Tuesday, October 2

Awww isnt it cute?

I have mentioned before I love House Mouse, I have a lot and havent used them for a while, when I made a few cards a few weeks back it rekindled my love for them and I got a few more from First Class Stamps Here is the first card I managed with them.

These little guys are going to sleep well tonight arent they? Lavendar having a calming, soothing effect.
I have as always kept it simple and let the main image take the full lime light. Coloured with pencils, white card was cuttlebugged, zoomz were added as decoration. Thanks for looking!
Now for some chatter.... roll on Friday! why? Ugly Betty is coming back and I am SOOOO EXCITED! I loved the first series and cant wait for it :) Husband is pleased as I think he said Spooks was coming back and Heroes too. The winter is great for vegging infront of the TV.

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Kitty Frampton said...

Aww they are just sooo cute! Fab job colouring, i must say!

I am SOOOO excited about Ugly Betty too, i bought the 1st series, last week the day after it came out!!! I love it, i think its fab, def the best thing since friends & satc ended!!


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