Tuesday, October 30

Caiden update and winner of the bella

Firstly I am sure some of you want to know how my little woo is. He is much better than yesterday. Still not well as of course he has an infection that caused this whole episode but he is much much better than the flopping sleeping all day boy I had yesterday.... PHEW Thank you all for your hugs and wishes. I can assure you all that he has had about a million kisses and cuddles since, thats just an increase from the usual half million I usually give my boys a day! LOL Gotta get them in whilst they still let me!

OK..... the winner of the Bella was comment number 21 who is Patsy!! Well Done. I LOVED reading all your fav books... awww it seemed like I was stirring happy memories for you too :)

I have emailed you Patsy for your address.



Quixotic said...

Glad Caiden is better than he was. Hope he is over the infection very soon.

Congrats to Patsy!

Anice said...

Gosh I just caught up on your post yesterday. I am so sorry that your little one has been so ill. I know how scary it can be to see someone have a seizure..well actually that's a bit of a fib..I have the seizures and I see how my poor OH looks afterwards. My best wishes to you and your family. xx

Nikki said...

So glad to hear caiden is getting better Caz. x

steph said...

Congrats Patsy!

Glad to hear that Caiden is a little better. Hope he has a speedy recovery! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Caz,
I've just caught up with your blog as I've been away for 2 weeks.... I'm sorry to hear that Caiden hasn't been well and I hope he's feeling better real soon.
The cards are wonderful as always!
Hugs Angie..xx..

Janine said...

Glad to hear he is getting better. Might take a few days but with all those hugs and kisses to speedy the recovery who knows he may be better before the weekend.

yamsi sue said...

I'm so pleased Caiden is starting to feel a little better, go on, spoil him caz he deserves it:)

Congrats Patsy :)

Isabel said...

Just to say Hi and hope little Caiden gets better very quickly. Keep hugging and kissing him, that's the best way to recovery!



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