these cards are made in the top right hand corner :)

I have looked at both of these, and kinda understood them?!? Maybe I'm having a "blonde" moment!

Thank you once again.


Alex said...

YAY: I've finished making the "envelope" looking bit of the card. Now just have to think about what I'm going to insert for the middle.

Thank you once again you two (Caz & sallyh) for helping out a fellow cardmaker :) Much appreciated!


Alex said...

I've got the hang of how to make these Criss Cross Cards now :) I'm on a roll and have made two in total :)

Thank you once again for all your help.



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