Thursday, October 4

Expression Tutorial

OK, this is a bad tutorial, but I was in such a rush for a few reasons, 1/ both boys were asleep and 2/ my camera batteries about to die!

Paula (see UK blog list) showed me the other day how to make a 6 x 6 envelope using the Cricut Expression machine using a piece of 12 x 12 card and the 12 x 24 mat. Ordinarily you can not make a 6 x 6 out of a 12 x 12 but with this clever paper placement you can.

You will need

1/ Expressions Machine - Crafts U Love is a great place for them

2/ 12 x 24 Mat - Again you can get these from Crafts U Love

3/ Piece of 12 x 24 paper if possible

4/ 12 x 12 paper

5/ Plantin Schoolbook cartridge that came with your expression.

OK for starters Paula suggests cutting the envelope on the big mat with a piece of 12 x 24 - this just helps with the placement of the paper, but you should be able to judge the placement even from these bad photos.

So here I have cut the envelope. 12 x 24 mat must be selection, FIT TO PAGE, ROLY POLY function - here we have a 6 x 6 (just over) envelope

Take the green away. You can either now use the outside of the cut out as a guide for the paper or as I did I looked at the mat where the image has just scratched the outline of the envelope and place the paper. I will draw some lines with a permanent pen to show me where I place the paper for next time, not across the whole mat, just the very top and the side bits where it is not sticky.

Now you need to cut the side that are overlapping away. I very crudely did it in the next picture and I stuck the mat in the machine.

Now remember to tell your machine you have 12 x 24 mat in there and let it assume there is a full sheet of paper. FIT TO PAGE, ROLY POLY. and you will get a 6 x 6 or very close (slightly bigger) envelope.

Thanks to Paula for experimenting with, I would have never thought to do this but am so pleased she did as 6x6 is my preferred card size. BTW Paula your directions home were fab, lot more straight forward than they way I got there!! :0) Hope the boys didnt leave you with too much tidying and WOW your studio is lovely, no scrap that, your house is lovely!

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Paula Pascual said...

Thanks Caz, Means a lot coming from you.
Have fun making 6x 6 envelopes!


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